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I agree. I would like this to be a place for chatting, news, memes, etc. related to LGB. I don't think I would participate in Selfie Sundays though because of the danger of doxxing.

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Having specific days dedicated to selfies or whatnot is definitely not mandatory ... it's more about making sure that the sub doesn't get overwhelmed with them every other day of the week. Since we're still so small and just getting started, it probably doesn't even need to be a rule yet, but it's something that can be considered for the future!

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I agree with pretty much the entire proposal of what this community should be lol. I think specifically I'd be most interested in advice topics and sharing things like art, book/game/media recommendations, and commisseration hahaha. Definitely agree that I'd like Drop The T stuff to stay on Drop The T

Also kind of would like LGB to be taken of s/all but I don't mind if it isn't, unless we do get brigaders or harassers lol

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Brigaders and harassers are inevitable as the platform grows. I think we all have far more than enough experience with that already ;) Give an inch, and a mile is taken.

That said, I feel an explanation is needed ...

We could limit topics like these, for example:

  • I'm trans and recently discovered I'm a lesbian, support needed
  • Isn't homosexuality/bisexuality outdated by gender identity now?
  • Aren't you excluding asexuals and non-binary when you say "LGB only"?
  • I'm a butch lesbian who identifies as non-binary, what would you call me?

While subs are encouraged to be about communities, of course, SaidIt is (for the most part) an open and free speech platform. Us mods are not allowed to remove posts, or ban users, unless the user is dragging down the Pyramid Of Debate, brigading/astroturfing, or promoting illegal things according to U.S. law.

Openness and transparency if/when we remove is vital to not becoming Reddit Powermods 2.0, which is one reason why our ModLogs are publicly available for all to see. Additionally, if we want to dictate exactly what kind of content is and is not allowed here (LGB/homosexuallity/bisexuality only), then we HAVE TO remove ourselves from s/all. It's in our rules and guidelines for being a mod.

Long story short ... discussion, debate, and opposite views are 100% allowed ... unless we remove ourselves from s/all. I'm concerned about us becoming a clone of r/LGBT if we don't, but I also don't want to limit this small and just-forming community just because of my own fears.

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Ah, seems I'm just misunderstanding the rules of Saidit. my bad

I think I would mind having opposite views on LGB (or being on s/all) more than I would on LGBDDT just because LGB strikes me more as a safe space to get away from all the rest of this crap, lol, that's my $0.02

I agree I wouldn't want to limit the ability of the community to grow though. I don't know if it'd be easier to open the group more in the future if things work out, as opposed to having to close it more if things go south quickly so I can't offer any input on that, but I personally tend to err on the cautious side, so that's my vote if this is a vote haha

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Your vote is absolutely a vote, and thank you! I want to hear from everyone here before I even come up with a draft of potential rules and what we will/will not do :)

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Old, I know. Sorry Tumbleweed I just decided I'll be using this platform for my LGB online life.

I'm just reading through the "topics" list and I'm thinking...some of these are those "inches" that lead to all the "miles."

"I'm trans and recently discovered I'm a lesbian"... Would this be the trans man who is detrans now that doesn't want gay man penis any longer? Or is this an confirmed trans woman who runs with the tag "transbians"?

"isn't homosexuality/bisexuality outdated by gender identity now?".... This question alone allows additional "gender" questions. That is the backbone of the TRA argument...gender trumps sex and sexuality.

"Aren't you excluding asexuals and non-binary when you say "LGB only"?"... Ya, yes. We should be. Non-binary is also a TRA trigger word that actually used to mean GNC people like bitch lesbians and feminine guys. A masculine girl will dress, often, as she feels comfortable. Probably a pair of jeans with a t-shirt for summer. Only a non-binary person could then turn around and show up in a simple, but elegant, black, off the shoulder silk dress the next day. And "asexual" is just something that makes no sense. It's a "door opener" category into LGB specific subs/forums/groups for the rest of the "genders."

A bitch lesbians needs to identify as GNC.

I'm all for encouraging communication between the LGB and those who prefer gender as an identity. But I would be leary about using any LGB specific sub for those chats and discussions.

Maybe another sub with a title along the lines of "LGB And Sane Transgender Folk"... A bit of humor with that, but you get my point. A separate sub for those kinds of things to be exchanged with a hardcore moderating to make sure it doesn't turn into a TRA dominated sub.

We saw what happened to lgbt on Reddit. My understanding that was pretty mondaine in the beginning. Then the TRA gathered and set new policy there.

For me, and totally my personal opinion...LGB for LGb, only. LGBT for LGBTQQIAIDF+.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you, ad is,a HAPPY NEW YEAR 📣🎊🎉🎇

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I just want a casual place where LGB people can get together, talk, ask for advice, and share anything LGB-related. I don't mind the occasional rant about TQ+ as long as the rest of the sub isn't what you can expect from s/LGBDropTheT.

I worry about this place not being removed from s/all. The majority of Saidit seems homophobic, and if our offsite stalkers got wind of this place not having firm definitions of lesbian, gay, and bisexual I doubt they would hesitate in brigading s/LGB. We still get the occasional troll on s/Lesbians so please consider how we're all still vulnerable on Saidit.

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We get the occasional troll over at LGBDTT too, and I've been a whole-hearted supporter of you all at s/Lesbians since before your new sub was even formed, so I'm with ya!

I'm not overly concerned about the rest of SaidIt, honestly. Some people here may be crass, crude, or downright offensive ... but I'd rather they be allowed to speak and me be allowed to have a discussion with them than to say "you don't get a voice at all because you're different". If I find I'm always disagreeing with people, then I'm in the wrong sub. And that's on me, not them.

I found this site when Reddit banned s/WatchPeopleDie a few years ago, and that was after was formed, and Voat is infamous at this point for being "right wing nazis". Every time Reddit does a purge of "wrong think", users need to find a new place to go, and lets be honest ... Reddit has purged a great deal since 2016 and 2017.

Homophobes, anti-semites, right-wing, but most importantly ... "bad for our image to advertisers and the media". Hell, they even purged GenderCritical, who are leftist radical feminists.

There are always going to be conflicting opinions and people of different beliefs on any site. We can either allow them to have discussions on our sub (and stay on s/all) or we can remove them (and remove ourselves from s/all).

We don't really get a middle-of-the-road option, and honestly, no mods (or even site Admins) want to deal with that. It makes for ever-increasing rules and work-arounds, and makes subs into dictatorships instead of communities.

As for brigading, that's against the terms of SaidIt, so don't worry ... us mods and the Admins are always on the lookout. Admins actually added a new rule to the site guidelines in the past month or so because they saw astro-turfing occurring. I've seen it with my own eyes, Magnora7 has no qualms about suspending users who exhibit that kind of behavior. It's quite refreshing, "stay in your own lane, douchebag" is actually taken seriously here.

PS - I know I've written a huge long comment already, but I wanted to address what you said specifically here:

I don't mind the occasional rant about TQ+ as long as the rest of the sub isn't what you can expect from s/LGBDropTheT.

My fear is that if we allow it, it WILL overwhelm this sub. The number one reason LGBTTT removes posts is because people are ranting about trans in general, as opposed to focusing on why LGB want to drop the T. I also do not want this to become a clone of LGBBDTT, but I know from experience that it can and will if we don't nip it in the bud early and consistently.

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Oh, cool! This sub is basically what I was looking for when I made this post

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Was wondering if perhaps this subsaidit could even open up a Discord channel or use other IM apps like Skype, Zoom Jitsi, Wire, etc.

It would be nice to have the option to speak with others(voice or text) who are LGB or discuss some hobby/interest based things(Videogames, Hiking, book club, art, music, sports, lifestyle, etc).

I haven't met an LGB person in real life yet that is removed from it would be nice to find others who are...

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So~ What have we got so far?