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You know that one symbol that's like ♀♀♂♂ but they're all linked up? First one is lesbian, second one is bi women, third one is bi man, fourth one is gay man? I think that one's neat.

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This one, the one in the top right corner here

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I like the flair flags on LGBDropTheT - maybe those could work for this sub as well?

As for the banner, what about a collage of famous gay and bisexual people.

Some possible women are Sappho, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Barbara Gittings, Bessie Smith, Gladys Bentley, Ma Rainey, Miss Anne Lister, Audre Lorde, Katherine "Kit" Duffy, Hannah Höch, Hannah Gluckstein (Gluck), Tamara de Lempicka, Virginia Woolf, Pat Parker, Angela Davis, Li Tingting...

Some possible men are Ashok Row Kavi, Magnus Hirschfeld, Harvey Milk, Arsham Parsi, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Bayard Rustin, Charles Demuth, Robert Rauschenberg, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Alain Locke, Frederico García Lorca, Countee Cullen, James Baldwin, Yukio Mishima...

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I can definitely start things off with the flags for user flairs like on LGBDTT, and the icons too if folks want them. Easy enough to just copy-paste all of that over :) I can also allow text-only flairs, and/or the combination of text and images, if peeps would like!

Ooooh, I really like your idea about the banner! In your mind, do you envision color, black-and-white, or sepia like old-fashioned photos? Do you think we should have a rainbow flag incorporated in the banner, or is that overkill? Could always make the icon on the left side of the sub "LGB" with a rainbow background (or something).

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Not the original poster but I do love a good rainbow, particularly now that people keep trying to redesign it. I think black and white would go best with a rainbow if that happened but i do like the idea of old-timey photographs and paintings because a lot of them can be very pretty and pastel lol

I like the flag flairs too!

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Awesome, really appreciate your input!

Old-fashioned painting style sounds really cool too! I don't have a firm image in mind at all, the first thing that comes to mind is Renaissance, LOL ... but I'm thinking a painting style on top and some simple B&W behind it. So the painting style stands out as representation, and the B&W is like a gentle support behind it.

Any other ideas, keep 'em coming! We'll present options so everyone can weigh in and give feedback before we implement anything.

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I guess what I was envisioning with the collage idea was b&w images with a rainbow overlaid. Kind of like this (quickly made this in photoshop with a random stock collage from the internet - not LGB people or anything):

Though the painting style idea u/les4les mentioned in a comment sounds cool too.

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Totally for the ORIGINAL rainbow flag.

Could squeeze in some pink triangle too. This was a common item to indicate and promote the LGB movement right after it finally got it's act together.

Since we want to promote LGB issues, just like when the LGB formed, I think any of the symbols used back in those day would, and should, apply.

It was a grass roots movement when it started. And I think we should be again.