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Sounds good to me. Idk I think the plain ones like in s/LGBDropTheT are fine, though the flags in the hearts are kinda cute.

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I prefer the plainer ones too.

From a creator standpoint, they're a lot easier to make and manage also, since flairs have a size limit unless we want to get super-crazy with coding.

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The emoji ones are cute haha I like the idea of having cute, kinda joyful looking flairs. I'm fine with the plain ones too but they're associated with dropthet in my head and the ambiance isn't the same if you see what I mean?

Okay wait I can express that in a simpler manner: I like having joyful flares for a joyful place :D

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Are there any of the cute/joyful images that really appeal to you?

It's easy for us to remake the flags and/or icons into the more joyful versions if people want it ... but we're also wondering if there are other images that people would want as user flairs. We don't want to get super complicated and have like 80 flairs to choose from, but it's pretty easy to add on a few more besides just the flags/icons.

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Perhaps the biangle, if it's not too big at 64px.