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I am really surprised there are still females left (no sarcasm), according to stories I've heard about that place.

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The females there a bi or pan women and handmaidens. Almost none actual lesbian there lmao

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Yeah pretty much Lesbian = Bisexual on reddit. Seen way too many "lesbians" on reddit saying they fuck men regularly or love dick ugh.

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That’s disgusting. They should be ashamed, especially given how much lesbians have been oppressed historically because they were assumed to be secretly bisexual. I’ve even seen women who are MARRIED to men (happily! Not trapped in a straight marriage!) saying they’re lesbians. How did we get here?

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If you hate life, fun and yourself, go on r/sex and search "lesbian" and take a shot every time you find a post about a lesbian wanting dick. You'll find so many "enlightening" posts...

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I feel sick just thinking about it. This kind of thing makes me feel so alone and sad.

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Of the female ones only a few seemed to be lesbians. Some had woman-identifying male partners, many posted on the bisexual subs, and many were trans themselves (enbies, female ones). And I didn't count those I didn't know, so I didn't count those who post on gendercynical as male unless there were other things indicating they were male as it was possible they could be female trans people or trans allies. And many male trans people on actuallesbians say they don't use trans flairs there to not get downvoted so I think some might have dedicated profiles where they only post actuallesbians and don't don't talk about trans stuff so the actual male percentage is probably somewhat higher than 24%.

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24 percent seems low. I bet is much worst. Of course moderators being mostly trans also makes a difference. The females there are also bisexuals. Not that I've got a problem with it, but they will have not problems with all the dick stuff, unless they lean heavily toward lesbianism

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unless they lean heavily toward lesbianism

Even if it's a bisexual woman with a strong preference for women, she won't mind the d*ck because she's still capable of liking it and that's all that matters really. Lesbians just get straight up uncomfortable and want to get the fuck out lmao. But yes, there are several bisexual people (regardless of their preferences towards a certain sex) that feel uncomfortable with TRAs for sure, but I don't think it has anything to do them leaning towards a certain sex really.

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I've seen a bisexual who leaned lesbians complaining about girldick shit. They're bi who I consider more on the lesbian side, because even if they can being attracted to males, lean heavily toward the pussy.

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But I don't think that's how bisexuality works (BI PEOPLE HERE, IF I SAY SOMETHING WRONG TELL ME). When someone tells me he/she's bi with a strong preference towards women (for example) what I think it means: "most of my crushes are women and only sometimes do I find a man attractive". What I think it does NOT mean: "I prefer the pussy over the penis". If you're bisexual yourself, then I'm sorry, maybe I had wrong ideas about bisexuality and now I'm confused 😅

EDIT: For example, if that bisexual person with a strong preference towards women happens to have a crush on a man, this bisexual person will NOT be thinking "oh, if only he had a female body/a pussy, it would be better". Am I wrong about this, bi people with preference?

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I can't speak for everyone but I've never had that feeling. In fact, the moment I read your question, I ended up over-analyzing the shit out of it. For me personality+body come as a package deal, an analogy would be food+toppings. You can put pepperoni on a pizza but not on ice cream. You can put sprinkles on ice cream but not on pizza. If you took a man's mind and stuck it in a woman's body, the woman body's hormones, and the life experiences of being a woman would re-shape his personality and it wouldn't be the same personality anymore (in fact it would be like a transbian personality, except with fully functional vagina. Can you even imagine how annoying this man would be???)

My friend made fun of his mom once about how they went to a sun-glasses store, and she picked out a pair of glasses she liked and she said "I want exactly the same as this, but to say Ray-Ban in the corner" (the glasses were a totally different brand.) And it's like... If you want to buy Ray-Ban, you need to buy Ray-Ban, you can't be like "I want something that's not Ray-Ban but says Ray-Ban on it." Unless you want to go to a counterfeit place and get Gucci stuff with Chanel logo on it or whatever you want. You can't have man personality remain exactly the same in a woman body.

Yeah... Like I said... Over-analyzing it too much.

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Thanks so much for your detailed answer :D that's my idea on bisexuality, it totally makes sense. Do you have a strong preference towards a certain sex? If so, do you think you might miss that sex if you happen to fall in love and have a partner whose sex is not your strong preference? If this is too personal, you do not need to answer. :)

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No prob! At this point in my life (age 40) I have 0 interest in dating anyone, though I guess I can still say my attraction is 50/50. I think my attraction has always been 50/50 but I've always been able to say 'Okay, I'm only dating women (or men) right now' for example from age 19-24 I was mostly all about girls. The guys back then were fucking disgusting, the whole style/era, everything from their haircuts, to clothes, to attitudes and entitlement to women's bodies was just... BAD. Let's see it was ... 1999-2004/5-ish. Meanwhile all the girls were dressed like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with like tiny skirts and belly shirts. It really was not even a question which one I would choose!

But yeah, at this age, man/woman doesn't matter, the person would just have to be really special to make me want to stop enjoying being single.

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Okay, thank you for your answer :) Hope you find that special someone 😘 If not, being single has also lots of advantages to be fair so 😁 Best wishes

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No, I'm vagina fetishist too. To me, a strong preference for female, also include a special love for female genitalia, and not wanting someone looking like a woman but with a dick.

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To you. But I think that's not how bisexuality works (at least from my understanding of bisexuality, but now I'm confused?!). Hopefully, bi people hear will answer 😅

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Well, my ex was bisexual with a strong female preferance, and she definitely said that she found the pussy much hotter lol

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I don't have a strong bias as a bisexual, but I've definitely never found myself hoping my crush was the sex they're not. And since you ladies were talking about "girldick" earlier, I'll tell you how I see it: it's a mindfuck. You're viewing the person as a woman based on secondary sex characterics, but then the primary characteristics don't match the ones that attracted you in the first place..! It's never happened to me, but I don't think I'd be thrilled to discover a lady love wasn't actually a lady. It's like your mind is on one track and suddenly you'd be expected to move the train to another track... Only not, because you're not allowed to see the "girldick" as an indicator of manhood. I don't think it would work out for me.

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Yeah, it fucks your mind.

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I've definitely never found myself hoping my crush was the sex they're not.

That's what I thought as well. Thanks for your answer! Hopefully more bi people here will answer :)

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So you're saying that if your ex got a boyfriend now, she would prefer him to have a pussy? (I'm just trying to understand)

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Boyfriends cannot have pussy. She favored females, that means primary and secondary sex characteristics over male ones.

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I've already understood she has a preference towards women and that's totally okay. I'm just asking: if she fell in love with a man and had a boyfriend, would she be fulfilled with him/happy just the way he is physically speaking? OR would she 'miss women'? That's why I'm finding this odd. I don't want to sound rude, I'm genuinely trying to understand lmao.

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24 percent seems low. I bet is much worst.

Personally I think 24% is high for a lesbian sub, it's one in four who isn't even female. And the real male percentage was probably somewhat higher as I was being somewhat conservative when counting. But I did check over a hundred profiles so I don't think the real male percentage is that far off. But note that the 24% was the unquestionably male percentage. The trans percentage was higher as many posters of the posters were female trans people (non-binary). And lesbians are definitely a minority on actuallesbians as many of female people also posted on the bisexual subs.

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Ah, you were just talkibg about regular male, not trans?

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No, I was talking about women-identfying males. There was one who looked like a regular male but I assume that was a pre-transition woman-identifying male (according to trans ideology identity is what makes a person trans).

With the trans percentage being higher I was referring to there being many female trans people (born female) hanging out on actuallesbians too, so the trans content is higher than the male content.

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The mods there are running a demographics survey right now. I'm curious what the results look like after they're posted.

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The mods there are running a demographics survey

Won't a lot of "trans women" claim they're women in the survey?

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Maybe, but there also could be people who troll the sub and select trans when they're not. I think statistically it'll be a wash by the end of the day?

There was one commenter who got upset about the trans or cis question and refused to take the survey because of it, but they got heavily downvoted.

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There was one commenter who got upset about the trans or cis question and refused to take the survey because of it, but they got heavily downvoted.

Oh, he was trying to look woke and missed his target. Looks like even TRAs have a limit, they do want to know if they're fucking a real woman or a man in disguise.

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Uh oh, maybe they've realised that all the lesbians have escaped...Expect some sad dicks soon as many dudes realise they've been wanking over other dudes spouting lesbian porn fantasies.

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I remember they've done a couple demographic studies before, but this is the first one (that I've noticed) in a few years.

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I do believe that a lot of the "female lesbians" there are just trans identified men who roleplay as natural born women online and are always 'in-character.'

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No actual lesbians on r/actual lesbians.

All male, all the time and all AGP.

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I think you'll get better results from I believe 58% of the users of AL asocial frequent subs like mtf, Trans, etc.

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I think the 58 number there isn't percentage, but showing that users of actuallesbians are much more likely than users of other subs to also frequent subs like mtf and trans. So I think it might be possible that a sub with 24% woman-identifying males could lead to that number (I don't know).

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When I first found that sub I assumed almost everybody was a lesbian. I searched and read old threads about breast size and all the threads about people worrying about their small breasts were giant hug-boxes with people saying how small breasts were the most amazing thing ever and how attractive they were and any threads from people worrying about their large ones had comment after comment after comment of "I don't like them at all but I'm sure a tiny amount of lesbians might not mind them."

Obviously there is nothing wrong or ugly about women with small chests but as someone who has comically disproportionately large ones I was really worried for a while that the majority of lesbians only liked small-chested women... until I realised just how many 'transbians' were on there and it clicked that they were just trying to either neg people or make women feel insecure and bad about their bodies.

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My tits are small, but big tits are so great. I would sleep over them all the time LMAO

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Oh man lol. Lesbians need to get their crap together and not take this from men. It's annoying.