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Jesus was wearing dress-like cloths, by new transgender definition - he was transgender. So whole world was created by transgender, and everyone owe to transgenders everything.

Ah yes, Marsha said "I am a man, drag queen". How can he be transgender, when he explicitely said he is not? Just because he helped to create organization for transvestite rights? But calling yourself transvestite is now transphobic.

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Jesus... The comments, too. I recommend neither the post nor any of the comments on it for anyone who doesn't wanna feel angry right now.

Some of the low points: A straight man with wife and kids who "became a woman" at age 60 and now feels like LGB people consistently exclude trans people from LGBTQ+. Not even joking. He even blames his growing suicidal ideation on LGB people not being accepting. Another person is arguing that the number of people who know and who would date a trans person is similar and that therefore, everyone who knows a trans person would date them, ignoring the many people who have peaked exactly because they met a trans person and saw what they are really like rather than what media constantly tells them they're like. But it gets worse. Two of the replies straight up call for trans-identified people to attack LGB people with homophobic rhetoric.

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"Having never felt a great affinity with the LGB community in the first place why do we try so hard to associate ourselves with them at all?"

That's a great point. Since we have clear irreconcilable differences, maybe we should just go our separate ways with separate spaces and then everyone will be happy. Deal?

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Another person is arguing

He has fitting name.

How can a man lust for another man? It is just not possible to be born like that, they made this choice

Ah, conversion therapy all over again.

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"There is more proof in science for transgender than for homosexuality" uh, I highly doubt that, also, you don't need to prove homosexuality scientifically.

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Little consideration is given to the fact that transgender women are actually being erased from history. People debate now whether Marsha P. Johnson was a Transwoman, preferring to re-frame her as a drag queen instead since she didn’t always present herself as female.


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"since she didn't always present herself as female..." almost like that's why she isn't trans! Cause she isn't actually transitioning, duh. I can't with them sometimes...

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Y'know, I joked about a Sylvia Rivera memorial museum being built in the future. I'm changing it to a prediction now.

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Lolol, wait till they find out the actual hero for stonewall was a mixed race butch lesbian.

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Oh I think they know, they just don't care.