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It's disturbing how many times I see the logic of "Rape is ok if you're transgender!"

What the actual fuck

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This breaks my fucking brain so hard. When your victim points scale is so fucked up you prioritise someone that got literally sexually assaulted over someone that wants to be the opposite sex... I want off this timeline. I want off mr bones wild ride. I’m done...

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There's also a lot of the guilt tripping from allies to those who've been raped by trans women. They shouldn't report it because the trans woman will go to a male prison. Can't have that, can we? 🙄

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As I've always said, handmaidens are worse than the TRAs that are Trans

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Put on your helmet and your seat belt, I am about to rage:

We all remember what the fuck happened when JK Rowling tried to talk about her own sexual abuse at the hands of men. It was deemed twansphobia uwu for a woman to feel traumatized and wary of men after having gone through an experience like that. But to be sexually abused and turn into a rapist is totally fine, in fact it requires us to instantly give sympathy, acceptance, and understanding, (or else we're twansphobic uwu.)

This piece of human feces pretending to be a woman raped not only a woman, but A FELLOW TRANS PERSON. The person who got raped was a trans man. This person was raped for the verbally expressed purpose of getting impregnated in order to create non-binary babies. This wasn't just a one-time sex situation, this was meant to be 9 months of forced pregnancy and 18 years of motherhood inflicted on somebody who identifies as a man, a type of man that doesn't wish to get pregnant or have those experiences ever.

Mr Biko first edited and then removed his rape confession from when it was met with outrage and backlash from his supporters.

You know what's disgusting? The level of relief I felt upon reading this sentence. The fact that I was so happy and surprised to see it that I had to rush over and cut-paste it here. Because I don't believe we live in a world anymore where people in western nations feel safe enough to express outrage towards trans identified men regarding ANYTHING. Just look at what happened with Meredith Russo? (Just google 'Meredith Russo rape'. This piece of trash raped and abused his wife and is still allowed to write novels for young adults because he is twans uwu.)

I tried to search for what happened to the trans identified woman Biko raped and didn't find much, but this is als oa very good article about this same topic:

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So, he got to edit out his rape confession instead of having to retract the entire article? Interesting.

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Welcome to modern day journalism. It's a fucking barren wasteland.

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The logic of this guy’s argument seems to be “I was sexually abused as a child and I’m trans so I get a pass for raping someone.”

How do people even entertain these monsters?

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This fucking makes my blood boil. Most child sexual abuse survivors NEVER go on to sexually assault anyone. The fact that people like this person excuse their behavior with blatant lies is beyond sickening.

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I too was sexually abused as a child. I'm a cis woman, what crimes could I get away with?

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Not a single one. Because trans.

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Literally no one should ever at any point entertain that as a legit excuse. Stop pandering to mentally ill people just because it makes you win woke points to support them.

A fucking rapist is a rapist regardless of what their story is.

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Rape is never okay. Just because they identify as transgendered and commit a horrendous crime, they shouldn't be excused. looking at you Caitlyn Jenner

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Is Caitlyn also a rapist? I knew he killed someone while drunk driving, wasn't aware of any rape accusations.

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I think that's what they meant, since all that is implied is Caitlyn Jenner committing a horrendous crime

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No. Not a rapist. But it just goes to show how people are willing to forgive and forget as soon as they come out As trans

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A woman that presents herself as a man is still abused because of her reproductive system by a man that presents himself as a woman?

It is almost like all this gender ideologists theories about "transwomen as oppressed as women, because they look feminine, and they don't have male privilegies anymore" is a complete lie. And it is almost like sexism is actually based on sex, not gender or "looking feminine", and mainly on reproductive system. Color me surprised.

It is one of the most illustrative examples of why gender theory is just nonsense, and why both LGB and feminists are fighting against it.

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every time i think it can't get crazier... someone posts more crazy.

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This is so fucking disgusting. People who abuse their kids were often times abused themselves as kids. But no one says these people's abuse gives them a free pass to treat their kids like shit. No one says "Oh you were abused? We're so sorry, carry on beating, molesting, and neglecting your kids." I'm so fucking sick of this mentality that trans people can do no wrong.

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Not gonna lie. It's because he's a man.

I just read an article about women in an organization that wants to bail out all criminals. They bailed out a rapist and he went on to rape more.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemy.

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Are you kidding me...

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He used the wrong pronoun. "we broke two of the most important rules… consent and safe sex" It should have been the first person singular I.