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There's this gay porn actor who recently came out as non-binary. It's funny because although now they identify as non-binary, he still does gay porn, and he's still ok with other gay porn profiles sharing his content.

I dislike the way trans tries to infiltrate gay/lesbian spaces and claim our sexualities, but at least they're consistent. For me non-binary are even more problematic. They will claim to be a special different gender and say that you have to respect their identity and their pronouns, but whenever it's useful they're fine with taking gay and lesbian identities.

There's a downvoted comment on the thread saying this:

Gathering an echo chamber from all the other gaycels on this sub are not going to fix your problem

It's actually frustrating to see this term "gaycel" being used like this by them. The TQ+ crowd has been acting like incels for so long, demanding sexual interest from others, and this guy has the nerve to call us the incels lol

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Trans is more consistent but not by much. They often expect to have their cake and eat it too as well

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Good to see some sanity again, although a lot of idiots in that thread too like someone saying Marsha/Malcolm Johnson was trans and started the stonewall riots and that sexuality is fluid (eyeroll)

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lgbTQ+: you owe it all to us! A trans woman started the Stonewall riots!

also lgbTQ+ after being shown sources of Marsha himself saying he wasn't trans and didn't started the riots: omg why are you so obsessed with who started the riots?

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My question is: why fixate on the riots? Whenever someone tells me that I owe my rights to a trans person I tell them no I don't. first of all I don't owe anyone my rights, that's why their called rights, second I am allowed to marry because of people who went through the courts in cases like United states V. Windsor. Sure stonewall was a step, but saying I am allowed to marry because of trans people supposedly at stonewall is like saying the Arabs created the computer because they discovered algebra

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In the u.s. at least, it helped grow the movement, as many gay groups started popping up after that. I guess it was sort of a rallying cry. But you are right, the real work was all the boring legislative stuff to get us the rights like marriage. The only reason stonewall should be "fixated on" is because they are trying to steal a part of our history, claim it as theirs, then use it to guilt us into supporting them. It's important that we correct them.

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Fair. It just gets tiring after a point.

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it shouldn't have become a fight... its should just been a historical event, one of many. But yes, it's tiring.

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I feel like at this point bringing up stonewall should be like someone bringing up hitler in any argument about anything else, you've lost the argument at that point. Its become so ridiculous.

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OP is correct. I've never gone on AGB except to lurk (not being a gay bro myself) but I'm getting so grateful to see the guys there noticing and reacting to the same things that I used to find horrible and insensitive. There's a few comments there where they discuss the treatment of "cis white gays" and treating gay men like a plague on the community and compare them to the violence and oppression they've faced as gay men, so many times I've just been amazed by how willfully blind transactivists are to how badly homosexual men are treated even in "progressive" countries. "cis white gays are the straights of the community" my ass

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Way too slowly, unfortunately. That thread is so chockfull of retarded queer theory, it's insane.

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For a while now I’ve felt increasingly distanced from the broader LGBT+ scene as it encompasses more and more concepts and gets (in my opinion anyway) less focussed and meaningful. I’ve seen a couple of people now describing gay guys as the straights of the LGBT+ community. Aka the least oppressed and the least needing (deserving?) of a place in the group.

I thought I'd be downvoted to hell but I ended up getting two awards on my comment there lol

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Some of these comments are a breath of fresh air. The more their ideas are brought to their logical conclusions, the quicker other LGB people will realize that all this gender stuff just crumbles under any modicum of scrutiny. If only when lesbians pointed the homophobia of the queer movement we didn't get our spaces policed and banned.