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There are lots of women out there who have dicks

Meanwhile the actual amount of women with dicks: 0.

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literally shaking and crying rn having a massive 14 inch cock doesn't mean i can't be a woman fuck you you whore i'm so mad i'm gonna post a screenshot to r/lgbttttttt with an entirr essay in the comments that no one will read >:(((((

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A lot of women with dicks. Imagine being so disconnected from reality. You know, why did they have to ban the asylums?

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Technically, there are intersex XX women with CAH who have an enlarged clitoris that looks somewhat like a penis. There may be a few other situations in which this is the case.

But the men saying this are NOT intersex. They are genetically and phenotypically male.

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Still, does it function anything like a penis? That's really interesting but even that's a huge stretch

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Hmm, you'd have to ask someone with CAH. I'm not intersex so I can't speak for them. I do know that there are zero XX people who can produce male gametes, so no woman has a fully-functioning penis.

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Both my girlfriend and I are trans so obviously a dick doesnt stop you from being a lesbian

The absolute level of stupidity... It baffles me that it is possible for such a statement to be believed

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Imagine how homophobic you'd have to be to have to believe you're female to feel comfortable being gay. Holy shit.

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Gays need to stop pretending to be lesbians, for fuck sake LMAO

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It's insulting to see other gay men be tricked into thinking they're lesbians. They make gays look like fetishists and give us a bad rep. I'm sick of this shit

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They make gays look like fetishists and give us a bad rep

I disagree, there's a clear distinction between gay men and transbian catgirls uwu

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Big distinction between all of us but LGBT is an umbrella so we're all associated together. Another reason why we need to drop the T

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Maybe to us, but those from the outside may not see it as so obvious. Y'know, the ones that make laws that allow us to be denied essential services or be murdered

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I'm just staring at a screen full of delusional people who created their own problems. Any woman who makes a child with one of these assholes is a double-asshole. Imagine giving your child a father like this.

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Just the same old song. Men not believing that woman may not like dicks, and men trying to push dicks on us.

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The term "girldick" sounds really disgusting.

If someone was not familiar with the "queer terminology" they might think that means something ENTIRELY different than what the "queer community" says it means.

You know what? I hardly hear thr word "man-gina" hahaha it's always "girldick" and why don't they say "womandick"? Do they want to be "girls" or "woman"? I guess this question is more rhetorical and the answer is obvious...

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They want to be 15yo anime cat girls 🤮

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There are lots of women out there that have dicks.

Yeah-- in the bedside drawer! Silicon/plastic ones! (Maybe glass and/or metal, if you wanna get fancy) Or in jars of formaldehyde! Plus moms with sons named Richard!

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I always found it weird when they refer to it as "girl dick" considering girl means a female child... Do they want to be "girls" or do they want to be "women"? Even tho they're neither but still. Also, sounds like a fetishistic term.

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Ugh, I went to the doctor and wrote in "lesbian" as method of birth control and I got a lecture about it still being possible I'm pregnant because some lesbians... Yeah I think I'd know if my girlfriend had a penis. How stupid are their patients?

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Seriously. The condescension health care professionals have for women sometimes, esp when it comes to sex, is infuriating. When I went to my uni's health center for xrays, they asked if there was any chance I was pregnant, and I told them no, I'm celibate. They still made me take a pregnancy test before they'd do anything >_<

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"My girlfriend and I are both transgender"

Soo... Gay men with extra steps?

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Sweetie, I was just about to go to sleep! Now I am all nauseous.

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At this point I literally just cant stand trans people

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I do not define <1% of the US population as "a lot"...