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I think we don't need any flags. We just need males and bisexual girl to stop calling themselves lesbians lol

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ANOTHER ONE?! Is it tenth? Fifteenth now? Can they just leave us alone?

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I hate it. As a feminist goth sword-lesbian, the labrys flag is just the best thing I've ever seen. Absolutely the most awesome of all pride flags. Personally I hate the colors of orange and pink, stripes are boring, and there's too many of them. I also hate that someone decided to add orange to include butches when there's already a flag with a freakin' weapon on it.

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Labrys flag ride or die. The lesbian flag is the only one being rebranded every 3 fucking seconds, sick of it.

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I kind of wish all the flag nonsense would stop. I’m fine with the pink one. I’m fine with the labrys one. Use either and move on. Why do we need a third?

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How else will the kweer kids feel special if they can't sit around drawing new pride flags?

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I feel you sis 😂 I don't even need a flag. For me, the rainbow would be enough.

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The LGBTQ crowd is more flag obsessed than the vexillology nerds. It’s exhausting.

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I am a fan of flags. The last pride I went to I saw so many new flags. At one point we were waiting in line and spotting the flags. I had my phone open to a page with all of the different LGBTQ2AA+ flags and we would identify them. I felt like we were bird watching lol. Honestly though, the amount of flags actually makes it confusing because some people had two and I had no idea what they were trying to convey.

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I’ve stopped paying attention to the flags bullshit. There’s so many that they’ve lost meaning.

A flag does not determine that I am a raging dyke who loves pussy. 🤷‍♀️

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Oh man, another one? I wonder how long it will be before they decide this one isn't inclusive enough. Anyway, the flags in general are dumb but I do like the pink and red one because it pisses off the gender fandom.

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Yep, at this point my preferred flags and terms are the ones that say most clearly "I am not woke"

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I personally like the pink stripes one, not a fan of the orange, but I'm also not a lesbian, so it doesn't bother me all that much

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I think that's lesbians's business, but just as an opinion, I like the labrys flag. This new one is completely unneeded.

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I'm not a lesbian but I want to know your opinions. I mean the one with orange stripes at the top, white stripe in the middle and pink stripes on the bottom.

More nausea inducing than cytotoxic chemo 🤮

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Personally, I'm not much of a fan for ANY of the flags anymore really. There are people who are OBSESSED with it and the identity surrounding it instead of just...seeing it as a flag.

The flags dont make sense to me lol. Flags usually for country & territory. I think symbols are best, if anything. Idk, or maybe i full of shit haha.

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I am not fan. I don't care for the color pink. Aesthetically, I think it has too many stripes and the white stripe sort of breaks up the flag. Oddly enough the white stripe represents trans lesbians. I am fine with the rainbow flag and I do love the labrys flag for lesbians because I like the symbolism.

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