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Rebuilding gay, bi and lesbian communities.

The main reason why our movement has been hijacked by trans lunatics, Marxists, neoliberals and ideologies that have got nothing to do with our cause is because we allowed this to happen by not saying no. But another reason is because we were too scared to say no when it became more vital to say no. Gay people don’t stand up for each other anymore unless we’re standing up to a straight person who wants to take our rights away from us. We fight with each other too much. A lot of gay people act like perpetual teenagers. It’s time to change. Gay people need to realise that we need our own community to be healthy in order for wider society to respect us. So here’s what we need to do:

  • Organise and collectivise to stand up for gay people who have been a victim of trans ideology and woke ideology, not just homophobia.
  • Start going to gay bars again. Even if you’re already committed to someone. Just because you have a boyfriend or a husband doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with other gay or bi men, as long as you take your partner with you.
  • Organise other gay spaces besides bars. Such as meet-ups, support centres, info centres, cafes, dancehalls, etc.
  • Bring more romance into the community. I’ve been to restaurants in Prague and Slovenia where I saw a lot of straight couples and pairings dancing together and I thought to myself, we need something like that in our community. We should organise evenings out where we have dinner and dancing. Gay couples dancing to romantic music. No nudity, no obscenity, nothing more than kissing, hanging and holding each other. Keep it wholesome. Leave sex for the bedroom.
  • No more gatekeeping. There are a lot of gay men who think that all gay men are naturally effeminate and dismiss masculine gay men as faking their masculinity or not being gay enough. Likewise, I’ve heard of masculine gay men being dismissive of effeminate gay men as not being real men. If you’re a man who likes men, you’re a gay man, no matter how masculine or feminine you are. It’s okay to have preferences with relationships and even friendships, but there’s no need to be rude or dismissive of couple who do not fit your perception of things. Just live and let live.
  • Gay men need to stop seeing each other as objects. We also need to stop throwing each other under the bus. No more misandry. We need to be civil to each other, not just towards our boyfriends.
  • Older LGB people need to be better role models for younger LGB people, and younger LGB people need to have more respect for older LGB people. The last one especially, because the way a lot of spoilt brats treat their LGB elders is disturbing, especially considering that it was mostly the elders who faced persecution in the west. But older GB men should inspire younger GB men to be better men, and older LB women should inspire younger LB women to be better women.
  • Less consumerism. It makes you shallow.
  • Finally, we need to think beyond our LGB community. What about straight people who are our friends, family and neighbours? Not in our specific community, but they are in the same broader community as us, in terms of race, city, region, nation and religion. We should encourage each other to contribute to the general community in a positive way. Not only does this build up (and regain in our case) good will from the straights, it also helps us to feel a part of the place we live in and feel like we belong. It’s not easy, but it’s important.

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This is so detailed and well thought out, thank you

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Thank you.

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Seconding this!

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Those ideas are a great start. the obvious one that pops out to me but a lot of us really can't do much about is decriminalization of homosexuality. Those of us in the west, myself included, take for granted that we can be who we are and love who we love in relative safety. Sadly for the majority of the world that's just not the case. There are still what? 77 countries where it's illegal to be gay? I know a lot of us really aren't in a position to change that but we really should be at least spreading awareness to people who might be able to.

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Homosexuality acceptance is correlated with wealthy and secularism. Most of the world is poor and religious bigotry is the norm. You can't do much about that.

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That doesn't mean we give up though. Uphill battles never stopped us before. But I get where your coming from.

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It isn't even about giving up. You won't convince billions of people that their imaginary friend likes homosexuality. Homophobia is a side effect of others things, like povertyand ignorance leading people to attach themselves to christianity and islam

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Promoting change in other parts of the world, but not being colonialist about it, is... difficult to say the least? and I'm not sure it's even possible.

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To be quite frank, one of the things that would help a lot is dropping the TQ+ and reasserting ourselves as functioning normal members of society. I've spoken to people from these homophobic countries and they tell me a big part of why it is so hard to change their laws is because they look to the western world as a template for what would happen if they legalized being gay and they don't like what they see. To a lesser extent, this does also apply to women's rights. They see all the problems we see with TQ+ and apply it to the rest of LGBT and say to themselves "well if we legalize homosexuality, we too will end up with all their problems".

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Yeah, crazy transgenders are shown here as "all gay men are like that, they want to dress like women, with bad make-up and sexually harass other people around them".

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So because it's difficult we don't try it? Nothing worth doing is a simple undertaking. Besides, the major purpose of colonialism is extension of authority. We aren't doing that. we're trying to hopefully help local politicians and activists to make the fight for equality that little bit easier. Not very colonial about it to me, but maybe I'm wrong. I just want to see people do something. We owe our fellow LGB people in those countries that much.

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It's not a thing that can be fixed I guess, but I've always disliked the way right leaning gay people are treated at times. I see LGBT to go on and on about "chosen family" then alienate any moderate-to-right leaning person.

I'm also someone who doesn't agree with HSTS transitioning and others having to treat them as the opposite sex. I don't care how feminine / masculine they are. No man will ever be a woman and vice-versa. But I see so much defense for that type of transperson here.

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I agree. I might not agree with Right-leaning LGBs, but I respect them. It makes me sad how people 'hate' them. They are people, too.

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Depoliticize it, yes! That would be really good

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I agree with this one. I don’t consider myself right wing anymore, but I’m also not left wing or centre. I still have right wing and conservative viewpoints. Doesn’t mean I hate myself, I do support gay marriage and gay adoption.

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Pointing out that we still experience homophobic violence despite the new woke media narrative that "cis white male gays" are the new oppressor class.

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Gay men: in many countries are targets of violence because of their sexual orientation, gay sex is punishable by jail time or even death in some places

Gendies: okay but someone refused to use my xir/xim pronouns

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Eradicate HIV. We have all the tools necessary to do it in N. America and Europe. I definitely think we are well on our way and can do it if we don't lose focus. After we finish there, we could form LGB outreach groups for developing countries that have HIV epidemics and work to both eradicate HIV/AIDs there and fight homophobia. I agree with the domestic abuse point. I would also add drug/alcohol abuse. Maybe increasing resources for LGB parents as well.

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Man, the only thing I care about it's this gender garbage allowing crazy classical homophobia, misogynist dick-pushing arguments to get destroyed:

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Can the LGB community decouple itself from democrats please? Where I live the community has been dominated by woke people who view everything through the eyes of black and white politics. Ive never felt welcome as a right leaning centrist (think libertarian before 2017) and the parisanship only hurts our broader appeal.

Also, being gay doesnt mean you have to do sexual stuff in public. Im nowhere near a prude but I do believe in respecting public spaces. And no im not talking about holding hamds or kissing. Im talking about dressing up in bondage and being walked down the street on a leash.

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I agree. I think the LGB should leave the dems. I was tempted to register NO PARTY myself. Maybe we could make our own party? More center?

And no. No one should be doing sexual stuff in public, unless it's a TV show where it's NOT REAL! No kink stuff in public, please.

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Yes a center party would be wonderful. Let the marxists and religious extremists keep the fringes and we can make ours a big tent. I normally vote libertarian in hopes they get 5% of the popular vote to get on the ballot perminantly but they have been taken over by socialists so I'm not sure what to do anymore.

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USA political system is so bad, power is completely monopolized by two parties, and citizens are only electing between two people, who were selected for them to chose from.

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I understand. I looked at the libertarian party platform and wasn't impressed. But seriously. We should start a party. I think we'd need to make a platform and then assign officers. But I am 100% serious. I'd love for the name to be LGB, but I think a better name would be something like The Revolution Party. Revolting against both sides. We also have to have a four legged animal as our symbol.

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What about "The New Americans?" As in we are new in the sense we don't buy into partisan politics which has dominated the landscape since our foundation. I like the ring of "The Revolution Party" but I think it would be too easy to paint it as a radical organization just by the name.

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I agree and I like The New Americans. TNA. Nice. :) How do we even start this party?

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately, too: LGB - T = ?

My conclusion (in-a-nutshell version): our emphasis should be on 1.] normalization/practicality; 2.] still-vulnerable groups (specifically, supporting them in achieving normalization, too).

And my conclusion in somewhat more fleshed-out form:

  • Making LGB specifically about sexual orientation without making it hyper-sexualized. That is, no longer expecting it to comprise an entire culture in itself (on the order of Mexican-American culture or something), nor be about anything more than sexuality in its most basic form (that is, simply SSA orientation-- lesbian, gay, or bi-- rather than any and all expressions of sexuality). Seems to me that most of our problems trace back to this: trying to make just plain sexual orientation into more than it is. Because, unless artificially gussied-up? It's pretty elementary. A component. Of human sexuality and individual personality alike. Treating it as such makes for maximum inclusion of SSA people, since a wide range of actual cultures/worldviews (political affiliations among them) can then be accommodated. But if you want to go the sexuality = full-scale culture route, it naturally encourages the proliferation of any and all sexualities to fill up the space, resulting in hyper-sexualization and general creepiness. Let's get back to basics here: simplify and normalize. (This would also tend to keep us from attracting sex-freaks/creeps in the first place: we'd be too "boring" and lacking in "gay"-coded hairstyles, etc., to appropriate.)
  • Minimalism: connected to the above-- try to keep LGB pared down to its essentials, so as to accommodate not only the widest range of SSA individuals, but all 3 letters, as fully as possible. Subgroups can represent specific constituencies (L, G, and B among them); at the "LGB" level, make it broad and inclusive. What do we all have in common? Focus on that.
  • Practicality in general: what matters to LGB peoples' everyday lives; i.e., the boring real stuff. Normalcy is central here: establishing ourselves as just another part of society, in every respect, and only calling attention to our LGB-ness when it's relevant. Activists' goal should be making LGB advocacy a low-key, sensible, regularized thing: just keeping our hand in, as it were-- so the majority doesn't forget about us, and we have a say in decision-making. When you're a minority, it's important to make sure that your interests are represented and factored in whenever applicable.
  • Identity: renewed commitment to what being LGB actually means. The definition needs to be clear (sexual orientation towards the same sex-- in the case of lesbians and gay men, exclusively-- without any reference to "gender") and non-negotiable. We need to insist on our right to our LGB/SSA identity, and be clear about how any attempt to override sex with gender is an attack on that identity, and therefore on us.
  • Gatekeeping: related to the above. LGB is for SSA people only. Allies are welcome, but only as such. Otherwise straight people (being far more numerous) take over and we become marginalized in our own community.
  • Focus on vulnerable groups: those LGB people still "left behind", despite our achievements overall. The goal should be to promote their strength and self-determination, not hype/perpetuate victimhood status. Who comes to mind: minors (esp. those abused and/or rejected by their families for being SSA); residents of the most anti-LGB countries (where oppression towards SSA people is widespread and often official); people traumatized by past bigotry in western nations (so that even if things around them are much improved, they still need help overcoming the psychological damage sustained earlier); those victimized by their fellow LGBs (sexual assault; domestic violence/abuse); those in poverty (often unable to defend themselves from bigotry). May, at least to some extent, also include women (bi and lesbian: subject to both sexism and homophobia); bi people (if recent studies indicating that they experience poorer mental & physical health/greater poverty than the LG are accurate); the elderly and/or disabled (often dependent on people unsympathetic to their sexuality); members of esp. homophobic religious and/or ethnic groups. Emerging addition to the above: LGB "de-trans" people.
  • The B: since bisexuality remains to a great extent invisible, misunderstood, or dismissed altogether-- even among SSA people themselves-- it could probably use a bit more attention in the LGB. Not so much that it becomes the lgB, of course; just enough to give bisexuals parity. To this end: emphasis on seeing it as simply another sexual orientation (not being sexually-indiscriminate, confused, in denial, "open-minded"/"enlightened", or anything else), and not through a monosexual lens; spreading awareness of these things, and of its very existence.
  • Gay men and hate crimes: since gay men remain the primary targets for homophobic violence, this deserves special attention. Along with the more obvious measures, working to reduce misogyny and the influence of gender-roles in society is a must (so men perceived as being "like women" no longer provoke outrage).

Well, though exhausting, that's still hardly exhaustive, is it? :) Anyway, these are the things of LGB importance that occur to me.

TL;DR: emphasis on LGB serving rank-and-file SSA people by facilitating our normalization, maximizing inclusiveness, protecting our identity, and focusing on practical real-life issues/concerns (esp. those of the most vulnerable LGB people).

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  • Splitting/dismantling LGBT, LGB, and "gay culture."

  • Destruction of this bias that gay = always good and uwu wholesome.

  • Actual research going into the cause(s) of homosexuality, the effects, including negative ones

  • Help/resources/etc for people who AREN'T "out and proud" and don't want to be, or even those who want a way out.

  • Destroying the idea that being gay is an entertaining flamboyant thing and that gay people exist to be funny and "brave" and spectacular

  • People calling out gay pedophilia instead of crying "tHiS nEvEr HaPpEns" and "HoMoPhObIa", and stop defending pedophiles just because they're gay/transgender/whatever.

  • Destruction of Pride, especially the hypersexualized stuff in public view

  • Destruction of the sexism and implications that males/masculinity is superior, and that there has to be a "Man" who is in charge in every relationship, regardless of orientation.

  • End to colonizing other countries with LGBT, pride, and radical left propaganda. It is literally causing massive damage in countries like Russia. People are feeling more negative about homosexuality because of Pride and "gay activism."

  • Stop demanding privileges and calling them "rights"

And last but not least

Destroy the idea that there is a "unified" LGB vs. straight people. Destroy the idea that straight people and non-straight people are aliens to eachother. Destroy the idea that LGB have "solidarity" and are "standing together against straight people" when its not true and usually the letters hate eachother more than straight people hate them. Destroy these stupid and childish ideas that X activity or hobby is a "gay thing" and that "hets don't get it" because straight people are "boring" and "queer people" or gay people are super spectacular and exciting and #INSPIRING.

But in all honesty I doubt this will ever happen. I think regardless of whether there's a T or not the "gay rights" movement is on a fast track to massive destruction that's not only going to fuck up Western countries (and arguably already has) but will quickly cause massive problems in others too.

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First off .... here in this sub ... a HUGE reduction of posts that mostly go: "Look what the T are doing now!" We aren't supposed to care what "they" are doing. We should be concerned about what "we" are, aren't, and should be doing.

Second ... find that LGB based organization starting here in the States, like the LGB Alliance in the UK, and join it! The LGB community MUST become a political movement AGAIN! Along with being an educational and support organization.

Next ... downloading AND printing out/copying any and all OLDER articles, videos, audios, and whatever that tells the TRUE and REAL history of the gay movement/life/struggle.

The more "we" bitch and complain about the TQ+WTF crowd the longer they have a control over us. Time to over come and move away!

The new LGB community has to be fresh! It has to be open minded to OUR desires and direction. It must be supportive and educational WHILE ALSO becoming a strong political movement. Sadly you need to become political to get money (donations and grants) so we can become a bigger political movement...or we won't be heard. Being heard, politically, is the only way to correct all the bullshit being done in OUR NAME!

As most of us know the TRUE gay history is being stolen. It's being rewritten to include T people where none existed. The world is now being told that gay rights began with T people...and we know this is false. But the proof is vanishing.

Some day, in the near future, we...the LGBT community...will be able to reset gay history...but only if we have those original articles and videos and audio clips. If you find one, check the date. See if it's original or been rereleased with TQ+WTF language added. The base story may be accurate but the rewrite will shine the light where it doesn't belong. But that original unchanged item may still out there. We just have to dig deeper!

Do not bookmark it...print it out or transfer it (in the case of audio or video) to a memory stick. Bookmarked pages are subject to rewriting. And videos and audios are starting to be deleted from social media if they don't fit the TQ+WTF narrative.

Print it out and transfer what you find. And keep it safe! What YOU find may very well help during the recreating of the truth.

And please....a little less of the "Look what they're doing/saying now!" stuff. We shouldn't care what "they" do with their cult of inclusion. We don't belong.

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We aren't supposed to care what "they" are doing. We should be concerned about what "we" are, aren't, and should be doing.

In the time since I created this post and now, I learned that they're working on starting a s/LGB for specifically that, which I think will be good

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A new sub for LGB would be great!

I know there are allot of T stories that are worth hearing about: changing gay history; erasing of G, L, and B; acts of T assault; etc. The sub title ends with "droptheT" and might be best not to but so much power in their hands...which is what's happening with all the "Look...." postings.

I'm sure there are plenty of TRA and TQ+WTF people watch here. They are probably tickled pink knowing how much time those here spend talking about them. Being a core portion of the posts is a win for them.

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Internet archives are underestimated. And invaluable in dealing with the TQ historical revisionism.

Yeah, there's a whole lot of the 'T's acting bad' topics. A function of the sheer number of GC people here. Even being GC myself, I think it's way too much sometimes.

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Yeah, I was looking through the GC and this sub just now...It makes me a bit depressed hearing about TQ all the time. I sometimes wish it was more focused on a different direction.

Ex. For this sub, if we can focus on LGB topics/issues. Maybe talk about the topics brought up in this thread(Sex ed., community, domestic violence, history, representation, etc.)

And similar for GC, I was kinda looking for a women-centric thread talking about women issues(without bastardizing ALL men as these evil tyrants because wow lol) and without talking about trans all the time. Maybe something that we as women can do to be more educated on certain matters and make a change or just simply talk about cool female representation?

I get that people want to vent though, because I have and I'm guilty of it...but like mentioned prior, just getting a little bit depressed hearing/seeing it everywhere.

I know technically "if you want to see the change, be the change" but..I tend to lurk more or mostly comment not so much make much posts.

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Ex. For this sub, if we can focus on LGB topics/issues. Maybe talk about the topics brought up in this thread(Sex ed., community, domestic violence, history, representation, etc.)

And similar for GC, I was kinda looking for a women-centric thread talking about women issues(without bastardizing ALL men as these evil tyrants because wow lol) and without talking about trans all the time. Maybe something that we as women can do to be more educated on certain matters and make a change or just simply talk about cool female representation?

Not a bad idea.

Tbh, I'm mostly a lurker as well. Not a "power poster". And can't really be as I second guess my own comments way too much, so my visible activity stays low. But I'm gonna do my best in getting some balance in here. Maybe posting LGB topics which counterbalance all the 'TQ bad' content. I mean, I'm pretty GC, so this'll be going against the grain, but it does get a bit tired when there's little break from it. And I've been on the receiving end what happens when people get too fixated on TQ stuff. They start attacking even those on their side. Not a pretty sight, but eye-opening.

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Thanks. If you do posts some LGB threads, I'll be there to support it! I heard that they have a separate subsaidit called s/LGB. I'm currentky waiting for it to open up. I'd love to take a gander over there when I've had my TQ fill.

I was also thinking maybe this place might be able to help LGB people who are thinking of transitioning...because I have detransitioned, and have sympathy for (some) of them(depending on reasoning for transition). I grew up in conservative, religious, and sexist household and it was way of escape. Then I peaked when I left household pretty much. Realized I did not need to change myself in such ways. Never went through with surgery nor hormone. I have indepth comments about it elsewhere...I like some posts where they reach out to redditors too to let them know being LG or B is OK and they do not need to accept TQ theory.

But anyways, dealing with TQ is quite exhausting and it sucks that you had to deal with people who were to fixated with it. Similarly, I deal with TQ in my real life on the daily: my terrible, condenscending boss happens to be MtF, my co-worker friend buys into TQ theory, my previous jobs my coworkers bought into TQ and I felt indifferent.

I mostly post topics in GC tbh. Particularly looking for...advice. I agree with most of their views, but don't agree with some OR how they go about it. But that might just be the loud minority saying the awful things and not really GC itself. I'm still a bit new with GC and LGB. Never really followed communities/groups or considered myself part of anything. Found myself to mostly be an outsider observer, listening and learning.

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Getting Rid of Feminism Sex Education Self-Defense Teaching Progressivism without Regressivism/SJWism Mental Health Awareness Teaching Younger People About Healthy Relationships (Not this sexual commodity/Onlyfans bs) Secularism

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1) Reducing HIV & other STI rates. We need to go back to promoting condom use. Advertisements telling us to use PReP and bareback are harmful to our population. Additionally, studies on the efficacy of treatment as prevention (TAsP) in HIV+ men are showing that previous clinical studies in a controlled environment are not being replicated in the real world. Many HIV+ men wrongly believe they are undetectable, but that can change as treatment loses efficacy. Proper condom use is the only way to combat this.

2) We need to stop the post-modern "woe is me, question why you won't date me or be my friend" crap. People are allowed to have boundaries. People are allowed to have standards. Fix your shit. Brush & floss your teeth, bathe, stop smoking, lose the extra weight, and stop wearing fetish gear around.

3) We need to treat LGB spaces with care. We can't be lazy and let just about anything go. If you are in charge of a space for LGB teenagers and one is sexually harassing all the others to the point that turn-out is going down, you as the adult in charge of the space need to say something about the anti-social behaviour and, if it continues, ask the kid to leave for the sake of everyone else. If you are employed in a bar and you find people using drugs on your property, you need to kick them out and get your manager to ban them. This idea that LGB people need to accept everyone is why our spaces turn to such shit; by accepting everything, we alienate those that are hurt by it.

4) Support LGB owned and operated businesses. We need to go old school and identify who can provide us what good or service. None of this suing bakers and florists crap, especially if they provide you the name of a business that will provide the good or service to you of equal value. By helping our own thrive, they are better able to take care of themselves and our dating pools will be that much healthier.

5) Lesbian and gay men- we need to stop calling the bisexuals we hook up with "straight" when describing them to others. Too many stupid people can't read between the lines and it's contributing to the notion that we fetishize "converting straight people."

6) We need to get off our asses and make spaces for ourselves, even if it's just organizing a group on meetup. Stop looking to everyone else to do the legwork. If you want a group for only lesbians, make it. If you want a group for LGB people in their 20s, make it.