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I am vehemently against it. 100%. Non-binary people are either just a bunch of people who use some made up gender to compensate for their lack of personalities, or attention-seeking narcissists.

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I think most of them are attention seeking narcissists that have no personality other than that, so make up a gender to compensate

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How interesting can you be if you spend all day navel-gazing about your identity and feeling oppressed when people don't call you 'they'? xD

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They think being interesting and having a personality means having blue hair and dressing like the opposite sex.

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There is no such thing as "non-binary." I do not believe in gendered souls or gendered brains or anything like that. We are all just humans living in bodies. Our personalities are influenced by hormones, how we are raised, the society around us, and some studies show that some personality traits might be hereditary. "Non-binary" is just confused people trying to make sense out of why they aren't "Girly-girls" or "Manly-men" and arriving at the completely stupidest conclusion.

This is exacerbated by Trans people INSISTING that there is a way to "feel" female or male. And these people FEEL female/male so badly that they need to chop their body parts off and destroy their own lives. So of course, this makes confused people feel like "Holy shit, if this person feels THAT seriously about being male/female and I don't, the problem must be with me."

But DYSPHORIA is the mental illness. Lack of dysphoria is just called being normal.

"I don't feel male or female, that means I'm special." Is an internet disease that did not exist even 10-15 years ago. November 2013. Not even 7 years.

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This is such an obvious term and it was unheard of even on the very early days of LGBT movement. Even asexuality was mentioned in the 70s already but non-binary popped out literally out of fucking nowhere.

I am curious who started this.

Also it's a very good argument against the disaster of neutering languages which has been developing for centuries on its own natural pace and then suddenly it needs drastic change after 2013? If non-binarism is such a natural phenomenon then why haven't we heard of such people before? Why weren't there neopronouns way before it? It's a trend. A very sick trend because these kids take hormones and transition into ??? I don't know even what.

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But nOn BiNaRy PeOpLe HaVe AlWaYs ExIsTeD. They just went thousands of years never thinking to invent a word for it until 5 years ago..

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Certain cultures living far to the north managed to invent several words for different snow types they've observed.

A language is a collection of phenomenons people has observed in real life or experienced like emotions or states of mind.

Why no one was hurt by gendered language until now? If gendered language was so harmful it wouldn't be invented and it wasn't kept out of malice.

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I am curious who started this

Riki Anne Wilchins. The woman who just so happened to the the founder of the 1st national transgender advocacy group... Who also coined genderqueer and GNC. Like, if you Google it, it literally shows GNC and NB/genderqueer pop up in the same search results w/ her name.

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I brought up dysphoria on reddit and some guy said non binary they were trans because they transition, I said medically? and he said yes he had friends who did. I guess they are getting extreme in trying to be androgynous.

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Let's do the math.

Non-binary ---> Transitions ---> Into what? ---> Cannot be non-binary anymore because it transitioned into something else.

Unless Transition doesn't mean "the act of transitioning" anymore?

Can non-binary transition into a different kind of non-binary?

Non-binary is their gender ----> they get something called "gender affirming surgery" ---> So... Surgery to make them look non-binary?

These people really do create their own problems, but fuck the doctors that go along with this insanity, really.

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Non-binary just means the fetishize intersex.

They want to transition into their romanticized idea of intersex.

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well if you are female and you take hormones only, but keep your breasts and gens, I guess that is them transitioning to something not male but not female? Or get face surgery so you look androgynous? Like Pat from the snl sketches? I mean we know they are female but they want to pretend there is a halfway point and label it NB.

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I've heard a 'non-binary' refer to their pronouce change as 'transitioning'.

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If it didn't exist before the internet, it is probably not real. At least transsexuals made sense (until recently). You want to be treated like a member of the opposite sex? Okay, we all know how to do that. You want to be "non-binary"? Now the entire world has to bend around to accomodate that persons feeling at any given moment and they know it, it's narcissism.

This is the major difference between gender and sexuality issues. LGB people want to live our lives without interference, TQ+ requires everyone else to change their ways to please TQ+

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Or to put that another way, TQ+ is your abusive partner or parent. They showed up and want adherence to their dogma or else real-life repercussions like losing your livelihood ensue.

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I don't want TQ+. So gender ideology no please. Only LGB people. I don't care if someone is trigender, pangender, omnigender. I want a community for same sex attracted people and where the issues revolve around same sex attraction. I don't want to hear "are nb welcome here?" 24/7. If a "non binary" person is same sex attracted he/she/xi/stary/pokey can speak about same sex attraction and ONLY same sex attraction. No one cares if you're a akiosexual pangender non binary person.

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I don’t have time for that sexist, regressive bullshit.

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I'm not part of the "community" so it isnt really for me to say but I can help but feel that non binary people are mostly looking to be special. Queer Theory has done a good job of of making non-normavity sacrosanct, and that has resulted in people going out of their ways to show upward unique they are, ironically by adopting views and beliefs that everyone else who buys into the ideology also believe.

I think of there are some genuine non binary people who arent doing it for attention they are doing it because they have backwards ideas about what it is to be a man or woman and they feel they dont live up to those ideals. I think that is dumb and wrong. A feminine gay man is just as much of a man so the most masculine straight man out there, and the same for women.

I'd really just love it if everyone could be happy being who they are, I feel non binary people are lost and confused.

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It's bullshit as a principle, but I do feel some sympathy for the young'uns who call themselves nonbinary. Adults should know better, but teenagers get swept up in stuff so easily. I dabbled with the idea of nonbinary briefly when I was like 14. (For context, I'm 21 now, and I'm sure the situation is way worse for the kids who are 14 today.) If you're told that gender is something people feel, and you're a normal-ass person who doesn't feel gender, then you're nonbinary under that conceptualization.

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If you're told that gender is something people feel, and you're a normal-ass person who doesn't feel gender, then you're nonbinary under that conceptualization.

This precisely, I think this is the definition that most young people are falling under these days. I can't honestly believe that all of them are narcissists, though certainly some of them are

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Urgh, no. If they identify as non-binary they have dropped being male/female from their game and I don't want to pander to some genderfluid aroace nb snowflake every day on how they're feeling on that particular day. They can join TQ+ in sorting themselves out.

LG = he/him male/male, she/her female/female combos only. B = can be either pairings or he/him male/she/her female, it's not a choice the sex of the person they eventually fall in love with.

Things were so fucking straightforward!

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i think this whole mess started with claiming that experiencing gender identity is universal for everyone but in reality it's only trans people, who have such feelings, which are quite delusional.

But when you sell this idea as universal then it's so easy to confuse people, who has never suffered from gender dysphoria but never felt they are specifically their gender they were born as. Since they are so confused about the gender identity which only trans people actually feel then they conclude they must be non-binary.

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Agreed. I actually spent some time wondering what was wrong with me because I didn’t feel any gender identity. Turns out the whole concept is people convincing people who don’t experience mental illness that they’re the one who’s wrong.

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A sexist and many times homophobic group that thinks they're quirky for wearing pants/skirts? No

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Weird question as we support the lgb community here. They are part of the gender stuff.

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Yeah, but it made me realize I know at least a couple of nb people who are happy to jump under the LGB umbrella when it suits them. Which presents us with the question: Now what?

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because they are lgb? or because they are nb? Because I don't see how you define sexuality with someone who doesn't have a sex.

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Suits them for the same reasons it suits the T, not because it makes sense. ;-)

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I have to ignore the claims of non-binariness to imagine including such a person under LGB. For the most part which sex they are is obvious, and if you look at that only, you can make a determination of whether they would be L, G, or B, but since they insist on telling everyone they are not their actual sex, I don't think a special effort is needed to include them. They can have their own islands of whatever and boink each other; nobody is stopping them. The very concept is an insult—that frankly seems deliberate—to everyone else, but if they want to make up a hill and go die on it, I'm happy to let 'em. They can hang with us when they stop insulting everyone's intelligence. LGB is about sex, not genderfeels, anyway.

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Considering non-binary isn't actually a real thing, I'd be in the 'no' category.
They can be lumped in with the other attention-starved weirdos in the TQ+ community, and can leave the LGB folk alone.

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I give it a thumbs-down. And not just because "non-binary", like kindred flavors of identity woo-woo, doesn't exist.

The other reason is that it's based on gender. LGB is based on (biological) sex. So the two identities have nothing in common. Ergo, it makes no more sense for "non-binary" people to be part of LGB than, say, butch straight women. It's Same-Sex-Attracted, not Same-GENDER-Attracted, after all.

As for the "non-binary lesbians" et al.: if you're not a woman, YOU CAN'T BE LESBIAN. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. It's one or the other. So (ostensibly) opting out of biological sex precludes your being SSA. Meaning: take your genderspecial ass elsewhere.

(Same goes for all the other genderists misfiled under "LGB", too.)

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On one hand I want to be the "live and let live" guy, but on the other hand, the whole point of people inventing neopronouns and other bullshit is for other people to use as they're forced to go along with it.

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I still just don't get it. They vehemently insist being non binary isn't about stereotypes but then turn around and say they're non binary because they're a guy but they've never "felt masculine like a guy" or something similar.