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God, I don't understand how more women don't find it offensive that men just wear dresses and cheap wigs and think themselves as women.

Shitty that you have an asshat bugging you like that. It's tough to handle, because you don't know at what point a man will suddenly turn violent and dangerous. :/

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And OP describing them as "sissy clothes" is giving me a good idea of what the dresses are like, too... I assume we've all seen the ridiculous anime schoolgirl getups some transwomen dress up in

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That, or if online... Anime girl profile pictures.

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Aka shit no real woman, or GNC guy, would actually ever wear. They think they "pass" wearing that stupid shit, but in reality, their costumes are so ridiculous it makes them stand out way more than if they were just a normal guy.

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Yup, cheap Amazon lingerie and a shoddy wig. I don't want to be rude, but it really does irritate me that he thinks it's hot or at the very least womanly.

It's like he's wearing a halloween costume of what a woman is.

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It's like he's wearing a halloween costume of what a woman is.

They all are.

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lmao I knew it. I'm amazed more women aren't offended by this shit, though I bet most "allies" are just suppressing that twanzmisogynist thought

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Cross dressers? Couldn't care. Men in dresses? Yeah, that shit is annoying since apparently to them that's what they think qualifies to be a woman.

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Exactly! Cross dressing isn't a kink of mine, but I could easily incorporate it, and have a good time. I just don't like him pretending that him and I are the same, and that I could possibly take things further with him.

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Precisely :( He knows the area I live in but luckily I will be moving soon.

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Sorry to read this. It’s okay to say no to these people. You don’t have to give any reason, just say no.

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Thank you! I want to have a chat with him, but honestly I run the risk of being labelled as a transphobe and being ostracised by the community.

Crazy how a lesbian not wanting to be near dicks can result in that nowadays.

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He needs to STOP! Don't let him take advantage of your kindness. For people like this, until you give a firm but savage "NO!" they will keep pretending your "no's" are "maybe"s and keep pestering you. Of course, after he finally hears your "NO!" he will be mortally butthurt and go whine about it everywhere and hate you forever, but for your own personal safety, you need to stay away from this dude. It's obvious he feels entitled to you and your time and labor.

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I try to! Admittedly, I am not that great with it. But he knows that I am not looking to date/get intimate with anyone at the moment (even without the virus). He just pretends he understands whilst pestering me to go on shopping dates and have dinner with him as "friends".

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make it clear you aren't interested in his friendship, because his stalker behavior makes you uncomfortable.

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I just want him to leave me alone

So tell him to jog on and block him on all mediums? Not that difficult

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It's my local community. When there isn't a virus, there are munches, events, etc.

I am moving soon anyway. But I have a real fear of being labelled as a transphobe too. I don't want to ruin this for myself.

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But I have a real fear of being labelled as a transphobe too.

This is probably what the creep is aiming for. "Have sex with me, or you're a transphobe!" Disgusting bullying. Be firm in ignoring his insistence.