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Always begging for money. I wouldn't be surprised if genderclowns start telling lgb people to pay them money because they gave us our rights & blah Stonewall blah blah.

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Bro they're already doing this lol. "If you are cis, straight, white, or male, you are MORALLY OBLIGATED to donate to a black queer transwoman's e-begging campaign to fund a LITERALLY LIFE SAVING pair of F cup fake tits you disgusting fucking oppressor"

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OMG this was so funny 🤣 thanks for the laugh 😂

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Always happy to make people laugh :)

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This is literally how it be

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Nah, they aren't doing it in the way I wrote about. At least not yet.

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I can see it now. If things keep going the way they are, LGB people would be expected to pay a tithe to transgender organisations or else we will be banned from marrying members of the same sex.

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I saw this years ago when I was still deep into the left. There would be Twitter chains from black dysphoric males saying that all white and/or "cis" people should donate to them if they were real allies and some white guilt fueled idiot TRA would say that "black trans women founded our community!" and urge people to donate.

These types of posts were genuinely not uncommon, oftentimes "cis" allies or dysphoric females encouraging non-white dysphoric males to e-beg or promote their weird business/porn and guilting other wokeys into sharing it.

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Buy my onlyfans UwU. For only 30$ a month, you can see an aging man in a party city wig jerk off his semi-flaccid peen while staring awkwardly into the camera and trying to mimic hentai moans! Please buy a subscription, I need another literally life saving supply of anime figurines and I will literally kill myself if I don't get them and it will be your fault.

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As if that's not common on twitter/tumblr already

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They're doing this already.

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They will do it anywhere, with no shame, because hormones and cosmetic surgeries are literally life saving (even when they don't have any dysphoria)

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I remember something like this on reddits gender critical. a trans woman had begged for donations for surgery, received it and then like a year later was asking for money to fund the SAME surgery they had asked for donations a year ago. some people caught on and called him out for getting all this money and not having surgery and then asking for more money. i believe he tried to excuse it by claiming he used the first donations for "gender affirming clothes".

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there are people who will outright crowdfund "gender affirming clothes" too though lmaooo

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Trans and e-begging, name a more iconic duo

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That "First Brick" is paying huge dividends.

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They already have drug companies lobbying the government and insurance to cover this.

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And its worked. Even female feminization surgery is covered on a lot of plans now.

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I find it funny how much the LGBTQ+ crowd demonizes the gay community. According to them we are the most sexist, racist, transphobic and fatphobic group ever.

But when it's time to get support they always come for us. See how TQ+ performers always have a large gay audience. And frankly I think this audience comes more out of peer pressure, I know that I've been told I should follow this or that TQ+ performer to support LGBTQ+ artists.

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Yeah it's the new woke grifting.

That bookshop that stupidly threw itself into the JK Rowling shitstorm will be broke in 2 months, TRA have no money the best you'll get is a twitter shoutout.

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There will be some short term gain over long term pain once people see past all the initial faux outrage.

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A guy I went to school with has almost 4k in donations to help fund his transition. Wild.

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These are the same type of people who want taxpayers to pay for it through the government.

Seriously, pay for your own(what I mostly consider) cosmetic treatments/procedures. You're basically causing health problems for yourself down the line in a myriad of ways. Some people would give anything to have been born physically healthy and able. I imagine they would be aghast at what people are subjecting themselves to on purpose for nothing but their body image.

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In the (apparently) immortal words of Professor Farnsworth, "Stop hogging that healthy liver!"