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I'm just going to say it and if people think I'm a "traitor" to bisexuals, I don't care. (And of course, not all bi's, and especially, none of the bi's here. This is just aimed at the ones who keep embarrassing us NONSTOP and making the L's and G's miserable. And this is mostly aimed at female bisexuals, because I really don't know what the male bisexuals are up to. Hopefully they're just laying low and waiting for all of this to blow over.)

Anyway, here goes:

Don't ever just believe someone who tells you they're bisexual. 9 times out of 10, they are probably either straight women who want to feel a little spicy, or they're teenagers who've never seen a dick or a vagina IRL, and the only relationship they had was online with someone who they thought was a fellow teen but was probably some 30 year old woman with a yaoi addiction pretending to be a kawaii boy through the internet. (Yeah, I'm not even saying it was a man, I'm straight up saying creepy pedophile WOMEN are doing this to teens now.)

So many "Bisexuals" are straight women with husbands who have never done anything with another woman EVER. Just look at Becky Albertalli, the author of Simon and the Homosapien Agenda (the Love, Simon movie) who just recently came out. She apparently had no idea whatsoever that she was bi, and she's in her 30's. I re-read one of her books when she came out, and there are so many scenes in there where the bisexual female main character is "squueee-ing" about how "cute" her gay male best friend Simon and his boyfriend are. She calls him "sweet baby gay." I mean... Gay bro's in this sub, do you want any woman calling you a "sweet baby gay" please tell me? It's so condescending and dehumanizing and fetishizing. This character has pictures of yaoi on her wall and talks about how she needs to go to her room and be alone so she can read Harry + Draco fanfic.

When you were a teenage boy, is this what your ideal female best friend would have been like? One that basically diddles herself to sleep thinking about you and your AdOrAbLe boyfriend together. (Thankfully, this part is just me being melodramatic, she didn't actually do this in the book.)

A lot of these straight yaoi fans are pretending to be bisexual in order to justify their creepy fetish.

I know it's not fair to judge a bi person by whether they've actually been with both a male and a female partner (or any partner.) We wouldn't wait for an L too hook up with a woman, or a G to hook up with a man, or an S to hook up with opposite sex before we believe them about their label. But time and time again, I've seen with my own eyes how the true bi's and the fake bi's sort themselves out. The fake bi's will always be talking about how BI they are, while only lusting after men, while the real bi's will be lusting after both. You can't just take people at their word anymore, you have to watch their behavior too. A lot of times, "I am bi" just means "I'm boring and have gay man fetish." The easiest way to suss these women out is to get them to start talking about male + male fandoms, then you'll see their true colors fly out, and it wont be pink/purple/blue, believe me.

If a woman is calling herself a lesbian, but running around sucking dick, regular dick, girl dick, whatever, the other lesbians need to confront her aggressively and kick her out. Either she's bisexual, or she's straight. She's not a lesbian. Anyone who enjoys dick will NEVER be a lesbian.

ANyway, this is gearing up to be the rant from hell, so I'll stop this right here. Again, all bi people from this sub are exempt from this rant. You know the kind of bi's I'm talking about. The liars who go "Oh, I'd totally date/have sex with a trans!" meanwhile, they've never met a trans person in their lives. People need to fucking STOP saying they'd have sex with theoretical people they've never met and calling that a sexuality. This is the entire basis of 2016+ definition pansexuality "I am attracted to all the genders." You are not attracted to ALL the genders, Susan, there are almost 8+ billion "genders" in the world, the way you define gender, and you are NOT attracted to ALL of them, fuck off.

Okay, I'm stopping for real now.

TL/DR - Don't trust anyone's self-appointed label, LGB, or S, because people are fucking liars, especially online. Observe them and come to your own conclusion.

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You did miss the lesbian fetish bisexual women.

They're the ones with a husband (who often resembles a troll) who have somehow realised they're bisexual at 34 and plant themselves and their husband on lesbian Tinder looking for a girlfriend 🙄

Or the ones that basically want to use lesbians for sex, they even have a shiny new label for it "Heteroromantic".

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Haha yeah, this is true.

(I'm going to fully admit that I will blame straight women for this shit as much as I can, and despite what I want the truth to be, the actual truth is that some of these creeps really are bisexual.)

This actually happened to me IRL when I was 19. Bisexual girl with a skinny troll of a boyfriend. She was convinced I was a lesbian despite me telling her multiple times that I'm bi. It's like she NEEDED me to be the lesbian in her 3some fantasy. Like... Why would a lesbian want a 3some with your boyfriend? That makes no sense at all??? SHE wanted the threesome, he was actually kind of terrified and just going along with it partially because she was bullying him into it and questioning his manhood, and partially because especially at that time, durr-hurr threesomes were one of the coolest things a straight guy could do, so I'm sure he felt pressured to do it because of that as well. I was just like.... "Gurl, NO! As far as he's concerned I AM a lesbian!"

Eventually they did find a different girl, but apparently he couldn't get it up, and then he went into the bathroom, vomited, and wouldn't come out until the other girl went away.

I still don't understand what exactly she wanted. Did she want to be in the middle of a boy-girl sandwich? Did she want to see "a lesbian" get fucked by her boyfriend? People don't understand how AWKWARD and WEIRD threesomes are IRL.

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Omg lol. Usually they want to fuck girls with boyfee or husband nearby cause it's totally not cheating!

Or its to please their dirtbag husband boyfee.

I dunno if gay men have an equivalent but there's a lot of bisexual women who are dissatisfied in their hetero relationship but don't wish to leave the comfort of it so tada!!! 3some.

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I have never heard from another person who feels exactly as I do on this topic. When women tell me they are bi, I straight up don't believe them unless they have actually had a relationship with a woman. I know that maybe that's "invalidating," but people who really ARE something don't have to feel validated. If someone tried to take my gay cred away, it wouldn't change all the dicks I've sucked.

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This is fair though.

Once upon a time there was a term called bi curious for these women but I don't think the term gets used now.

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Thank you for your answer. I've became very wary of bi people since I was told by at least 3 bi people that my aversion to dick was "strange" and it was not "normal" and that I should "reflect on it". I feel SO uncomfortable, it makes me cringe everytime I think about it. And these people are the ones who are "representing" our community and creating """""safe"""" places for LGBTQESAFFSGSG people. But it's definitely true that I should look for the behavior first, no doubt. I just feel scared to open up to bi people in general, because I guess I don't know whether or not they'll support me or tell me "my aversion to dick is weird". :( Oh well. I do know there are several decent bi people out there, I just can't know for sure if I'm "safe" with them or not.

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Did you say to them to reflect about their homophobia?

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I did not, because it was on a public forum and it was basically me against maybe 5/6 people? I had one gay man and a straight man which defended me though. But it was an academic forum, it had nothing to do with sexuality. But these annoying ~queer~ people make it all everythign about themselves. I just tried to be the most polite as possible. In the end, I put up a good fight but clearly I was only one and they were a lot and these queer people do NOT care about homosexuals one bit. They just care about being so cool and edgy and different hihi.

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How did you end up talking about dicks in academic forum, by the way? LMAO

Queers bisexual girls. More cancer than religious bigots.

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Because like I said, queer people talk about gay 24/7 even in forums that have NOTHING to do with sexuality. They're so annoying. And two of the bisexual people were actually men.

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Queer bisexual guys and girls. More cancer than religious bigot. Fixed it.

It usually the girls writing shit like that. That's why I thought about it.

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Yes, definitely you see more ~queer~ bisexual girls or ~queer~ fake bisexual girls, aka straight women who want to be ~different~

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The worst are the bisexuals calling themselves lesbians and bragging about liking girl dick.

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my aversion to dick was "strange" and it was not "normal"

What in the actual fuck?

The only thing strange/abnormal here is these people pretending to believe you that you are a lesbian, and then immediately trying to convince you that you are not. These people are liars and scam artists. They should have the courage to say "shut up, you're bi!" rather than try to play mind-games with you and try to get you to question yourself. These people are trash.

How old are they? Are they people you've met IRL in your country or are they internet people? This is just so unacceptable. You CANNOT tell someone their lack of attraction to something is "strange." You should be like "What's strange is, you don't seem to know what the definition of a lesbian is!"

IDK why I have so much aggressive/angry energy today, I want to yell at people on your behalf, LOL I feel like I'm "peaking" all over again, but this time not with trans, but with trans-enablers. These people need to suck on a whole bag of girl-dicks before they can lecture you about anything!

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Trans enablers are even worst. Like the dumb girl who wrote the lesbian sex guide talkibg about penis in vag. I'm sick of it.

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And most of these people have NEVER met a trans person IRL, let alone ever dated one, and they NEVER would. They just sit at home safe and smug and type this stuff on the internet because it makes them feel good about themselves.

I used to be on a sub called /r/vanderpumprules (a reality TV show) and for a few seasons there was a trans woman on it called Billie and the female castmates were having problems with him, and these virtue signally women in that sub had a field-day beating their chests about how woke they are and how supportive they are and of course TWAW and screeching about TERFs. It was actually one of the incidents that helped me to peak.

This is a sub that was mostly women and gay dudes geeking out over a shitty reality show, but the moment these women had the opportunity to be superheroes and defend a trans woman, they all got so excited. Meanwhile, in most of the incidents on the show, it was Billie who was causing the problems, not the female castmates. (In some incidents, he really was being bullied/antagonized/excluded, I agree, fair is fair.) But the people on this sub felt so UNCOMFORTABLE ever calling him out on his shitty behavior. They kept bending over backwards defending him and attacking anyone who tried to call out his bad behavior and downvoting everyone who had the wrong opinion.

It's so easy to pretend to be on the side of a trans person and go "Oh yeah, I'd totally date one!" when you've never met one IRL.

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It was online on a forum for ACADEMIC purposes. But queer people MUST talk about gay gay gay 24/7 EVERYWHERE and they were talking shit about JK Rowling. At least 3 of them were bisexual people. I'm only there EXCLUSIVELY for academic purposes. But I only spoke that day and never again because I felt REALLY uncomfortable and bad. Even today I was so angry because one of the group asked people to tell their sexuality and they didn't even INCLUDED HOMOSEXUALITY OR HETEROSEXUALITY. The extremes were either 10 homosexual 90 heterosexual OR 10 heterosexual 90 homosexual. I was SO pissed off. I don't even go there as much because of them 😖 I hate this people, they make me feel really uncomfortable and they're REPRESENTING the community I'm in, that's what I hate the most. I have NOTHING to do with these stupid people!

EDIT: I just realised I didn't answer your question lol. But they were young: 2 of them 18-20 years old and the other probably 22 I think

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I am so sorry you have to deal with this shit. I feel so bad for the younger LGB!

I bet they don't tell the straight girls it's "Strange" they aren't attracted to vaginas, right??

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I have no idea. Thing is straight people are not in this community you know? They can much easily get away from this shit than me. If I want to find LGB people, I have to deal with this shit. Straight people meet straight people everywhere and they don't even need their own places because they're so many lol... Anyway, thanks for the support <3 I truly appreciate it.

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I aint sweet.

I aint a baby.

Do not ever call me these infantile things. I am an adult.

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Bissxual people (not the decent ones on here that have accepted that they're actually bi) are responsible for a large chunk of the cotton/boxer ceiling bullshit.

No lesbian or gay male is into the opposite sex no matter how they're dressed up.

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Yeah, it annoys the shit out of me too that homosexual and bisexual people are inseparably tied to a political movement/social trend just for our orientation that we have no control over. People we don't even know are going to judge us based on the actions of a bunch of blue haired genderspecials who claim to be just like us, when we actually often have opposing goals. In my experience, bi people that call themselves bi are pretty chill and actually usually less into queer theory than the most of the other letters of the alphabet soup. The only ones that bother me are the ones that call themselves lesbian or gay and then talk about how much they love girldick or manpussy lmao. That and the "pansexuals," A label only created to virtue signal.

Edit: oops, I almost forgot about the bi chicks who talk about how they're attracted to guys but still totally lesbians because "comphet." They can go shove it, too.

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In my experience, bi people that call themselves bi are pretty chill and actually usually less into queer theory than the most of the other letters of the alphabet soup.

This is how I feel too. Like, "Bisexual" is the uncool label now, all the cool kids are queer or pansexual or some other fancy word. I thought only the older stubborn ones like me still use "bisexual." Last I heard, it was offensive/problematic and transphobic because genderbinary blah blah. Maybe I've been hiding in droptheT too much, and missing out on what's going on outside of this safe bubble lately. But I'm too scared to go back to /r/bisexual alone, OMG.

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Sorry, you bis aren't woke enough anymore. Please start calling yourselves omnisexual so you don't literally murder people of the other 63724193626728 genders.

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Thank you for your answer. You were able to describe perfectly what I'm feeling and what the point of my post was in a much more concise and clear way than me. I just wished there were places for ~non queer~ LGB people...

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Well you are here right now, in an LGB community. So clearly you see some value in seeking out other people like yourself. They can't force us all into the mainstream if we keep sticking up for ourselves and eachother.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, definitely, I do feel value in being with other LGB people. It's just sad that now I have to filter the LGB people who just want to leave their lives from the attention seekers. The problem is that the attention seekers are just so loud and want to make it all about themselves and take over places, ESPECIALLY TQ+, that it's making us much harder to find and connect with each other.

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Girl, I feel the same. The aversion as strong as my aversion toward dick, which says a lot :D

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haha same 😂😂😂 that was funny!

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I know where you're coming from. Things have changed so much since I came out, but gays and lesbians have been through so much worse and always found a way.

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But society will always have a problem with us or not understanding us, because in tend homosexuality totally goes against heterosexist society.

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Of course. There is no escaping the fact that we are a tiny and misunderstood minority and always will be, so we need to stick together.

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Maybe one day science will find the cure for heterosexuality :D

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They're already trying to make themselves "queer" and look how that's turning out 😱😂

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But heterosexuals really have no excuse (as I see it) for not understanding homosexuals-- after all, they know from personal experience what it's like to be attracted exclusively to one sex!

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Thanks, I really appreciate your words of support.

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Thanks for this hahaha I think a lot of people on this community are getting pretty jaded but I'm glad we're all still kicking

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However, even though in my country things aren't this bad, I can definitely see the ~queer mindset~ among several lgb(tq) people here. A considerable amount. On the other hand, there are still lots of people, including LGB people, who are TOTALLY unaware of what's happening.

This really describes the current scene, for my country too.

I'm more optimistic than you, though. I'll always be pro-LGB. Even though some of them are buying into homophobic narratives right now, I have empathy for them, because they went through similar struggles. LGB people suffered a lot in homophobic societies, so when somebody says "you have to support this homophobic mindset or we'll kick you out of the only space that embraced you", it might be hard for them to take a stand.

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Thank you for your answer! Yes, I understand where youre coming from. However, having no lesbian spaces left, it makes me really bitter. I just want them to fuck off lol.

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Yeah, I totally agree. I'm a very introspective guy, and years ago I could go to some gay spaces to talk with my peers and find support. Nowadays apart from the TQ+ issues there is too much negativity. It's almost like some guys think that they can only get attention when they mock and demean other gay men, and this isn't the type of space I want to be in.

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As someone reminded about this masterpiece, here you go:

Current "LGBTQIA+" person versus just normal LGB people.

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Omg, thank you so much! I loved it lol, I can totally relate to the poor regular guy 🤣 I'm going to save it!

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I say this because it's practically always a bisexual person buying into this ~gender ideology non sense~. At least when it's a gay man or a lesbian, I KNOW they will understand me, I KNOW they won't want opposite sex organs, I don't feel so scared.

There's definitely truth to the idea that this ideology does not inherently transgress bisexuality the way it does homosexuality, and so more bisexuals are likely to be on board with it. But I do think it's kind of the "No true Scotsman" fallacy to say that no one who buys into this could ever be homosexual. I think some of them are, and are just really shamed and repressed. Remember that gay people have been known to enter straight marriages, under social pressure. There are also some genuinely gay people who would date trans people too, under enough social pressure.

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I do know all of that.