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Because we aren't attracted to bodies, we're attracted to pronouns! The idea of certain bodies being male or female is entirely a social construct perpetrated by pseudosciences like "biology." A lesbian wouldn't be attracted to a guy, but she has a moral duty to be attracted to a non-op non-hrt butch transwoman with a beard because of her gender identity. Hope this helps UwU

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Don't forget the nonbinary friends that use male and/or female pronouns despite having a "gender identity" that supposedly means you aren't a man or a woman!!! if you don't force yourself to date them too then you're a nonbinaphobic idiot >:((((((

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This. This encapsulates the narcissism perfectly.

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Also this biology pseudoscience was created by white straight guys that perpetuates white supremacy and is evil.

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They are saying that "girl penis" and "man vagina" are different to "cis" ones. Which is ridiculous.

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you're a lesbian? well i have a girl cock! it has erectile dysfunction. are you attracted to me now

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The mouthfeeeeeeeel!!!1 UwU UwU

limp, useless estrogen dick = girlie girlie girl

normal dick = icky ew ew man

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"Girldick" = a man's penis that is now soft and limp from the horse piss pills. Basically a grandpa dick.

"Man vagina" = a woman's vagina with a clitoris that is somewhat enlarged from T. Tinier than even the tiniest micropenis.

Basically both are objectively worse versions of their natal genitals, neither comes anywhere close to being the opposite sex genitals.

Congratulations, you already had no chance with people who are not attracted to members of your biological sex, now you've also ruled out nearly all humans that are otherwise attracted to members of your biological sex.

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This is why they are trying to redefine Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, to be about attraction to gender rather than sex. SO they can use the loophole to be like "Sorry, I can't be attracted to the man with a penis because he has a male gender and I'm only attracted to women with penises because they have female gender."

Which is hilarious, because what will they do if some big huge ugly man comes up to them like "I identify as a woman and you are being twansphobic uwu. Just because I don't feel the need to perform femininity uwu, I still identify as a female uwu, and you are hurting my feminine feelings uwu, and suck this girldick right now please uwu, or you are a horrible person who needs to be cancelled uwu."

It's complete bullshit of course. I don't understand how so many people are just being hypnotized by these word games.

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You can't argue rationally with emotion or narcissism. The vast majority of the population has zero interest in trans people and they can't stand that, and bisexuals who do aren't validating enough because they're attracted to both sexes. They need a lesbian because lesbians can only be attracted to females, so this validates their autogynephilic fantasies to the max. All these arguments were made secondary to them having uncontrollable boners for the idea of a lesbian fucking them.

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No, the real question is why don't transbians date straight women, etc. for trans men - i.e. individuals of the gender they are interested in who are reciprocally sexually-oriented to the body that they have.

The real answer is that it is solely a LARP for validation to them. An ego-stroke.

My ... gender

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"Easy, those vaginas are female, not male; and those penises are male, not female. You are the real homophobe by asking innocent trans-gay-women who just want to live happy healthy lives, to sleep with males, like it's the 50's."

How did I do?

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This is a great debate point. Yeah, if I wasn't a lesbian, I would date a cis man.