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Basically new meaning of "queer" is "all LGBT+", so it makes no sense, as LGBT+ already includes everyone. And this word is used a lot for lesbian and gay erasure. For example, in many news it is used "queer people" when saying "lesbian women", so it is not clear at all about what it is. I am not sure why this word even exist and why or who is adding letters to this soup at all.

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Queer has always meant all of LGBT+, even in slur form. Basically not cis straight.. Thus as you point out it is redundant in the alphabet, because the Q actually means Questioning

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Queer has not always referred to all LGBT+. As a slur it only referred to homosexuals, primarily homosexual men.

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LG are homo, Bi are sometimes homo so may as well just be LG in their eyes, an T+ are perceived as homo (dudes in dresses, etc).
So what are you arguing?

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This is going to sound like I'm making fun, but I'm not, I truly believe this:

Queer is whatever I want it to mean, whenever I want to mean it, and it means one thing when it's convenient for me, and something else when it's convenient for me, and sometimes when it's convenient for me, it suddenly stops meaning the first thing or the second thing. Queer is vague so that no one can point at it and tell me I don't belong. Queer is designed so that anyone who tries to tell me I don't belong ends up looking like the gatekeeping asshole while I paint myself out to be the victim. I do not owe anyone knowledge about my sexuality or what's between my legs or any information about me, but they owe it to me to blindly accept me because I am Queer. Queer is the most persecuted victimized interesting exciting identity on earth, and it's my identity, and that makes me special. Queer used to be a slur, and this makes me a victim, even though this word was never used against anyone like me. I have reclaimed it, and anyone objecting to my reclamation is a bad person. In conclusion: MEMEMMEMEMMEMEMMEOMFGITSALLABOUTMEIAMSPECIALLOOKATMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Also, yeah, teenage girls are already reclaiming faggot. Sorry.

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This is it. It's just a way for straight people to shoehorn their way into the community without having to actually commit and say they're gay/bi etc. And its meaning is so vague that nobody can really argue against it. At any point, anyone can suddenly decide they're 'queer' and complain about how oppressed and victimised it makes them.

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queer is such a disgusting word that really should have no place in this day and age. And of course it's usually the same people with the homophobic "genital preference" shit that use it to describe themselves. Either that or uninformed somewhat sheltered people. As for "faggot" people have already taken it upon themselves to "reclaim" it :(

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I used to think the Q stood for Questioning; somehow or other Queer became the word instead. Not offended by it myself but I can see how it would be an issue. This flips flops all the time imho, there was a time when gay, faggot, dyke, and homo were slurs as well, but now half the time I see them being used self mockingly ie "yeah i'm a big ole faggot and proud of it", "big dyke vibes", and all that shit.

The entire community is just exhausting to be around.

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It did used to stand for Questioning once, like how A used to be for Ally. Both ways that closeted people could participate in the community without having to out themselves, now taken over by hetties who want to feel speshul

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I think they're straight people LARPing as gay people. Same for those 'demisexuals' and whatever else I can't be arsed to think of.

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In my experience people who self identify as "queer" tend to be special snowflake bisexuals who think they're better than the rest of us.

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I find it rich that I can't yell "foul" when someone uses the word "queer" but misgendering is in some places against the law. If it is all about their feelings, then what about my feelings? Because it isn't about their feelings. I find it hard to believe that anyone actually suffers any psychological harm from being called the wrong pronouns. The rhetoric is sophistry with a hidden agenda. That's why it doesn't make sense to anyone who actually parses what is being said. It appeals to unthinking, feeling types who think they are protecting the vulnerable, when they are actually being marshaled to destroy gay liberation.

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Just remember, trans people are the most victimised and marginalised group on the planet. And they literally GAVE YOU your rights. So you owe it to them to make sure they never feel uncomfortable for any reason. But if someone insults you then you just need to suck it up.