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I actually had to go to therapy sessions with our church’s preacher when my parents found out I was a lesbian. I can confirm that TRA rhetoric is the same thing. They’ve just changed everything from being about hurting Jesus’ feelings to hurting trans people’s feelings.

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Just wait, they'll transwash Jesus, too.

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I don't remember any depictions of Jesus with short hair and pants.

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Let's not give them ideas, lol

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Seen it already. - "Jesus: The First Transgender Man"

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First off, the "cloning" of Eve from Adam would have involved the replacement of that Y chromosome with another X, otherwise Eve would've had a penis, not to mention the fact that if their DNA were otherwise identical, even with the last chromosome being the opposite, they likely would not have been able to have fertile offspring. Inbreeding is already bad, and there has never been a case of a man and woman having near identical DNA like Adam and Eve would've.

And on Jesus, "born of her flesh" means that he was carried in her womb, I'm completely sure there are dozens of examples in the bible of people "being born of their mother's flesh" without motherfucking cloning

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I mean, he DOES have long hair and often wears a dress.

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I hear that Jesus had a beautiful masculine vagina

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Well of course, he had long hair and wore a dress so for sure he was trans. /s

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Yeah, it is plain old conservative homophobia, just under the different cover. Even rhetorics are word to word the same, I've already was writting this in debates with libfems and QT in /s/GCdebatesQT - that they are answering to me with exactly same phrases word to word as conservative homophobes who were beating the shit out of me and firing from job for me being lesbian and not wanting the dick.

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When it comes down to it they're both homophobia. I can't beleive so many people aren't making the connection.

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The rhetoric used from the gender side of the debate is so very similar to that used by the Christian Right. That we are disordered fetishists who can learn the right kind of sexuality.

I do agree with you. The saddest thing is that like that camp the people who are promoting and causing these harms I suspect many in the gender debate are a combination of misguidedly trying to do good as well as people who are actually the most victimised by it.

It’s all really damaging, the worst part is it’s from within our “church” rather than from being done to us by an external force. It’s the biggest reason I think the LGB and the T need to go our separate ways. So we can return to the message that it’s ok to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, and that we don’t need to and can’t change.

Also it’s a great film. I’ve yet to see boy erased.

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A good friend of mine was sent to the state mental institution when she was in her teens, for being same sex attracted. This would have been in the late 70's maybe? She's still a lesbian.

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Wow I rewatched that movie yesterday haha. small world

Anyway yeah. It's a good movie. I think a lot of people don't have any idea what conversion therapy is like or how it works, it was definitely eye-opening to me (and made me feel pretty sick to my stomach lol.) The book is good as well since it's more in depth. It's the business of making young gay people hate themselves dressed up as a Bible camp and it's taken a completely different face than the horror shows I think most people would imagine

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Thanks for sharing! I will give it a look. I have been trying to read more about how conversion therapy works, and this sounds like a useful resource.