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As soon as I see "he/him," "she/her," or "they/them" in someone's bio I take flight.

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It'll be mandatory in corporate culture within a few years.

These managers and bosses couldn't care less if you rolled over and died but make sure to be inclusive with your preferred pronouns in your emails. Corporate culture is such a joke.

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Fair warning, the tweet reply comic is a depiction of rape by a transwoman.

(I know people here might be against trigger warnings, but I have PTSD and I've seen at least a couple other people commenting here who do too, so I thought I'd give a heads up.)

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That’s a lot of words to say “confused.”

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I did a random deep-dive into those Twitter profiles, and I came across this gem of a comment in regards to some tumblrina pushing 'sex is a spectrum' baloney:

"Every gay person I know hates that spectrum shit you queers are trying to pull."

That is the most fucking SAVAGE kill-switch I have ever witnessed. I can almost hear their voice, the cadence of the language, the audible disgust...and you know the person posting that is gay. Like really, actually gay. It gives me hope.

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$10 says he's not actually intersex but is just a trans LARPing as one because he thinks it means "hermaphrodite"

Because in my experience real intersex people don't go around slapping it on their bios (because a lot of people are nasty about it), identifying as nonbinary (Because being put into an "other" category by force sucks) and comparing it to the irrelevant concept of hermaphroditism

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As far as I have noticed - most of them who are stating "hermaphrodite" or "intersex" are fans of hentai "futanari", and for some reason, they are believing this is something real and that can happen in real life (as "human impregnating itself with having both sex organs working and producing both types of gametes" - which is impossible).

So most likely it is one of those.

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Fifteen years ago this type of person would be obsessing about Harry Potter houses and bitching about fanfics instead of making a hobby out of oppression and mental illness. I had to check their profile and now I have secondhand embrassment from trying to imagine myself acting like this at 23 y/o.