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They don't understand IRL sexuality or dating because most of them are touch-starved teenage virgins.

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I think it’s half clueless people and half people who understand perfectly what they’re saying, but don’t care.

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Half 13 year old girls and half 45 year old men in other words.

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Yes, actually.

Although, I’m just now reflecting on how I’ve never seen a transwoman who was just a clueless teenage boy. Somehow they always are older men who know they’re manipulative.

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transwoman who was just a clueless teenage boy

Some of them are. There's lily whatever in UK politics, for a high profile example. I've definitely met (female attracted) male trans people in their 20s. I think the ratio is skewed by the lack of manipulative older women preying on young gay men.

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I have a friend like that (20s, male but trans non-binary, in a relationship with a female). There are other older males in his community who are quite manipulative. I think there is a healthy dose of young, naive, gullible, low self-esteem, and AGP/ fetishization that is driving the behaviour.

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Most transwomen I've met are like 16-20 years old, few of age 25-27, almost all of them are fetishists, few of them have very strong cases of autism and just believing everything they hear, I even saved one of them, other was too close to his "transwomen and transmen school circle" (he said whole or almost whole their class became trans, in Canada).

I know transsexuals at age of 35-40+, but they are all gender critical and homosexual males.

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Yeah...My boss is in his 50s about and he's a transbian who believes in witchcraft and has a wife AND a girlfriend because he's polyarmous. Also, his wife has autism...and they had a "oops" child recently...even though they're "lesbians". He also likes to play up that "catty woman girl stereotype where he's sweet but a jerk and talks about his days in the military quite's...hmm

Anyhow! ...I've seen mostly older male trans with only one younger one when I was college around the time I "peaked".

I don't see any female trans very often. Only seen 1 in real life, that was a former corworker and I could tell she was a woman even though she was "butch", but everyone called her a he/man. She went by, let's say "Sal" but her real name was "Sally". No sure if the other workers are blind or if that's what she referred to herself as(a man).

Most of the female trans I see are very specific places but I don't encounter them that much anymore(because they're young and mostly on tumblr LOL)---but I encounter male trans almost everywhere I go and it's annoying. Especially in female-specific places I see them and I just stop bothering with those places after.

Sometimes, I just want FEMALE ONLY places because they understand where I am coming from.

I wouldn't just invade a MALE ONLY space just because it's not "inclusive" enough. That place is made for THEM. Also, trans people actually have a lot of their own groups too, so I don't know why they need to go to our groups and such?

It's just a little frustrating sometimes...

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I've met a couple IRL, actually. Both were manipulative people. One was a gay guy who then came out as nonbinary, and who FIRMLY believes in comparing people's trauma and oppression-- oh, and he is the most oppressed. (Maybe he doesn't count though because he transitioned to nonbinary not a woman.)

The other guy was also manipulative, but ultimately, I think, very self-unaware; a friend and I speculated that he might have untreated BPD. Alternated between being a ray of sunshine and really hurtful to people. I think he really struggled with his identity and fitting in in many other ways... I have some hope for him, and I hope he ends up with good, evidence-based therapy.

edit: met both of these people as teenagers, it's been a couple years since.

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Yeah, I grew up in a small town in Mississippi. Girls were socialized to be good Christian heterosexual wives. They did not accept gay people when I was growing up, and they still don't today.

I don't know how anyone can seriously attempt to make that argument.

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So how society in homophobic countries influences on genital preferences? Or in countries where gays are executed? I saw somewhere answering to TRA really good with "Ah, so gay men in Saudi Arabia are just extreme masochists or suiciders, I see".

Or how society in country I am from influenced on my preferences? Like, I did not even know that woman can be with woman or man with man at all, I had no idea that it is possible, all information was banned and removed from everywhere, and censored, no mentioning anywhere, until I hit age of 20 I did not even realized it is possible to have sex with two women - I always wanted to, but I had no idea how it can be possible, lol. SO how exactly I was influenced by society? :D

Especially considering that I was trying really hard to become heterosexual, and it never was working, I was never able to be aroused by any man, before learning that I am not asexual or frigid, but just homosexual, and that is it.

Their logic holds no ground and is dismantled literally in one second, it just can't work.

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I have to laugh any time someone says that society tells gay people they can only love penis/vagina because it is so out of touch with the reality of being homosexual.

Some TRAs genuinely don't seem to understand that regardless of how the world views us, there will always be people who recognize that their romantic and sexual attraction is same-sex only. It didn't come from society, society didn't "teach" it to us, that attraction was already there. Trying to erase or replace the definition of homosexuality doesn't actually get rid of homosexuality itself.

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Well, of course they don't understand they're hetero males.

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Yeah this argument has 0 validity.

People are not socialised into being gay and lesbian. It is a set of theories they have read about social conformity and then are inappropriately applying them to those who are non-conforming.

I did not learn how to be a good gay boy form my parents, school or adverts on TV. Despite all these things telling me I was straight and trying to socialise me into it I still turned out gay!

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They are not even hiding their homophobia and conversion therapy they are trying to pull out.