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Does anyone remember the old top definition for 'peak trans' in Urban Dictionary? I looked it up a few months ago and was bemused to find the most upvoted definition ran something like "When someone can't deal with the level of cognitive dissonance required to support the modern trans movement".

I looked it up again a few weeks ago wondering if it was still at the top or had been overtaken, but I found it completely gone. And it'd been replaced with - "When a transgender person experiences the most validating moment of their transgender journey, giving them great gender euphoria."

It was an old definition too. And had the highest amount of likes. It made me mad to see it just deleted like that.

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Often, LGBT+/"queer"/trans phrases come up on "Word of the day" on Urban Dictionary, so, I think the people who run it are agenda pushing. It's funny to see though, because every time one such "word of the day" comes up it always get 2000-3000 thumbs down and is disliked more than it's liked.

Don't also forget that, since a lot of MTFs are in IT, a lot of them make bot accounts to force upvote themselves, I can totally see them doing the same to manipulate votes on UrbanDictionary, they're that fragile. I know this happens because I have actually caught them doing it.

It's bizarre. Urban Dictionary was always edgy and full of dark humor and "not PC" content. Given the user base I don't think they can "sanitize" it like this.

Edit: I also looked on the "peak trans" definition (the new pro-trans one) and it has more dislikes than likes. Which makes me think, yes, the people running the site are pushing this but the users are not happy of it.

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Something interesting to note is that all the definitions there were all posted on March 7, 2019 by different people. Definitely fishy.

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And they look like's all they've managed to do is peak more people going by the downvote ratios.

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Another day, another online dictionary befouled by the trans agenda

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Am currently struggling between two conflicting feelings of:

  • feeling happy because I really love a person and want to talk to him


  • feeling unbelievably disgusted with myself because I am creepily obsessed and perverted

Insert obligatory "why can't I be straight/dead/etc" comment

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I really feel you dude. Best of luck however it turns out.

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I'm planning to watch some old anime that I haven't revisited since college/high school. First on the list: Moribito! Also, doing a lot of reading. I recently debated about buying the new Harry Potter illustration books bc I can't find my old hardcovers and HP has a special place in my heart. Can't wait for the game that comes out in 2021!