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I remember the point when it finally dawned on me what trans activists were demanding compared to what LGB activists had traditionally demanded. TRAs demand a fundamental shift in how sex and gender are defined FOR EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

Think for a minute about the magnitude of that demand compared to, say, our demand to be able to engage in relationships with our partners of choice without constant moral condemnation.

Once you grasp the massive scope of TRA demands, nothing they affirm or deny should surprise you. We wanted to be left alone to live our lives. They are at war with reality.

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They demand the unalienable acces to others bodies, even if they aren't atracted to them, something that gays and lesbians never demanded. People in time will recognize this dissonance and the backlash against the T will intensify, and they'll have only themselves to blame for it.

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Indeed, and they use 'human rights' as a bludgeon with which to warp reality to suit their social agenda.

Men are men, women are women, trans are trans (or, if you prefer, trans women are men, trans men are women). There's nothing that will ever change that.

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I don't know if nothing will ever change that. We are currently 3d-printing human organs and shit. But, yes, until then, they have to stop the homophobia. AND transphobia. Why are they trying so hard to erase the "trans" part of who they are? It's like they want to leave one closet just to enter another one. Trying to be something that you're not is not pride.

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Narcissism. That's why. They won't accept the harsh truth that they can't become the opposite sex and instead they try to change the definitions of being male and female. Also they either don't get bottom surgery or they get the abnormal neo ones, so they also change how sexuality works. Just so it can suit them. Fuck everyone else, cuz they aren't attractive anymore so everyone else is to blame. Oppressed, my ass...

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I agree with you, it is blatant homophobia.

They however need to deny it because of their belief system.

If you accept that homosexuals are innate and unchangeable, you accept that sex is innate and unchangeable .

Our sexuality reminds them their sex and their identity do not match. So they attack us, because in their minds our very existence is a form of mis-gendering as we contradict that sex is changeable, and that fact in turn attacks their identity.

To admit it is homophobic to attack us for our existence would be to admit they are wrong.

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They however need to deny it because of their belief system.

If you accept that homosexuals are innate and unchangeable, you accept that sex is innate and unchangeable .

Yup, totally agree.

To add on to this: I wonder if TRAs have changed the definition of sexuality because that reminds them that their sex and sex-they-wish-to-be do not match.

E.g. take "homosexual transsexual" (HSTS). I believe the older generation of transsexuals do not mind this term so much, but I am sure TRAs would-- if you have a lesbian woman who transitions to identifying as a man, then calling her a HSTS is accurate but may dismay her because it reminds her that she is a woman attracted to women (if she were actually a man, as she aspires to be, people would call her straight).

Rather, TRAs have attempted to re-define what the words "gay" and "lesbian" and "bisexual" mean, and in order to avoid the sex-acknowledging word "homosexual", have deemed it offensive and avoided it.

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They base sexuality on the strength of their gender feelings, so rewrite their sexuality to match.

Even big LGBT orgs now say we are "same gender" attracted as an attempt to unify LGB with the T. How hard someone feels like a man has literally no relationship to how sexually attractive I find them, a pre op MTF could still be hot regardless of how strongly they feel like a woman.

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Thank you, so much for this. This sexual "preference" nonsense has infiltrated the video game 'The Sims'. I may be late to that, as I go through spells where I just don't play the game. It's not only homophobic, but undermines the damn LGB community as well. They're basically saying, that gay men & lesbians prefer the same-sex, but could be "open" to something else. Making it seem as if same-sex attraction is a choice. Also, opposite sex attraction, is a choice, according to these deceitful conmen.

I said it in a previous thread, but they're bidding their time to try to push this not just on the LGB, but heterosexual society as well. They're coming up with a strategy, but right now, they know that heterosexuals - especially men really aren't hearing any of this nonsense. But, there are those who test the waters, just to check the temperature. I really believe once heterosexuals find out what TRAs are doing to gay men & lesbians & understand that they're next. This will bring support from heterosexuals to LGB (imho) & too many people will revolt against this delusional nonsense. Yes, it's a "movement" by individuals who really need professional help for their dysphoria.

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I really hope you are right. This is why LGB must drop the T.

Some people feel the LGBT are a monolith. The Ts are very happy to speak for the LGB.

There are those who say that accepting gay marriage caused the slippery slope of the trans demands.

I try to tell as many people as I can about the boxer/cotton ceilings and the decimation of lesbian bars/spaces.

This is why the Ts are trying to silence the LGB. They need to hide behind them. No reasonable person can feel it is right to deny someone rights just because of who they love or deny them the ability to marry. The trans demands are out of line

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This sexual "preference" nonsense has infiltrated the video game 'The Sims'

I personally think the whole "preference vs orientation" is a debate around semantics and quite useless in the scheme of things.

However if the rule is going to be "preference is a homophobic term" then that also needs to apply to TRAs.

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The real fun begins when you throw the question back at them, ie, when you ask "gay" trans people (heterosexual before transition) why they don't want to date other trans individuals of their same sex, or why they're not same sex attracted. A lot of BS ensues.

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They deny being homophobic because they REDEFINED homosexuality so that it now includes gender identity. From their insane pov they are calling out the "transphobes" who exclude trans people by refusing to date them.

Same sex attraction doesn't exist anymore in this new trans pandering definition of homosexuality.

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Pretty soon "men" and "women" wont exist any longer either. Women are now just "menstruators" or "pregnant people".

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The only possible explanation I can come up with is that the people who unironically use the term genital preference simply cannot comprehend the basic concept of trauma/repulsion to a certain set of genitals. Like they cannot for the life of themselves wrap their mind around the fact that some people just can't do vag or can't do dick.

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The only possible explanation

  • Some cannot take no for an answer.

  • Some are unable to comprehend that others' worlds do not revolve around themself.

  • The ones who don't understand, as you describe, often hold the belief that everyone is bisexual.

I think it depends on the individual in question. Some are clearly narcissistic, others are well-meaning and simply lack understanding or information.

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I think they understand it, they are just so self centered they don't GAF.

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These trans kids are ‘coming out’ or ‘breaking the egg’ into a society that celebrates and caters to them. If someone speaks against them, they get victim points and validation when they run back to their hug boxes and (servants) allies.

They have no idea what it was like coming out as gay before and what kind of losses and hate and trauma it entailed. How lonely it was.

This is unfortunately still true in many communities and families.

If older gays, gays around the world, gays throughout history, gays in conservative communities, etc could make themselves love the genitals of the opposite sex, wouldn’t they have? Don’t they think most gays have tried to already? Even today with the improved acceptance and an out community it’s so much easier being straight.

This whole boxer/cotton ceiling rhetoric just poops all over these very real and very painful gay experiences

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Actually I think they might have an idea of what it is like to come out as gay - I worry that it looks so scary that coming out as the opposite sex when your same sex attracted is actually a way to deal with it, just change your gender and you become straight! With an affirmation first model, suddenly some people will validate you and have sympathy. We most definitely do not have an affirmation model for LGB people - the word gay literally means bad/rubbish, we hammer that into kids heads from the moment they go to school. I hope things are a lot better.

For me the homophobia coming from within the community is more painful that than from without.

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It’s worse when it comes from your own.

We need some kindly ‘gay grand dad/ma sites. Older gay people to let the youger/more recently out know it’s all good

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I have not really found anything like that, mentoring or something similar. Despite all the progress reddit is filled with younger people posting asking questions, for help with what the future looks like etc. Straight people get this stuff from family, or just those around them, not so easy if your not straight.

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I don't mean to derail with "but heterosexuals too 😭😭 include us !!!! 😭" but I guess I will to an extent and add that what you just said about not being interested in an amalgamation of mixed-sex characteristics pretty much applies to most people regardless of which side of the fence they find themselves on and which way they look.

I got into an argument with a trans man on Twitter who was giving lesbians crap for not being interested in trans women. After telling me he was into girls he got annoyed when I said to him that to me his being female would be a dealbreaker in my case.

Truth is, as interested as I may be in a trans man who passes, I'm simply not attracted to females. But neother would I be interested in a male who has altered his appearance drastically in order to appear female... It seems logical to me that most people are attracted to a combination of primary and secondary sex characteristics... Doesn't that make sense ?

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Does anyone have the link to a bunch of receipts on the boxer ceiling? Someone collected them and I cannot find the link. Thank you.

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This is perfect!!

That is actually what I was looking for.

Thank you and I will use it for good on Twitter!!

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PREACH. Very well said! You put into words all my thoughts.