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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ban children under 16 from social media.

I’m serious. If I ever become a father, my children will not be allowed to have social media accounts until they’re 16, except for Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus accounts when they turn 13. I won’t even allow them to own a smartphone until they’re 16 - when they’re 10, I’ll give them a flip phone that does talk, text and music playback. Call me a tyrant, but I’d be damned if the child I adopted ends up becoming a blue-haired, misanthropic, non-binary SJW who wants to cut his dick off. I’ll be having none of that. If Ireland becomes like Canada that threatens to take my children away from me if I don’t transition then, I’ll take them with me to Hungary.

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I'm with you on that. Children can grow up healthily while having social media, but it's not very likely. Most of the people I know with mental health/general life problems openly admit they spend most of their day online. It's just not healthy to be constantly competing to create the best caricature of yourself...

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also Covid + lockdown? its pretty much unavoidable. laws should be passed 100%. I firmly don't think it does anyone good in their early stages of life (1-18 years of age).

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Ohhhhh yeah. The number of people that have "realized they're trans" after going through extreme distress/depression and doing nothing but sitting on their phone for nine months is deeply concerning...

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So are those who did the opposite, "trans" and "non-binary" in the before time, back to normal now. Social contagion theories are real, and they work both IRL and online. Online feeds IRL though.

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exactly -- thank you!

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Honestly, the internet is a terrifying place. I don't know how parents manage!

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When I was growing up, we had one computer in the house, and only that was hooked up to the internet. Dad was the admin so he had access to our accounts and what we looked up on the internet. Having just one computer made it easy for him. He also went out of his way to lecture us about how to stay safe online. He installed parental controls software that blocked inappropriate websites. Eventually, we hooked up our consoles to the internet, but that was fine with our parents because all we could do was play multiplayer or buy games using prepaid credit. I was already 17 when I got my first laptop. My parents gave us a lot of privileges, but they were very strict with them and were prepared to punish us if we abused our privileges. We also had to earn their trust. We didn’t have smartphones then - I was 18 when I had my first android, but then again, parents could just not give their kids smartphones until they’re older, and have only one iPad in the house and the children take turns.

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That would be illegal in the US. Can't license the press... But limiting minors, that could probably be done.

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yeah. i dont know how it could be done, but something needs to happen. laws of some sort, i dont know. its out of control.

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That is not the worst part, worst part is that goverments and pharma companies are listening to them and using it for their own profits, and then heating it up to gain even more profits.

If those were just kids and teens raging in the internet, how it was before in many other cases - nothing too bad would not happened and it would go away like suicidal Emo did.

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Not only that, they are also censoring anyone who opposes this madness. Speak out against it on Twitter, and your account is gone. Speak out against it in public, then in America, you lose your job, and in Canada, you go to prison. This is all gaslighting to get people to obey the government.

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canada wtf..? for real?

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Yes, Canada passed a law that recognizes a person's "gender identity" or "gender expression" as a protected class. I think it's C-16. Basically what it amounts to is that if I'm a fully grown man with an in tact penis, I can utter "I am now a woman", and said man will now be able to access all women's spaces as if he were one. Just google "jonathan yaniv"

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If I could identify out of being female I would. Fuck

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It's kinda unrelated, but there was a video from like two years ago of these students going to Sen. Diane Feinstein's office to harass her about the Green New Deal. One of the teachers said "I voted for you!" and Feinstein went "how old are you?" and the teacher said 16. Most of the people fueling this insanity are minors or dependents. Letting them control political discourse is like letting the inmates run the asylum...

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YES!! i wish people woke up and realized this.

this blog is insane, and incredibly overwhelming to take in.

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I think twitter in particular and social media in gender needs to be restricted so under 18 can’t access it and/or you can set your personal setting to stop certain ages from seeing or interacting with your posts. Like an under 25, under 21, under 18 and under 16 filter.

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Creators of adult content have complained for ages that they can't restrict their profiles for 18+ people only. And the function actually already exists in social media, since many platforms block people under 18 from seeing official profiles of alcoholic beverage brands.

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I agree. If google, bing, and duckduckgo can filter porn, social media companies can filter people by age.

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I agree with this.

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There is also a not insignificant amount of woke teachers feeding them a bunch of this garbage. Faculties of Education are generally a joke.

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Education Departments are full of the most ideologically woke, third-rate intellects you will find anywhere on a university campus.

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The problem isn't just "woke universities" it's post-secondary in general.

I'd say the slight majority of my friend network doesn't use their degree at all in their daily work. We need to stop pushing 17 year olds to decide to plunge themselves into tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get a piece of paper they will probably never need.

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There is definite truth in this. A big part of being a teenager is finding out who you are, and coming to terms with it and what it means for your future.

Whilst the internet has definitely helped me when I was a teen, at the very start of the internet age, where it is now is a very different place. This self discovery has become more codified, and complex, yet the homophobic and misogynistic hang overs from children’s general upbringing is stubbornly front and centre. There is a lot of attempting to reinvent the wheel, but in a more warped way.

I find I have to be careful because if I end up challenging someone online about sexuality or misogyny etc. i can suddenly get half way into a conversation and realise that this is a child I am talking to. They have no experience of sex, love, or adult relationships, so they are making up a disembodied model of how they think the world should work along with thier online peers. The way you would discuss these complicated topics is wildly different between a 14 year old and a 24 year old, yet online age is invisible.

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I asked a high school teacher I know (with a PhD) about how far gender ideology has gotten into the school where she teaches, and I was clear that I was critical of it. She said that she thinks she should "let the kids take the lead on this." In other words, rather than introduce any critical examination of these ideas, she'll just sit back and let young teenagers make the rules without any challenge.

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This is the insidious thing, since the movement is all about "kids finding their identities" adults think it's purely a net positive thing to support.

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Tell her that she should resign then, cause clearly she doesn't have anything to teach...

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I was reading an article on by a parent about how the parent didn't understand all the gender stuff (58 genders and all that), but how their kids were 'educating them'. They're so progressive, you see.

This is part of the problem. Parents need be the adults in the room. Kids are stupid. I was fourteen once, it's true.

Of course, a big part of the problem is that the gender lobby is right in the classroom with them, indoctrinating them from a position of authority. It's no wonder everyone is confused.

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I don't mind engaging in conversation or debate with people regardless of how old they are, but too many of these twitter teens hide behind their age. Either you're mature enough to have an opinion and be criticized for it, or you're tOo YoUnG for negative feedback and should shut the fuck up. Can't have it both ways. I was online as a kid, and I took responsibility for my online actions, good or bad. If the adults around me were doing things that made me uncomfortable, I do as I do now and I close the window. Most of my friends grew up online too, and while we're not the most well-adjusted bunch, I think that's more of a cause of our online presence than an effect of it. We behaved and were treated as if we were any other adult, and we certainly didn't demand to be coddled by everyone we came in contact with. There are no children on the internet, if you want to be here, you accept the same responsibility as everyone else, regardless of your age. The internet isn't free baby sitting for neglectful parents.

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I've also noticed that many of them seem to have issues, such autism or mental health issues.

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but a metric ton, read MAJORITY IF NOT MOST ALL, are literal illness fakers for attention + likes + follows.

its, insanity. I had depression and an eating disorder earlier in my life, (while completely retreating to the internet, closing myself off from the world, finding my own pro ana "fam") i was NOT bragging about that shit, i hid it. i firmly believe if you have a illness, you wouldn't be blasting it on the social media webs.

its very clear to me kids dont know how to use social media, and are harnessing it for attention. its tragic. i cant even blame them for the faking, i do not know if they know the depths of what they are doing because parents, establishments, schools whatever, cannot speak out against it, right? otherwise its the can for them! this shit is SO deep, more than the average joe even remotely knows.

i talk about this at length on my podcast if anyone is interested please dm me. (not advertising it, its not about me on this post afterall, but if anyone wanted to talk more is all. i apologize if this isn't allowed and I'm aware its usually seen as tacky behavior but i believe these kind of self ads are relevant giving the context)

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Yep. This is it. Something similar happened in the 18th century when authors/philosophers could afford to live off book sales and were no longer reliant on a wealthy patron. But instead of producing great literature like Candide and Persian Letters, these kids do the typical teenager thing of seeking to destroy anything they resent (which is most things)

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Yes and no. Teens accelerated and spread this trend, as teens do, but that doesn't explain how it acquired real institutional power. It being a teenage fad is why I didn't take it seriously as a threat for years (when it was confined to Tumblr). Academia, corporations, & very adult politicians did that.