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They even call their estrogen pills the "Titty Skittle" 🤢

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Excuse me while I go vomit, thanks.

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Few things inspire nausea in me but this just about did.

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Real skittles don't do much for testosterone in males.

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I always wondered what that meant. What my mind went to every time was dry breast skin that left little flakies in your bra. 🤷‍♀️

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No, I have another preferred term for breasts.

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[–]BigMommyMilkers Yes, they're real 1 insightful - 0 fun - 32 minutes ago

No, I have another preferred term for breasts.

I wonder what it could be...🤔

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This is the best comment!

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No. Like, I might have used it once or twice (hardly ever basically) because of a joke, for example as I have small boobs lmaaaaao. But definitely not with the connotation that those AGP males use it. They use with a totally different fetishistic tone that you can smell from a mile away.

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I've heard women use the term boobies exclusively as a joke. Never once have I heard anyone seriously refer to their breasts as boobies.

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Not since I was 2. Boobs, tits, or breasts, but I really don't talk about breasts that much.

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No, I say tits if I'm being lewd and breasts otherwise. I may occasionally say boobs for something casual in between the two, but I don't really like that word either. "Boobies" has never come out of my mouth.

I have heard women use it as a joke though and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the doormat women on AL adopt it, along with a lot of the other cutesy language.

The way they talk about their own bodies is so alienating.

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I say tits if I'm being lewd

Same, "tits" feels lewd to me.

I have heard women use it as a joke though and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the doormat women on AL adopt it, along with a lot of the other cutesy language.

I think this might be it. I went to look at the profiles of people saying "boobies" on AL and while some were trans, some were not (and the ones not were overwhelmingly quite young, so perhaps they picked it up there?).

The way they talk about their own bodies is so alienating.

Agreed. It really weirds me out.

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Yeah, I feel like I never like words for sexual / sexualized body parts, so I'm not crazy about "tits" either, but it sounds very lecherous and I really only use it when I'm being a lech, sooo...

I theoretically wouldn't care about sharing internet space with transwomen because it's not like I'm on reddit to find a girlfriend, so what do I care? But they just don't assimilate and their posts are so frequently weird and off putting, and even worse, it seems like they set the tone more than the actual lesbians do, at least in AL. The girls that post there just wind up sounding more like them than they wind up sounding like lesbians.

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The way they talk about their own bodies is so alienating.

Agreed. It really weirds me out.

It reminds me of stories of little boys talking about discovering their pee-pees. Of course it's going to be awkward and they are going to use baby language. But I don't want a grown-ass adult approaching me with the same mentality of childish, narcissistic fascination while using baby words. How gross.

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Boobs and breasts sure but if I’ve ever used boobies I can’t see myself saying it outside of a joke. You’re right to be skeptical. I’m sure if you checked the profile for anyone using boobies they’d have posts in trans subs.

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I actually started doing that yesterday for a couple profiles and some were trans but some were young teenagers-- 13-16 range. I don't remember saying it even as a teenager, though, or my friends doing that. Maybe these kids picked it up from the usually much-older transwomen on that sub? Lol. Kinda weird that there is such a huge age gap on a sub that now gets NSFW dick drawings posted to it...

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Did somebody say boobies? (link is SFW) When I think of "boobies", I think of those birds.

Bisexual and lesbian women: do literally any of you use the word "boobies"?

Other than that... Never, I don't refer to breasts as "boobies".

Just boobs, tits, and breasts...and occassionally "titties" (ex. the songs "ass and titties" and "I don't no bra bitch, let them titties hang bitch". I like to troll my partner lol).

Here are some cool booby facts though: As a matter of fact, the name “booby” derives from Spanish term “bobo” which means stupid or dummy. That might explain why AGP likes using the word "boobies" -cough-

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I can vaguely recall a few instances where I've heard a female friend say "boobies" or "tah-tahs" as a part of a joke. I haven't ever heard anyone use these words seriously. It's mostly just boobs or breasts. I mostly use "boobs", sometimes "breasts", and haven't ever used any other words (though I think that's more of a personal preference).

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Last time I said boobies was when I was a child and figured out you could spell it on a calculator.

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No, I don't use the word "boobies" unless I'm making a joke about blue footed boobies.

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Nope. I use boobs or titties mostly. Boobies just sounds weird to me, and I've only ever heard it used as a joke, by children, childish men, or AGP transwomen getting off to the sight of their own boobs.

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Boobies just sounds weird to me, and I've only ever heard it used as a joke, by children, childish men, or AGP transwomen getting off to the sight of their own boobs.

Yeah, I think that about covers it. Thanks!

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In jest, rarely.

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I am using word "boobs" sometimes, in casual private talks. Never used "boobies", thought, and never heard or read such variant. Maybe someone joked, but I don't remember.

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Never. It's fucking gross. I did say it as a part of joke once or twice but regularly? Just No.

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No, I just say boobs or breasts.

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Nope, that's infantile and unsexy. Something toddlers say.

Among female friends of mine that I have thought were attractive, once they start saying things like that I imagine I'd be changing diapers—theirs. And yes, a few of them have said it, but come to think of it, those have all been sipping the TRA Kool-Aid lately as well.

I don't think men who say this are sexy either. I don't want to bang anyone who seems that underage while in an adult body.

Same goes for stupid bathroom and bodily-function jokes. I lose interest swiftly.

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I don't think men who say this are sexy either. I don't want to bang anyone who seems that underage while in an adult body.

Same goes for stupid bathroom and bodily-function jokes. I lose interest swiftly.

Just saw this-- I completely agree lol, I don't see the appeal. That's like probably my number-one turnoff.

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Nope, only as joke.

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On the rare occasion I do, its usually said in jest or as a joke like I'm being silly for the sake of it. I can't take you seriously if you say it in a serious conversation and its a 100% turn off in a more intimate situation as its too child-like and comes off as creepy.

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In a serious manner? No. If I did, it wasn't serious though. More in a joking manner. I usually just used things like breasts or boobs. Although, I have said "mountains" before (large breasts).

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No, unless it was a blatant dumb joke

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I don't recall anybody male or female calling them "boobies". For myself I refer to them as "tits" or "breasts".

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For me, only breast and tits. I don’t even like ‘boobs’ but I also don’t like ‘pussy’ I find those words infantilizing and diminishing so I don’t know if you can take my opinion as countable. Most English speaking women I know use those words.

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absolutely never

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Only whenever I’m referring to blue-footed boobies and at absolutely no other time.

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Not since I was 12 or 13...

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I never thought about it until you pointed it out, but you're totally right: I think I've only heard males use that word.

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I'm glad it's not just me! I thought I was going nuts, lol.

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Absolutely not. I assume anyone saying that is actually male.

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Rarely and only as a joke, usually when mocking some male speaking

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No lol.

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I don't think I heard any female say that. Sounds as cringy as 'preggers' though.

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Ugh, I hate that one too. Somehow doesn't feel as gross to me but just as cringy. Is that something men say, too...?

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Yes we say boobies but we have a one year old so.... We talk about boobs often haha

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I use it in a humorous sense. (Ex. hooray, we’re having chicken boobies for dinner) But I don’t unironically use the word. It’s too childish.

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No way in hell, that word is childish.

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This post made me realize how rarely I think about my tits. Like, yeah I jiggle them in front of a mirror when alone for a quick laugh but like....99 percent of time i just don't think about them. And I speak of them even less. And I'm a fucking lesbian!

Trans women speak of them so often because (surprise, surprise) they're straight men. Of course all they think about is tits.

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I only say it as a joke, never seriously. I never say "tit" or "titties" b/c I think it sounds disgusting. Usually just say "breasts".

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I think I've overheard some drunk straight women use the term, but I think it's usually in the context of showing them to each other or men.

IDK for sure, I usually don't hang around drunk people talking about primary or secondary sex organs

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I always say breasts aha