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Whenever people cite mental health statistics about transgender people, they never indicate whether the mental health issue was present before or after transition, and its cause is always assumed to be transphobia.

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A lot of scientifical articles they use for their agenda is twisted like this. To be fair I once asked for a research showing non-binary is really a thing. They didn't even check what they sent to me cuz all articles were just about their mental health. Should we consider all popular phenomenona as legitimate? Even if they became popular in a spawn of 5 years? So if it becomes trendy to identify as animals should we treat it seriously too cuz a lot of people do and will be absolutely serious about it?

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So if it becomes trendy to identify as animals should we treat it seriously too cuz a lot of people do and will be absolutely serious about it?

:(( That's already been a thing for years and the trans right activists take these people seriously (even have flags for them). For example some of them "identify" as "catgender" because they feel a strong connection with cats:

They have other "genders" too like "beegender" where they "identify" as bees:

That's just the beginning, there are people called trans-specie or otherkin that believe they have "trans-specie dysphoria", and they are not human, but another specie:,soul%2C%20ancestry%2C%20or%20metaphor.

Otherkin are a subculture who socially and spiritually identify as not entirely human. Some otherkin claim that their identity is genetic, while others believe their identity derives from reincarnation, trans-species dysphoria of the soul, ancestry, or metaphor

Some otherkin know what they believe in is false and are just joking, but there are many otherkins I talked to that genuinely believe they are another specie and not human. And there are articles written about them and their experiences:

I think there are people that "identify" as things like food, and other things.

One of it is called robo-gender, they "identify" as robots, and think they are robots instead of human:

But I've seen some of these people genuinely believe they are things like crowns, chairs, statues, etc instead of human too.

Things are too far gone.

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I don't want to live on this planet anymore

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Me too 🥺 I wish I could buy a far away isolated island where we could be away from all these other humans, and be in peace. But I'm broke.

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nothing like kids risking potential infertility, brittle bones, and lack of sexual sensation just because a bunch of teens scream it's the right thing.

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They love to capitalize a whole sentence or random words. I think they think that makes those of us reading believe it’s true and VALID.

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"YOu ARe sO UniQue AnD vAlIDDD sO pLeAsE hElp mAkE lItTle kiDz WhO HaVE NO idEa WhAt'S Goin' oN tHinK thEy arE tRans beCaUse suIcIdE uwu"

Brainwashing is heck of a drug 🤮

Oh look at that same user talking about "kids are being haarmed, we need to change these outrageous uk laws" in a tweet separate from the thread they started:

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Spongebob mocking text is a much better use of capitalization imo.

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I wanted to update you and others, the person who started that twitter thread,@ghostsoot_, revealed she's a "trans man" and the guy in her profile picture is definitely not her, and she also blocked me for asking her the two simple questions "May I know if you're a trans man or a trans woman, and if the person in your pfp is you or a youtuber/gamer?":

She has already said she is "trans", so I just wanted to know what "trans" that would be:

Should I laugh or cry at how silly this is? Even simple questions get them to block us. 😀

Edit: She changed her profile picture:

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Implying that they are an adult is a bit generous. They have the profile of a 13 to 16 year old.

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You're absolutely right, she sounds like a teenager (ಥ﹏ಥ) I got reminded of a conversation I had with this "trans boy" on twitter, she ended up calling me names. I asked how old she is, she said "I'm 13". And I was there sitting like "And why are you so f*cking proud of being 13 and wasting time on believing false things the trans right activists tell you instead of doing your homework??"

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They act as if suicide rates aren't high in teenagers anyway. Also name-calling is 83%? That's what high school is like, even if you're straight. I'm sure more than 83% of gay, bi and lesbian kids have experienced name-calling, but that's not important to the TQ crowd, is it now?

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Everybody gets called names at school anyway. Most forms of bullying at school involve spreading rumours about students, excluding students from events, getting students in trouble or theft. But let’s all weep for those poor brave children who were called names. Which does suck, yes, but this specific issue of name calling can be solved by bring up a child’s self esteem and giving him or her an outlet to participate in their hobbies and make friends. I’ve been called names at school, just like everybody else, and I’ve also called people names and talked shit, which I’m not proud of, but it happened. Most of these victims of bullying have been bullies themselves.

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Sure, I got bullied and name-called in school for being a lesbian. You know what else I got bullied for? Having red hair, being in the gifted classes, being really skinny, having braces, being shy, reading history books for fun, and deciding sweater vests were a good look in 10th grade.

Kids are assholes and they’re going to pick at other kids for anything that’s different. (Or rightly laughable, like sweater vests.) Sure, teach kids to be polite and empathetic, but also teach them to be resilient. Coddling people doesn’t do them any service in the long run.

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I was made fun of at secondary school because of my behaviour. How did that affect me? It taught me how to behave around other people, how to work on my flaws, and how to take a joke. By the end of my time in school, I was fairly popular because I learned the right lessons. One of these lessons was not to let my life revolve around my sexual orientation.

To be fair, none of those who picked on me went too far. I was never injured, I was never robbed, I was never made into an outcast, nor was I ever given the silent treatment. I was called names, I was joked about, I was told to go away and so on. This happened to everyone at school, so I wasn’t alone in this. Because it never went too far, I was not traumatised by it, but the right amount of it did happen to me, so I still learned. There is a degree of students picking on each other. Sometimes intervention from adults is needed, and sometimes adults need to not intervene.

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On the topic of trans suicide, I remember watching a video of a detrans woman sharing her experiences with growing up as a "trans man" and how she used to threaten suicide to her parents to guilt them into allowing her to start hormones because "it's what everyone does because it's effective". Props to her for breaking out of it but holy shit ! ! ! ! these kids are literally taught, by other trans kids, that emotional manipulation and suicide scares are the way to go. Fuck.All.That.

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It's not even a -Pause-. It's a -Skip Chapter-.

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And completely ignores that hormones play a role in cognitive development.

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100 years ago, we regarded medicine as barbaric. 100 years from now, I don't expect that to change.

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Not to mention bone density. We're gonna have an entire generation of people who will easily die in accidents that shouldn't have killed them had they not had puberty blockers.

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TRA Logic: trans healthcare is so complicated and underfunded that it's literally killing people but also we can-should let teenagers customize their puberty experience with zero side effects

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Whenever the UK government actually does something sensible, these woke liberals screech. Ban puberty blockers? They screech about bigotry. Block access to pornographic websites unless you verify your age to your broadband provider? They sit on each other’s faces outside of parliament in protest. These people want degeneracy. These people want as many children on hormone blockers as possible so that there will be a lot of broken people too distraught from the mistakes their parents made to do anything to stop destructive forces in their countries. Puberty is a natural development that needs to happen.

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Yeah, no, the girls that were given puberty blockers to prevent "early" puberty have had horrible adverse affects that have basically ruined their lives. We should be prosecuting these companies, not creating a new market for them...

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"it's not harmful to pause puberty"

Right, and just about everyone with an intersex condition which delays or even prevents puberty would LOVE to disagree there. In tl;dr and layman's terms - basically, not experiencing puberty or even conditions relating to altered/delayed puberty can cause a fuckton of health problems. I have an intersex condition which affected, but fortunately didn't prevent, male puberty, and let's see what articles say I could be at risk of:

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Breast cancer

  • Osteoporosis (weak bones)

  • Blood clots

All which are pretty sucky, and I am someone who DID go through puberty, just "incompletely" due to hormonal/chromosomal abnormality. I can only imagine this will get worse by artificially "pausing" puberty for longer.

It's really not a debate - if you willingly put your child through symptoms akin to a disorder of development or worse, especially if artificially induced on a healthy child, you are abusing that child.

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The easiest way to explain this to people is that if people were not meant to experience puberty, and if it wasn't beneficial to our bodies, it wouldn't happen. When it doesn't happen, or doesn't happen the way it's supposed to (due to hormonal imbalance, disruption, hormonal issues due to an intersex condition), that's when you have a problem, because the body won't develop what it needs to allow the person to live a long, healthy adult life.