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“Lesbians will figuratively suck our dicks by upvoting TWAW, but they won’t literally suck them and that makes me feel bad” is this clown’s argument.

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Wow he has just discovered that lesbians don't like dick. No matter what.

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But everyone at actualpenisbians said they do! 😢

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This is what it comes down to.

I notice constant sooking on there by transwomen and it indicates they're as unsuccessful as ever with trying to coerce lesbians.


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If they were able to be more honest with themselves they would understand that lesbians on AL are handmaiding

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Yeah, he also discovered female socialization. Second men even if you don't give a fuck about them

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They can never be happy until they get treatment for their fucking mental disorder, but that's been made illegal.

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This sixteen year old in the OP has been on hormones for less than half a year and most of his posts are about feeling suicidal and bitter seething about how nobody takes him seriously. He's a walking time bomb.

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And when he flips and shoots up a school, it will either be everyone else’s fault or the trans status will never ever be discussed.

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It will be "woman shoots up school", full stop.

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This reminded me about the fact that there have literally already been a school shooting perpetuated by a trans person (look up STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting) but I never see it mentioned anywhere and frankly I'm not surprised.

And yeah in that case the discussion is usually revolving around the school apparently being so transphobic that they just couldn't help but murder people.

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I fucking hate that bullshit. Leftist idiots always see violence from so called "victims" as "the cry of the oppressed". They can justify anything.

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He’s complaining because he can’t convince his friends parents to get him hormones illegally!!! “Why won’t cis people help me they could help so easily but they just let me suffer!” “They even went to pride!”

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Cross sex hormones always seem to worsen depression and anxiety. It's like they don't belong or something.

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16 huh? Do you see a detransition in his future?

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He'll double down until he blows up at himself or someone else first IMO

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They're on that sub that's overrun with transbians and trans memes but still think it's "cis centric?" The mods, who are mostly males who identify as trans, literally remove posts and comments made by actual lesbians all the time and it's still not enough coddling?

Here's the truth that no one wants to say: you will never be satisfied because your fantasy does not match reality. You're better off just accepting that you are male, that lesbians are not interested in males, and make peace with that fact.

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Anyone who requires so great a quantity of coddling to be happy will never be happy. As difficult as it can be to confront and learn to accept unpleasant realities, it is far easier to do than it is to bend the world to bow before your delusions, as successful at that as the gender lobby has been at that.

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You mean almost as if lesbians and fetishistic straight men should have their own subs

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Yes. But my point is that there's obviously a shit load of tension over at r/actuallesbians and it's because these people have nothing in common. They're denying it and making it awkward for everyone.

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They could’ve not been dirt bags and pushed so hard to ban all the subs for actual lesbians. But they recognized that if those places were up, actual lesbians would just eventually migrate there. So, they’re trying to force everyone to play along with their rules. If they hadn’t pushed for the bans, they wouldn’t have had their dream larping experience but lesbians as a whole would just be irritated. What they’ve chosen is only going to breed outright resentment and hostility.

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They behave exactly like all other incels who feel discriminated against when women refuse to lick their boots and boners.

The difference is that woke womxn defend themselves when they themselves feel threatened but expect those nasty d*kes to submit to the girldick.

Most of these woke womxn are super conservative in their own dating preferences, and their woke "feminism" is nothing but a love/hate Daddy-issue relationship with tall, white, straight, blond, bearded Daddydoms. (The "Me on Twitter vs. Me IRL phenomenon.") But when it comes to lesbians, they suddenly are super "queer" and their vicious hatred for women who do not want dick does not know any bounds. Hardly a "tradwife" type who worships the D as much as these woke womxn who want to make refusing it a hate crime.

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How dare these women not center men in everything!!!!

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comments locked

Of course they are.

You're a straight guy with fake tits, not a lesbian.

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This is a follow up to the post debated here: Another 'pre op transgirl' not feeling welcome in /actuallesbians and accusing cis lesbians of being performative in their support of transbians since they have the nerve to still post about not wanting dick. More transbians join in and whine about how they're seemingly welcome there, but not wanted, and that prioritizing genitals is cisnormative.

Just goes to show that being an ally to these people is impossible, if they're not satisfied with AL, they'll never be satisfied. It's kinda funny seeing them still trying to blame lurking terfs though, like no, you're just hating ordinary lesbians by now.

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Because by "being an ally" means to fuck them.

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  1. LMAO dick worshipping actualpenisbians isn't kissing enough trans ass
  2. Of course this narc can't go to any other of the countless trans centric subs instead.
  3. If you ever create a lesbian forum then make these men feel als unwelcome as possible.

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Meh. You can't ever please narcs.

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Dude commented that he’d never date a “cis” person...

So why are you complaining?

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So he's a male person who is into male ""women."" He's a gay boy (apparently he's 16) in a lesbian subreddit asking to be accommodated. What is happening.

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I think a lot of "transbians" who date only other "transbians" are secretly gay or bi men but are too ashamed to admit it. Am I wrong?

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I don’t think it’s so straight forward. I think there is a lot of delusion and cognitive dissonance going on because their brains have been fried by porn and centering their lives around their sexual fetishes/paraphilia. It always seems like the male-male lesbian couples are deep into different kinks and things like age play, diapers, furries, etc. I’m not sure why they would be too ashamed to admit they’re gay or bi while they’re posting all over about those kinks. Seems insulting af to not only lesbians but to gay and bi men.

But I would be curious to see gay and bi men respond to this. This would make an interesting standalone post if you’re up for it.

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They will never feel welcome until a religion has been created to worship them. Oh wait-

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They really are completely delusional... they'll turn on their own for literally the most nonsensical reasons... a piranha would know better...

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Look at this removed comment (bolded emphasis mine):

This isn't just about saying people making childish comments about disliking dick, it's about some posts on a lesbian subreddit centering the experience of sex with two vaginas. It's people talking about preferring pussy or joking about how they don't need birth control and having people complain they aren't including trans lesbians experience. We need to allow space for people discussing sex with two vaginas here, but that doesn't make other lesbian experiences any less valid.

Remember, kids, if you're a woman who only likes vagina then you're transphobic and deserve to be censored and banned from a subreddit called "Actual Lesbians".

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That's what happens when you admit heterosexual people in gay spaces.

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I invited each and every one of those women to s/lesbians.

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Holy peaking material. Thanks for this! This is a gold mine for creating baby TERFs or at least cracking the shiny veneer of what “inclusivity” means in reality for lesbians. The contrast between what is deleted and is not tells all. You can literally talk about how much you like dick but not how much you like pussy. On a “lesbian” subreddit.

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too many cis people think they have a say in what is and isn't transphobic

Well, somebody has to bring you back down to reality

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It's wild to me that... it feels like most cis women see us as "half women" or "minus women" rather than full women, no different than they are

Oh noes, how will you cope

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Lmao I'd heard it on here but I actually saw a user with "bi lesbian" in their flair🤣

What a time to be alive.