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Strap-ons don’t count as willies.

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I love how the non-binary relationships are always gay, lesbian, etc. Never straight.

Almost like they're just a regular straight couple taking all the privileges of being a straight couple while also desperately wanting to claim they're something else.

If this was about race it'd be "We aren't a white couple! My husband is actually 1/8 Italian, so we are a multiracial couple!"

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Well that is the point, you get to play every angle.

To the man in the street and granny you are a straight couple so face no discrimination. But to your friends you get to play the victim by crying homophobia and manipulating, but you still get to victimise the gay boy or girl from being bigoted and oppressing you.

It is a version of this reversing victim and offender behaviour which is difficult to tackle. All the benefits of being straight, but you can play the victim card if required.

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You forgot the part where they spew stereotypes about the people they're trying to co-opt.

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Its because women are chained and very oppressed in western society

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“Neither of us have preferences for our pronouns. If I had a preference, I would be admitting I cared and I don't care because nothing matters, including my dick and/or pussy. I feel very chaotic neutral about my gender neutrality“

Idk why this is so funny to me lol

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This is just a roleplaying game to them. That's the Nihilistic Knight talking.

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"I don't, ugh, do drama" said the social malcontent who kills four relationships a year with drama and Facebook addiction. "Call me whatever you want, I, don't care," said the . . .

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As far as I know there is no true community for feminine/GNC males. All of them are filled with FTMs and fetishists who aren't feminine males, but want to creepily obsess over them.

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