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I would say this is more of a "loud minority" effect. After all, people with healthy, ordinary sex-lifes have very few reasons to talk with strangers about said topic.

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On the internet and in certain circles, maybe. I don't really come across many pornsick/depressed types in my day to day life.

And I'm pretty sure I don't count as a weird fetishist...

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Well idk, do you like, you know, genitals?

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Maybe a little bit...

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Wait, am I allowed to answer that? Don’t I have to love a gender?

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I think the majority of people with a healthy sexuality just don't feel any need or desire to talk about it with anyone they aren't having sex with.

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Now you know why those of us gay men who still have standards are frustrated at having to deal with men who don't live up to them.

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I'd wager most people are in healthy/stable relationships, and it's just the loudmouth tumblr and reddit types who draw the most attention. People on those sites, and people in niche groups like student LGBTQWTF societies (who also use social media a lot) talk about their sex problems, kinks, and mental illnesses frequently because it's a type of social currency to be marginalized.

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I think ppl in general are very confused nowadays, with the need to feel special and to label ourselves, people go to the extremes to feel unique or in a special group, I guess you can attribute this to the rise of "non binary" types too.

My guess is that people don't know how to be themselves and fool themselves to believe they are being genuine when they are just an amalgamation of trends and social expectations, leading people feeling alone and in need of a group... i don't know how to solve this besides having a more involved family in the upbringing of the child and the enforcement of critical thinking skills + self awareness

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I have no idea what the statistics are on these subjects (except for teenage sexuality being on the decline, I think), but from personal experience, no. I know lots of people who are in or are pursuing pretty normal relationships, and very few (if any) in the categories that you listed.

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It is called confirmation bias.

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I'm both! Super sexual with fucked up fantasies, yet hold super "prudish" and "sex negative" beliefs. The reason is most likely fucked up society. People are "normalizing" abusive & dangerous sex practices, but there's also still people going far the other way. I was raised very religious, yet was exposed to fucked up sexual stuff as a teenager, so it's no wonder I am this way.

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It's possible these 2 side ends of society are reacting to each other in amounts that tend towards equilibrium. (Re)Action=Reaction. And many individuals also have this internal tug of war much analogous to that, which is based on their own life history. The "middle" is always the most quiet when it comes to expressing itself, both in the micro and macro scale.

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Don't know about other corners of the Internet, but I am pretty prudish + sex-negative without depression and/or medication playing a part in it (nor, incidentally, religion). The more freakish types actually mostly keep to themselves, so I'm thankful for that at least

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It's self fulfilling. Someone that is ambivalently prudish will be pushed to be more radical if surrounded by disgusting fetish shit 24/7.

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I think this is mostly an internet and young people thing personally.

None of my friends fall into either of those categories, but if you try to use LGBT spaces on the internet (Reddit, twitter etc) then they are dominated by people who I think are either ends of the spectrum, plus a whole load of teenagers or even children who are trying out their ideas about sexuality. So the online conversations become weirdly dominated by asexuality, sadness, and fetish.

Also I am not dating, so only use discussion spaces (like this!) and i think that probably makes my perception worse.