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It's amazing to me that they don't see how homophobic they are by requiring homosexuals to be attracted to the opposite sex as the only "valid" way to be gay/lesbian.

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One of the answers was "bi with a transphobia fetish." Some of them have to see it, they just don't care or it's part of the appeal

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In our brave new world bisexual females and heterosexual males =lesbians, while homosexual females are bisexual or (my personal fave!) 'pansexual with a vagina preference.' Would be interesting to ask this question in a more non-koolaid sub.

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Thank you for sharing. Seeing people here reject this stuff helps me feel a little more sane.

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By basing sexual orientation on gender, there is NO point in having different terms for sexual orientations because a "man" can look like anything and a "woman" can look like anything. Labels become meaningless lmao and the terms "woman" and "man" too.

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Exactly. We might as well all call ourselves non-binary and pansexual with an added preference for penis or vagina or no preference at all. We can dress and act how we like, but for convenience we can call people with vaginas women and people with penises men and maybe women who are pansexual with a vagina preference for lesbians... No wait... /s

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I think everyone calling themselves nonbinary and pansexual is what they want

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No surprise; the people answering are in denial about the reality of biological sex. Their answers are naturally devoid of reason.

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Lesbian. The word you're looking for is lesbian. Deciding what to call yourself shouldn't be this arduous, stressful process of finding a word that won't offend anyone. Especially not people on fucking Twitter. Those people aren't your community, and they aren't your friends. You don't owe them a single thing, no matter if they whine about "giving you your rights" (LOL) at Stonewall. Those people are opportunistic bullies who don't care about you, and will forget about you in 5 minutes. Don't waste your life trying to earn their approval. It will never happen, b/c they're homophobes in woke clothing.

Man I wish I wasn't banned. I would write exactly that, save the OP some pain and confusion. This would be worth getting banned for cough if anyone here is still allowed on AL.

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Banned too. Did try to private message her though, maybe you should too

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This is the question that is so difficult to answer:

I was wondering , i've seen a person on twitter asking what's the correct label of someone's sexuality if you're a woman that's atracted to women , some trans men , and also some non binary people , but not attracted to cis men , some trans women , like a woman that only feels comfortable and attracted with people that have vaginas , what is the correct label for that? Sorry if i said something misinformed in any part

I am sure if the question asked "If you're a TRANS woman that's...." Everyone would be stumbling all over themselves to say "Lesbian, of course!"

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Ugh, on one hand I love the people that call themselves "queer" because that's a big ol' flag that says, "Don't waste your time interacting with me because you're going to find me completely insufferable," but on the other hand, I hate that a bunch of people just decided that "queer" has been reclaimed now. I mean, I haven't been called a queer in a long time but surely we can just... stop using that word to describe someone's sexuality, right?

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Gahhh please let this peak the remaining real lesbians on that hellsite! So mad I'm banned from actuallynotlesbians..

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This makes me sad. I know a few people who call themselves bi, pan, "queer", or asexual who are clearly just lesbians who have been convinced that's the TERF sexuality, or if they like transmen they're bi, or if they don't want to sleep with transwomen they must be asexual. They're just being thrown right back in the closet by the woke bros.

Conversely, it's taken a lot for me to accept myself as bi because I don't want to be associated with the people who go on and on about "ethical non-monogamy" and "sexuality is fluid" and "hearts not parts." I've at different points tried to convince myself I'm not really attracted to either men or women just to get out of being bi. Ugh, I sometimes wish I was born way earlier.

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their definitions on bi are wrong, always remember that.

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Thank you for this reminder. I think I needed that today. I wish outsiders looking in also saw the truth of this.

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See?? This is exactly the type of shit that kept me thinking I was bi for so long. Ugh.

Lesbian is a "bad" word to people my age. I've said it before but this forum is the only place where it's a neutral thing, just fine as it is, and not grossly fetishized and celebrated or condemned.

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Judging by OP's lack of posts I'm gonna assume this was an actual question, which makes this even sadder because the replies are lying to her. They love overcomplicatng shit. Also, 'bi with a transphobia fetish'.......seriously?

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Hets accuse gays are trying to recruit people to our side. If that were possible, heterosexuality would have died with the last episode of Small Wonder. Even so, what do you call them invading our spaces and trying to peer pressure us into what is for all intents and purposes heterosexual sex? Recruitment. Literally every anti-gay stereotype is something heterosexuals have done to us to hurt us. It's psychological projection.

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That is very true. I was listening to a rad fem lesbian talk about this in a youtube video which was very enlightening. She was basically saying how can hets be more upset about Desmond the Amazing because gays (nevermind straight mum) than Honey Boo Boo and all of that toddlers and tiaras mess that hets celebrated. Its all wrong, but they still choose what to get mad at.

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I was always uncomfortable seeing little girls sexualized like that and it went into overdrive when my sisters were born. I wondered how much lower they could stoop. Both of those children are obviously malnourished but in different ways; Honey Boo Boo Child is overfed carbohydrates while poor Desmond looks like he barely eats at all.

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yeah the toddler pageants are the same thing, i don't get why people aren't bothered by it.

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Somebody resurrect Orwell.

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Can’t. He’s spinning to fast in his grave.

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That's always such a funny mental image

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Reality is stranger than fiction. I couldn't make this shit up no matter how hard I tried.

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Yeah of course cause they want lesbian to include transwomen.

Most people who aren't insane would say LESBIAN.

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I can't help but think that this stuff is a bit nitpicky. I mean, come on, there's an AL post on here almost every other day, by now everyone knows, understands and appreciates that it's not exactly full of actual lesbians. I can't think what further purpose it serves than being like r/GenderCynical and using it for sport and new content. The people still on there have either peaked and are passively down voting, have become immersed in ideology to the point of no return or are men. Let it die, maybe have a pinned post with a compilation so anyone stumbling across here can see for themselves and move on...

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I agree. We don't need to keep bringing up why AL is stupid, especially since we don't know the age of the posters, they might be young teens.

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I agree that we're getting oversaturated with AL here, but just because they're probably teenagers doesn't mean they aren't stupid and shouldn't be called out for it. I do like the thread suggestion - makes fresh, more focused content easier to find

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It reads like satire to me. I feel like the person is trying to make others realize (or admit) what "lesbian" as a word means.