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Wtf your teacher rocks can she be my best friend. I fucking love older rad feminist women.

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Contrary to what Twitter "activists" will tell you online, I've found that absolutely nothing comes from refusing to use "they/them" for a person in real life. Unless you're in the middle of some godawful San Francisco LGBT+ organization headquarters, then maybe.

But I've witnessed a couple of people mutter "u-um I am a they" under their breath before, and nobody went along with it. Shockingly, nobody was lynched, fired, or screamed at. It's almost if that even the "theys" themselves know that their "identity" doesn't hold up in reality.

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Tbh, I just avoid speaking to her because I'd rather save myself the bother. Even though nothing bad will happen I just can't be bothered dealing with her, I find people like that so exhausting

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Do you refer to her as such? There are a few "they"s at my university and I've never had to refer to them before, but if I needed to, I'd use the correct pronouns (he or she). I dread that day lol.

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I've gone out of my way to not refer to her at all, tbh. But when the time comes where I'm forced to I'll conceed :/

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Yeah, that's what these derps don't understand. Most people just get so turned off by special pronouns that they'll just avoid talking about that person altogether.

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Exactly. If "misgendering" becomes illegal in the U.S. (rip Canada), they're gonna have really a hard time being hired.

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Yeah, I didn't even think about that. Even the wokest companies have to be thinking realistically. If I'm in HR, do I really want to hire someone who has the potential to bring a lawsuit just because another employee accidentally called her "her" instead of xhir? But it will also be illegal to discriminate against these fucks by not hiring them. It's mind-boggling.

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Yeah, this phenomenon is really something. Totally destructive to themselves and others.

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this phenomenon

The same old trap, now with money and political power.

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As it should be. Don't give them the attention they need and maybe they will disappear. One can hope...

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If you're gonna try, though, just keep using their name.

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Why? It's not like you could be reported or fired.

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I love your teacher! Hopefully they/them doesn't report her for hurting they/them's fee-fees.

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but good for you pet

I have an image in my head of Sarah Milican teaching English literature now...

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LMAO that's fucking awesome! How did the other classmates respond?

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They all actually seemed to agree - thank god. No one tried to pander to any gender bs. It was refreshing and gave me hope!

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I'm watching a glorious, endless smackdown of TRA abuse happen on a FB group right now (which had, originally, nothing to do with trans people, surprise surprise) whose moderators are TRA-brainwashed and went to make another group. The arguments against TRA bullshit on the original group are quite articulate and cogent and just Not Having It™. Of course, that's all the group is anymore, but it's heartening to see people stop being cowed by the bullying.

It's being brigaded of course, but the majority opinion is clearly on the side of "enough already."

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Well that is reassuring! Maybe young millennials/gen z are starting to wake up.

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The majority of Gen Z just goes along with it because they're scared shitless of sounding like a bigoted Boomer, not because they really believe it. Usually they haven't thought critically about it.

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Omg your teacher is amazing!

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Just heard a similar announcement from a woman who dated a trans woman for a while (who was too narcissistic to keep dating, as it were). And I just thought—you got some of that on you, here's a towel, you're a woman and you are just fine the way you are. Please stay on Reality Planet.


Of course, I didn't say any of that. I was just silently disappointed instead, and now feel sorry for her. Them. FFS.

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Fucking 💀 as I believe the kiddos say these days. That is pure gold. I mean... the fucking nerve of these gender traitors.

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Your teacher sounds awesome lol.