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This is so horribly funny that I feel bad I laughed.

There's an elephant in the room that we can't talk about without being punished

"Elaborate, because it sounds like you're committing wrongthink!"

Gets banned after mentioning the elephant

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Oh dear... that's me, I'm FatBlackKat on Reddit. 🤫

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Oh really! Well I think it's total BS your comment got removed. And ironic, too.

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All hail our hero!

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Yeah, I saw how they were acting all snide trying to get the poster to elaborate like some power tripping elementary school teacher. It's too bad for the handful of actual young lesbians thinking that is the community. And then getting reprimanded from that community, it must feel very alienating to them it's so sad.

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like some power tripping elementary school teacher.

Lmao, that's a very apt comparison, I like it.

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I just want to press fast-forward and let this era finish already. Delusional people mad that other people don't want to play pretend with them.

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I keep wondering what, when, if, and how bad the pendulum swing in the other direction is going to be.

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I think "if" has a clear answer-- this lie can't go on forever.

When there is a backlash... I'm a little concerned that the anger will be mostly directed towards the confused teenage girls with ROGD, rather than, say, the predatory autogynephilic (AGP) men or the billionaires (e.g. Pritzkers) who are making tons of money from selling child-transing drugs.

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I'm sick and tired of seeing this type of shit happening to lesbians and all women alike... it hurts me that most of my irl girl friends don't care about these issues bc, according to them "it isn't hunting anyone"... yeah, that because your sexuality isn't being invalided all the time and you are not being forced to like dick. Also, in our country the trans thing isn't that bad, there is no men being allowed in our public bathroom etc etc etc... i wonder if when shit hits the fan here too if they will notice that it does hurt people.

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it hurts me that most of my irl girl friends don't care about these issues bc, according to them "it isn't hunting anyone"... yeah, that because your sexuality isn't being invalided all the time and you are not being forced to like dick.

I feel you so much. There are many people who are so self centered that if it doesn't hurt ME, it can't possibly hurt anyone else and only start paying attention IF it starts hurting them.

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How long until this sub gets banned? Lmao.

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The sub is private? 😂 they likely believe they were being "brigaded" with me as the ringleader. But this is reluctant_commenter's fault for drawing attention to what happened. 😋 she (or he?) has more clout than I do.

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Well, you're a pretty impressive one-person brigade if you managed to shut down a subreddit with a single comment. 😂

Idk that I have any "clout" haha. The situation is just so self-evidently ridiculous. Maybe I shouldn't have posted about it, but it seemed like such a clear-cut example of silencing/censorship and colonization by AGP/straight men.

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I don't agree with the removal of that comment but I think it's unfair to not realize the mods are in a tough spot. The sub was created to get away from the more polarizing topics, especially after the bans to avoid being banned themselves. They get so much shit from both sides for not being inclusive or exclusive enough.

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Then they shouldn't have allowed the question to be asked. Pussyfooting around the most obvious answer won't fly. The most controversial topics among lesbians will always be men/"transbians" and bisexual women being included in the lesbian community.

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-Demonisation of us by other LGBT people and their hyper woque allies. -Increasing pressure by others into loosening our boundaries or "working through" our homosexuality (aka another form of conversion therapy). -Increasing pressure by others to identify as something else (i.e being told lesbianism is exclusionary/too restrictive (no fucking shit), it's uncool, outdated, etc) -The gradual erosion of the meaning of lesbianism which results in many people not actually understanding us, and results in non-lesbians "identifying" as lesbians. There are more but others have mentioned them. Personally, it is becoming harder to exist as a lesbian. When I first came out I felt secure in my community, that I could tell people "I'm gay/a lesbian" and people would respect that. Times have really changed…

Well that was a good comment, I wonder how long before it was deleted and the woman was banned for it...