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Because TRAs think we are:

  • Hermaphrodites, and since a lot of them are into anime porn, they think that's sexy and want to fetishize us. I have often had TRAs ask me for nudes because they've "never met someone who was both."

  • Subhuman "he-shes" that they use to "prove" that nonbinary people are "valid", because hey, if we disgusting freaks exist then surely it makes sense for a random privileged teenager to say they are a they/them, am I right?

No joke, it's not just mindless inclusion, the LGBT+ is outright abusive to intersex people. They fetishize and degrade us, use our existence to justify unrelated concepts, all while supporting concepts ("sex reassignment") and laws ("legal third gender") that have been used against us. "Trans friendly" laws can actually be anti-intersex trojan horses, because if a third "other" category exists, it's NOT going to be reserved solely for "nonbinary" hipsters. It's going to be "assigned" to intersex infants with disorders, if people believe the woke thing to do is other them and treat them like aliens instead of recognizing them as male/female with a medical condition.

Oh, and trans people steal intersex spaces. All of them. The main intersex reddit is a trans propaganda hub. Private "intersex focused" Discord servers are actually trans servers in disguise. I haven't found a single intersex community that didn't quickly become full of trans people, particularly MTFs, pretending to be intersex/asking if they're intersex because they "identify as both" or are predatory and want to see pictures of intersex people's genitals. I had to start my own on Reddit, shortly before the ban waves, and even my own got trans fetishists coming in and trying to take over, turn it trans focused etc within a matter of WEEKS. It was a tiny sub, too.

I haven't met another intersex person who liked the LGBT+ treatment of intersex people. And this is why I cannot just "agree to disagree" with transgender ideology nor be friends with trans people. This ideology literally tells me I am subhuman, a fetish object, and that I'm not allowed to complain about the fact that people like me lack actual bodily rights in most countries, or that children are being given horrible cosmetic genital procedures, because trans people want to claim they have it worse when someone doesn't "validate" them. it's disgusting.

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I watched a BBC documentary made about gay people mostly from the 40's-60's in there there are interviews of old gays and lesbians.

There was a lesbian who said that around the 1950's she went to a therapist who told her she needed to have a brain surgery for being gay. This is around the time they were still calling gay people inverts and stuff.

I am 20 yrs old and I sat there shocked. So in 70 years psychologists went from saying gay people were 'inverts' of the sex so they needed their brains changed. To saying gay people are 'inverts' of the mind (boy brain in girl body), so that we need our sexes changed. Some things never change, and I am sure those psychologists were calling themselves "progressive" back then too.

I later saw a tweet that said the word "dyke" for lesbians comes from hermaphroDITE. I am not sure how true that is but I wouldnt be surprised.

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So in 70 years psychologists went from saying gay people were 'inverts' of the sex so they needed their brains changed. To saying gay people are 'inverts' of the mind (boy brain in girl body), so that we need our sexes changed.

I LOVE how you put this. This is exactly, exactly it. I've been trying to find a short way to summarize this and you nailed it perfectly. Thank you.

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Yeah I was thinking about it for a while and will definately grab a hold of that video clip to tweet about. I will repost here, eventually when I do. I was able to watch the documentary for free on youtube in 3 parts.

That video clip was actually incredible since the lesbian in the 1950's went to a gay establishment and told an older butch lesbian about it, who then turned around, comforted her and told her it would be okay and that they are wrong. Young lesbians dont have that anymore. We have an extreme generational gap and they are being traumatized by the shit they hear in LGBT spaces.

The name of the documentary is "Its Not Unusual, A gay and lesbian history". It was released in 1997 and stars older gay people from the UK so there is no woke propaganda going on.

Edit: If you want more history too. Look up Pat Parker (a famous black American lesbian poet) poem on Billy Tipton to see what lesbians thought of "him" pretending to be a guy all his life. This was from 1989 when it was revealed he was really a woman crossdressing all of his life. The lesbians felt bad for him and she wrote a poem about him right before her death. He is a trans icon and they both died within months of each other.

I looked up the poem to see if I can find it. I couldn't find it to easily copy and paste. I have the poem screenshot on my phone so I can type it out and PM you if you want a lens to know what some older lesbian activists would have thought of the transmen in the 80's. Its a really good poem too, and I suggest if you are not busy look her up on youtube, bacause they have recordings on her poetry. She was simply amazing when it came to that stuff.

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Thanks for the resources!!

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Then: Change the Mind to "match" the body.

Now: Change the Body to "match" the mind.

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Even shorter, even better :)

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First I’m so sorry this movement uses people like you as a pawn for their self-righteous ideology. I knew a trans woman who claimed to be born intersex because her mother used some strong drugs to alter her pregnancy and make her fetus a girl. I knew then that that was not possible in the slightest. That trans woman justified her transition by calling herself intersex instead of being born and raised male. She was also not a great person to be around, ie getting aggressive after calling her out on her racist language.

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It's like saying that because some people are born without a limb, the number of arms and legs a human can have is fluid and we aren't a bipedal species.

Hey, BIpedal can now mean walking on 2 or more limbs! So animals like dogs and cats are included as bipeds too. /s

Anyway, as others here have said, the Intersex are included only to be exploited by TRAs as a disingenuous bullet point in their arguments, and is just another irrelevant identity added to feed the profiting beast of what the LGBTQAI2S++ has become. Dennis Kavanagh goes into the larger monetary incentive behind the current mutation of the gay rights movement.

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Big Gender uses intersex to "prove" that sex is a spectrum even though intersex people are either male or female, and, in fact, their intersex condition is dependent on which sex they are.

Intersex being "proof" that sex is a spectrum is then parroted by corrupt politicians, bought and sold by the gender lobby.

I'm looking at you US Congressman Ted Lieu, Democrat of California and author of a bill that would ban gender identity conversion i.e., make it harder if not impossible to stop a minor from transitioning.

Lieu just tweeted some nonsense in that "sex is a spectrum" vein, IIRC in reaction to Rand Paul's spot-on questioning of Rachel Levine.

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I used to love Ted Lieu and people like him. I still think he’s done good things but this issue has made me lose respect for anyone and unable to take them seriously. I hate this aspect of this regressive, destructive movement.

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While a member of the California state legislature, Ted Lieu got a gender identity conversion ban passed that makes it harder for parents and other concerned adults to council minors who want to transition.

Of course, Lieu snuck the transgender part under the guise of banning homosexual conversion. Yet again gay rights being used to hide the trans activist agenda.

In 2015, now US Congressman Ted Lieu introduced a gender identity conversion ban, the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, using the same trick, hiding it under a gay conversion ban.

I guarantee Ted Lieu knows that he's selling out gay kids with these acts, especially heinous given that he's doing it claiming to be helping homosexual children.

Ted Lieu is a piece of hypocritical shit.

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TRAs use intersex as an excuse to claim they can be any "gender" they want, as though intersex people even have a damn choice, when they're born the way they are. And if I recall correctly, I believe some hospitals will mutilate intersex infants genitals too, in order to make them match one sex or the other. Trans Radical Activists have no idea what that's like, since they're not forced against their will to do it.

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To justify to myth that "non-binary people exist".

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They are using us as canon fodder and "gotcha's" and they are really hurting intersex youth and dragging away funding from intersex organisations.

Most intersex organisations, who are not "transgender everything" - are asking for years to exclude us from LGBT+ soup.

Intersex people are only 0.2% or less of population, with ambigious conditions being only 0.018% - so there are a lot more transgender people than people with DSD.

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Can you share what those Intersex orgs are that have made statements about not wanting to be included in LGBT? Are you aware of any Intersex orgs that merely act as trans front organizations?

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I’m curious what previous infrastructure existed for Intersex people. This is a wide range of conditions and I’ve heard Intersex people before say they didn’t realize their condition was even Intersex. So was this an opportunity that was just prime for queerjacking?

Even now, we still hear so little from Intersex people themselves about Intersex issues. And there is zero education about the details of their conditions and how they are formed. IMO, this only benefits TQ and not I.

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There are a couple of reasons for adding the "I" to LGBT.

First, intersex bodies are pathologized and erased in a way that is similar to how homosexuality has historically been treated within psychiatry. Even though homosexuality has been officially depathologized for three decades, transgender people are still labeled as having "gender identity disorder" and thus treated as something abnormal rather than a natural human variety. From this point of view, intersex is just another sexual minority that is pathologized and treated as "abnormal."

Another reason is that the surgical treatment for intersex conditions is heavily motivated by homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. Western medicine defines "functional" male and female genitalia in terms of its ability to participate in a heterosexual intercourse, rather than how much sexual enjoyment patients can achieve--which is why removing a woman's clitoris is medically acceptable according to (mostly male and straight) doctors, as long as her vagina is deep enough to be penetrated by a penis.