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Autism and other conditions are worn with pride.

Isn't it weird how they proudly say that they have various mental disorders and are ''neurodivergent'' but the minute anyone points out GD is a medical condition they're a transphobic bigot (or filty truscum)?

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As someone who took years to realise that there was something different about me other than being unattracted to men, it's disgusting how proud they are of having physical and mental disabilities. I've got autism along with a physical disability (the first of which I have only disclosed to three people in my life due to the stigma, the other is more easy to understand and people don't treat me all that differently when I tell them), and there is absolutely nothing to celebrate or be proud of there. You can lose your job if you tell someone (not because of it because of 'laws', but they'd find a way to make you redundant regardless), and because of children and attention seeking adult morons speaking for us and over us, nobody will take you seriously even if you do tell them.

There's nothing cute about stimming, and the way these assholes describe it (and they just love to do so), they always make it seem almost like a sexual urge (talking about mouthfeel, how good it feels to stim 🤮).

There's also nothing fun about being disabled. As a result of autism, I never learnt many things that people take for granted, especially social cues. I can't eat most food because of strong smells or tastes, noises sound a hell of a lot louder to me and stress me out, and simply leaving the comfort of my home means I will undoubtedly be mentally exhausted by interactions and sensory input by midday, at the very least and if not earlier. Being behind a keyboard, reading WebMD and finding a few similarities isn't the same thing as being officially diagnosed. Being socially awkward is normal, not knowing left from right as a fully grown adult is not. Being annoyed by little things out of place isn't OCD, routinely checking if you've locked the third lock on the back door 14 times is.

I (almost) wish the ones who are LARPing disabilities, of which there are a fuckton, would spend a year Freaky Fridayed and saddled with each and every one of these conditions they so desperately want to have. All of a sudden, we'd see a drop in Twitter bio letter counts.

Rant over. (Just being sick of being in not only the lesbian closet because of these idiots, but the autism closet too)

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They treat their self-diagnosed disabilities like super-powers. Its really quite silly and aggravating. Hearing your story brings home how selfish it is as well. I have had my travails and I agree, its hell. Also, call me old fashioned but I want people to judge me the same as everyone else.

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Even though people with disabilities have been treated poorly in the past, I think these days there's been an overreaction to past behaviours, and disabilities are almost being promoted as special abilities/disabled people being better than normal people because of their different experiences.

Equality for people with disabilities is simply to make the world accessible to us despite our disabilities, not to put us on a pedestal and treat us as other/better. We're all still humans beings, nothing more, nothing less.

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Same with the trans thing and even the race thing, unfortunately. Evidently, we went too far in promoting being kind to people that we went to the other end of the horseshoe. We will see a very conservative wave soon in reaction to all this woke stuff. As a Liberal person at heart, I hate to see it.

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I'm not looking forward to it either. It's going to be a case of 'we were wrong about trans people, what other woke things were we wrong about?'.

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Same. Stuck in both the Lesbian and Autism closet. I have Level 1 Autism btw.

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I'm Level 2, but I mask pretty well and avoid situations/events/places where I know I'll have adverse reactions to tastes and smells, so most people I know probably haven't figured it out.

Hopefully someday neither of us will have to be in any kind of closet.

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I agree. I hope neither of us will be in any closet in the future.

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Amen to the fervent wish they could spend a year experiencing how it really feels to be genuinely disabled. Little snots.

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I absolutely got it in the ear when I suggested that MAYBE why one of them could not understand 'inconsistencies' in peoples dating/sexual choices was because they had autism. I mean they proudly proclaimed their diagnosis in their bio. Why tell everyone this fact if you aren't prepared to have it discussed? Childlike sulking followed.

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"Gretchen, you can't ask them why they don't understand social cues and unspoken/non-verbal behaviours even though there is a known deficit in their condition that causes misunderstandings in social situations such as dating! Duh!"


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It used to be called Gender Identity Disorder, so yeah it's a disorder.

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With the girls I think, "Where are their parents?" and with the men I think, "How can I contact his parole officer?"

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I did ask a few "is your parent or guardian nearby? You probably should not be talking to strange adults on the internet about genitalia"

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Many create the most eye-wateringly awful "art"

It sounds ridiculous but I swear to fuck there is a "trans art style." Like, I can tell if someone is a trans teenager by looking at their art. It's usually akin to the "CalArts style" (think Steven Universe and similar cartoons, simplified blobby shapes, bean shaped mouths) but a lot more messier, often with scribbly lineart, and features that seem deliberately ugly like massive ears, flushed noses, and droopy eyelids. It's honestly unpleasant to look at.

If you want (many) examples, go to the image generator website Picrew. Picrew is a Japanese language art site for making icon generators, but in 2019 western/American SJW types mass colonized it and filled it with LGBTQ+ propaganda and shitty art. It almost sounds racist of me to say but there's always a clear jump in quality between Japanese/Korean created works and Western/American ones, but I think that's because yes, a low of SJWs are kids.

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It almost sounds racist of me to say but there's always a clear jump in quality between Japanese/Korean created works and Western/American ones, but I think that's because yes, a low of SJWs are kids.

There's also probably an element of survivorship bias at play. Japanese or Korean artwork that is going to be seen by a non-native audience is probably going to be something special. All the shitty artworks fester in obscurity in whatever the Japanese or Korean equivalent of DeviantArt is.

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Huh... so THAT’s where all the anime profile pictures come from...

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It sounds ridiculous but I swear to fuck there is a "trans art style." Like, I can tell if someone is a trans teenager by looking at their art. It's usually akin to the "CalArts style" (think Steven Universe and similar cartoons, simplified blobby shapes, bean shaped mouths) but a lot more messier, often with scribbly lineart, and features that seem deliberately ugly like massive ears, flushed noses, and droopy eyelids. It's honestly unpleasant to look at.

Apparently, it's also called thin-line animation, and it's because of this boring, easy to make art-style that I don't feel like watching western animation from the past decade. There are exceptions, like Infinity Train, but then you have the smorgasbord of aesthetically unpleasant(but still popular) shows, while they maybe well written, are never gonna be viewed by me and other people who are spoiled on Japanese anime and older Western cartoons. I just take one look at them and nope right tf out.

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I don't engage in debates about this kind of thing because a lot of people with dissenting views don't approach these things from places of good faith, so kudos to you for having the patience that I lack.

I go back and forth on this issue (and many others besides).

On the one hand I just feel bad for these kids. In the best case scenario they'll grow out of this bullshit and just reflect on their cringe-inducing teenage behaviour like we all do. They've been trapped at home for the better part of a year like the rest of us, so of course they're going to be spending huge amounts of time on the internet where the trans propaganda lives, and they'll be taken in by it all because tHE rIgHT Side oF HerStorY etc. etc.

On the other hand, I think it takes the concept of the arrogance of youth and just completely runs with it when tween virgins are lecturing fully-grown adults with partners and children about their sexuality. Why is anyone listening to weeb trash when it comes to anything more than which made-up child couple you 'ship'?

I've said it before and I shall say it again, we don't need to give the vote to sixteen-year-olds.

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NGL it's already bad enough that we give it to 18 year olds. Should've kept everything around 20 or 21 SMH.

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I also noticed most of them, or at least the MTF ones, always have 'super sexy vixen' or 'hot gamer girl' or some other "LOOK AT ME!" tag-line in their social media bios...and of course, all of them look like Willem Dafoe in drag. It's hard to feel confident arguing with someone who feeds into multiple delusions, and not just one at a time.

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Honestly, Willem Dafoe in drag would be a look.

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You've never seen Boondock Saints???

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I completely forgot that. That man can do no wrong, between this and complaining about another man's lack of appreciation of his culinary skills when he cooks shellfish.

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complaining about another man's lack of appreciation of his culinary skills when he cooks shellfish.

Ha! Gods I love that movie, and that scene in particular.

"Yer fond of me lobster, ain't ya?"

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After a while all I could think of was "Why am I talking to these children, and why on earth are they allowed to set the tone of these discussions?"

Yes. I have always felt and wondered the same thing and it drives me fucking insane to think some angsty pre teen is the one calling me a transphobic nazi TERF.

I interacted a bit on the super straight subreddit while it was up and a TRA said relationships should be based on romantic attraction, not sexual. After I asked why they said I should be put in horny jail.

It just pains me too much to believe that could be an adult.

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They often haven't even had a relationship before, let alone sex. Its all theoretical to them. Its increasingly hard to not be all like "when you grow up and have sex, you will think differently"

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I feel like they're emboldened by the continuous push to understand exactly why people think and feel the way they do. They think science and theory can fully explain something that I swear to god either cannot or should not be quantified via science.

I'm all for the search for truth, but right from the getgo I knew that the only practical application to researching the exact science of human attraction would be to try control people. It's dangerous knowledge and we're already seeing it be used to dehumanize and reduce the complex relationships between people to electrical pulses in the brain that can be manipulated by "therapy".

As an afterthought, the more we reduce all things of wonder about humanity to meat, bone, and hormones the more we're going to have increased suicide rates and movements like this desperately trying to make themselves feel special by putting others down. I feel like there isn't enough real, good natured endorsement of just how miraculous life is at a base level in education, which in turn births situations like this.

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there is a naive aspect to their discussions on sexuality, like raw desire has nothing to do with it

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They have the time to waste and think they are always right even when they have zero experience. Seems about right.

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Many seem to be children, or at least weirdo's larping as minors. Many appear to 14 years of age... After a while all I could think of was "Why am I talking to these children, and why on earth are they allowed to set the tone of these discussions?"

Coincidentally i was just temp banned from r politics for telling someone the person they were arguing with was probably a 12 yr old.

Was a college professor explaining how they can't do needed research because the administration is being taken over by social science professors who shut down funding for anything which doesn't seem ultra gender affirming. Person ended up arguing with the typical emotional TRA nut who was making crazy antisemitic conspiracy theory accusations at the professor. Most people in the real world aren't aware of what are not quite ready for who they are arguing with. So I replied that the person is probably just a 12 yr old visiting in between making up genders on Tumblr. Meaning hey don't take this argument too seriously.

This resulted in a temporary ban for incivility / name calling. Kind of amazing because I've said lots worse vs neoliberal pro war shills on there before. But the moment you say something so minor against some nutter going on about crazy conspiracy theories to attack a professor... Nope... That person was tangentially a TRA so you can't make a joke about their motives lol...

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I was considering making a text post along these lines just now and then I saw this! Yes this echoes my thoughts exactly. A large number of the trans rights brigade online are virgin children who think they know how sexuality works better than adults. And it's so frustrating because their devotion to absolute inclusiveness is well-meaning (Geek Social Fallacy #1, anyone?), and they simply don't have the sexual development and life experience to understand why sexuality doesn't work that way, or what it's like to be a woman in a man's world and why women might not feel safe letting males self-identify into their safe spaces (hell, as a gay adult man I don't understand what life is like for women, but it's clear enough that it's tough). These children's real-life contact with trans people is probably limited to seeing their trans school friends struggling to fit in and feeling sympathy for them.

That's not an excuse though, just an explanation of why I think they aren't worth arguing with. They're literally incapable of understanding the opposing viewpoint. Not that the adult TRAs on Twitter are much better.

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This is the conclusion I came to. Arguing with them on Twitter felt like I was in Lord of the Flies!

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There's been at least one US study, but I think two, that have shown a higher than average % of autism in kids who identify as transgender.

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Because they prey on us. They prey on people with not only Autism, but Downs Syndrome as well.

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I'm sorry this is happening and hope that you are safe!

I remember reading something about transgender natal males grooming vulnerable kids, calling them "eggs" and "hatching" the kids - I think the egg thing was even a sub Reddit -anyone else remember this?

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My mom thought I wanted to be a boy in the past, but other people think "are you sure you're not trans?" like lol nope. I also do recall the egg_irl sub or whatever it's called.

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It was common for girls to want to be boys when I was growing up, but no one actually thought we could become one and most of us grew up to be fine. I feel so bad for kids today.

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I do as well. I'm glad I was born just a few years before these teens and children.

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I was gender non-conforming too, but a lot of the clothes I didn't like to wear as a child were impractical ones, namely skirts and dresses that I wouldn't be able to play around in as robustly, as it would reveal my underwear. Imagine being a child at school and seeing boys' pants halfway down their knees half the time and not understanding why that's okay, but girls couldn't play on monkey bars or swings lest someone (boys or adults ugh) sees their knickers.

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Even throughout late childhood/early adolescence, I fought my mom into not wanting to wear dresses. Late adolescence was when I got over that, but I still prefer wearing pants over dresses.

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Same here. Although I do like dresses or skirts if they have big pockets, which seems to be a (lovely) trend these days ☺️

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I love dresses and skirts with big pockets as well!

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There are also studies that show thay autistic people are more likely to be gender non-conforming (not including trans or nb) and/or LGB. Makes ya really think, doesn't it?

It's more than a bit worrying that they're transing an entire generation of autistic children and teens, and while I know it sounds out there, it really feels like 'forced sterilization of gays, people with mental health conditions, and other undesirables 2.0', especially since it's being done younger and younger.

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Forced sterilization of "undesirables" - yup - that could be it.

In fact, around ten years or so ago, the makers of Lupron, the controversial puberty blocker, were going to try out, or tried out, a new market - kids with autism!

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I joined this whole thing because I seen lesbians being harassed to accept “girl dick” by these clearly NOT trans boys who have an obsession with hentais like futa! The worst bs I’ve ever seen and I’m straight so I wasn’t paying attention to the bs the lgbs were going thru

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end goal is to teach your kids in school that straight or gay, they should be open to dating trans. penesis or vaginas are like eye color, a preference.

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I remember being a teen and thinking i knew better than every adult, that i knew how the world really worked but the difference is i didn't have the internet and grew out of it and grew up. yes the internet was around but we couldn't afford a computer plus the internet cost. now days, teens can go online and find groups that egg them on and who feel like their opinions are the only right ones and therefor the only ones that matter and everyone (mainly adults) are wrong and stuck in the past. they then can create a large network of other tweens and 20 year olds who can gang up on and bully those who commit "wrong think". A confused teen who suffers from autism can easily find websites that tell them their trans just because they like a certain cartoon or color, or convince gay teens their trans because of a sexist stereotype. it's no wonder why so many teens are coming out as trans/NB

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Yes, I noticed the same thing and decided it was better to block them rather than listen and waste energy replying to their childish tantrums. They really shouldn't be on twitter at all, or on the internet, addling their brains, and being groomed by dodgy geezers in incontinence pants.

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When the legitimate Super Straight sub was still up I noticed that the majority of the people who were attacking the sub are teenagers. Then for the rebooted sub which is now banned, there was one attacker who regularly runs away from home at night and she also cuts herself. Hell, she got suspended from school for taking razor blades which she was going to use for self harm.