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Why do gays and lesbians so meekly accept being defined out of existence?

You don't get to see the ones who don't accept these definitions, because their views are silenced and censored. That way you are led to believe that everyone thinks the same way.

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Yep, this. These days, you cannot assume people aren't disagreeing... assume people are being silenced/censored. Now we understand how people in China feel. I'd heard about China's censorship but didn't understand how bad it really is.

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What we experience is nothing compared to the vicious CCP regime that the chinese people have to survive. Let's not give social media corporations too much credit. They're not taking peoples organs for wrongthink or putting people in reeducation camps.

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Some of the less sane TRAs have been proposing both those punishments, sending TERFs to the gulag for re-education, and removing their wombs so they can be transplanted into more deserving transwomen.

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Reddit is going to have a hard time convincing the US government to legalize womb confiscation. If only because the rest of the world would step in immediately, because the US is held to a different standard to the CCP and you can't hide something as blatant as that.

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That sounds almost exactly like The Handmaid's Tale. For some unfathomable reason Margaret Atwood has paid lip service to the TRAs. It's surreal.

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Because the TQ+ took over forums and subreddits etc. and anybody who disagreed with the definition changes was banned. That’s why it seems this stuff is accepted in the gay community. Anybody who called it out was banned and had their comments removed.

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People don't realise it is happening. They just take what is being said at face value and move on with their lives, because they aren't part of the "LGBTQ+" and have better things to do. The people who do realise are silenced and gaslit and told it isn't happening, until one day, real homosexuality is bigoted and hateful and we should examine our preferences. Nothing more than a modern spin on the classic "homosexuality is disgusting and sinful and we should repress our sexuality".

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This has been my experience. A few years ago one of my friends showed me the Riley J Dennis video on genital preferences being transphobic and I said something to the effect of "that video was stupid". I thought that Riley was just some fringe crazy and nobody actually agreed with him. Then I sort of forgot about it until I downloaded the reddit app. I joined r/lgbt and corrected someone who referred to homosexuality as a genital preference. I believe I simply crossed out the words "genital preference" and wrote "sexual orientation". I was promptly banned.

So here I am a year later, having done my research, I completely reject gender ideology because it is incompatible with respecting myself as a gay person. It is also incompatible with feminism and the women's rights movement which is why T*RF is their slur of choice. But I wouldn't have found out if I hadn't gone on reddit and seen it for myself. You really have to go online to see it.

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The awful thing is that they'll gaslight you and claim that they're fringe views, when we see all the time on social media people are being harassed by other TRAs with those views. And lots of media and literature is getting written in support of those views, like that "Girl Sex 101" book that's mostly a lesbian grooming manual and spends most of its time telling you how womanly trans women are, how it's normal for pregnancy to be a concern with lesbian sex, how to handle a girldick, etc.

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How did we come to the point where the younger generation just rolls over and readily accepts that 'homosexuality' does not mean 'males into males' and 'females into females'?

Because we get socially ostracized and shamed for disagreeing. I have witnessed this IRL at school when I was in school, and now at work.

There are actually a lot more people in Gen Z who disagree with this bullshit than you would think! I've had a lot of private conversations with people who are skeptical, amused, or also frustrated about it like I am, but the consequences of speaking up-- especially speaking up consistently-- scare most people away from speaking up.

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Why do gays and lesbians so meekly accept being defined out of existence?

Lesbians don't. We've been talking about it for years just to be labeled as TERFs and pushed into silence. Most of the "lesbians" who are down with the T like over on Reddit are just bisexual women pretending to be lesbian.

TERF is such an incredibly effective slur to throw at lesbians too since it alienates us from the left and it alienates from the right. The left doesn't want to deal with transphobia and the right doesn't want to deal with radical feminists. That's why they throw it at every lesbian who speaks out regardless of if she's a radical feminist or not.

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Exactly. Where is Julia Beck nowadays? She was the tərf version of Rachel Maddow. Lol

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Why do gays and lesbians so meekly accept being defined out of existence?

I don’t want to be brutally honest, but we need it. The reality is, a lot of homosexuals, just like a lot of heterosexuals, are cumbrains. We’re too busy consuming corporate products, wasting time on social media and watching porn to pay attention to what’s happening. This plays a part in it. This plays a part in why western civilisation has been so willing to accept this path we’re heading down.

Obviously other factors are at play. Censorship, hate speech laws and cancel culture.

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Why do gays and lesbians so meekly accept being defined out of existence?

I don’t want to be brutally honest, but we need it. The reality is, a lot of homosexuals, just like a lot of heterosexuals, are cumbrains. We’re too busy consuming corporate products, wasting time on social media and watching porn to pay attention to what’s happening.

Ok, while I agree that we are as susceptible as any other demographic to tuning out the world and consuming corporate products, I think this is being unfair to our demographic, lol. There is so much damn censorship of our community going on.

Many people who spout pro-trans nonsense and who claim to be LGB are those who think it's a "fun, open-minded lifestyle" and are actually straight, as well.

For the people who are actually LGB and lack the critical thinking skills or energy to assess the damage that the transgender movement is doing... well, yeah, I'd agree with you.

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Most LGB people who parrot TWAW are young and still have so much to learn before they can truly form an opinion on the matter. They lack the critical thinking skills to do so because their brains’ haven’t fully developed the ability yet. Also, I think it has to do with the stereotype that inhabitants of alphabet city are extremely liberal and want to be on ““““the right side of history””””. IMO, of all the stereotypes about the LGBT2QBIGMAC+ community, this is the most harmful and is what feeds into emboldening the TRAs

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There's also the stereotype that the only people who don't support trans causes are hardcore alt-right figures, therefore if you're not supportive of everything trans, you are therefore on the far right. There is no willingness to acknowledge that people can be critical of gender ideology while falling on the liberal or progressive scale of socioeconomic issues.

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How did we come to the point where the younger generation just rolls over and readily accepts that 'homosexuality' does not mean 'males into males' and 'females into females'? Why do gays and lesbians so meekly accept being defined out of existence?

I'm one of the "younger generation" and I don't accept it at all, and I know a small handful of people IRL around my age who don't accept it either. All of us are terrified of losing our jobs or getting doxxed, harassed, sent threats. I am ashamed every day of being a coward about this. I think for the LGB people who are TRAs and parrot the TWAW and TMAM lies, they wish they could convince themselves, b/c the truth is too miserable.

I used to follow a blog years ago that was mostly fandom, and the writer was a lesbian. She got anonymous messages several times a week from people demanding to know if she was attracted to transwoman, or if she would date a transwoman. It was at the level of harassment. She always replied super diplomatically, saying, "why are you asking such personal stuff online" and "why are you messaging a stranger about dating", always keeping it polite. I stopped reading her blog, and decided to look it up recently out of curiosity. It was full on TRA blog! All TRA validation. Why such a hard pivot? I saw the same thing with the blog of the girl who got beat up by Transactivists in St. Louis a couple years ago. After she got beat she took a hard pivot and started fawning over trans ideology. It's a bizarre pattern.

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Yes, it's a very difficult situation where we've allowed them to essentially terrorize the LGB community with death threats, harassment, having our jobs put into jeopardy, etc. And all because we're worried that perfectly normal lesbian and gay children are thinking that their gender non-conformity means there's something wrong with them and in need of fixing.

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Every time I look at that sub, it's become more and more TRA-leaning. It's only a matter of time.

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I had someone who is apparently hardcore alt-right argue vehemently in favor of trans people that sexual orientation is whatever trans people decide, and that two males having sex is somehow now homosexual. If a male identifying as a woman wants sex with a heterosexual male, it's heterosexual sex purely on the trans person's say so, and their partner's feelings are irrelevant.

Worse, they outright admitted that homosexuality is worse than being transgender (as in the view that trans is acceptable because it's a "cure" for homosexuality) and resorted to racial slurs at the end of a long comment chain.

The trans community is implicitly receiving support from hardcore religious right. The LGB community is essentially now under attack from both sides of the political spectrum, from people with no real empathy for the LGB community. You might as well call it the TQlgb+ community to make it clear that self-attributed identities are valued more than innate sexual orientations. What a depressing time to be alive.

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There are 7.9 billion people in this world. The reddit TRA echochamber accounts for 100k, at my most flagrantly generous estimate.

You'll not find the types with the backbone to go against the grain on sites like reddit, where everything you say or think is submitted for rating by total strangers for validation.

The younger generation and homosexuals aren't just accepting this. They're just not allowed to talk on platforms with an agenda/have better things to do than muck in the ideological mud with the mentally ill.

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This is why homosexual and bisexuals are happy to join the LGB Alliances that have been formed across the globe after the first one was founded in the UK. And why the transgender propagandists have been working overtime to smear them as hate groups that exist solely to exclude transpeople. Rather than interest groups to support homosexual and bisexually oriented people.

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I suspect that transgender activists are also acutely aware a lot of their credibility came from being associated to the LGB movement, which is why they are very quick to attack any movement that seeks to distance itself from their causes. They want that credibility that comes from being able to call themselves LGBTQIA+++, same reason they always want to associate themselves with legitimate intersex groups. Annoyingly, they're also making an active push to solidify their power and make it seem at though LGB people owe a great debt to the trans community, as if LGB would not have existed without them. Hence why they retroactively apply the trans label to historical figures, claiming that Stonewall would not have existed without them, and so on. It's an obvious power play.