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There can't be homosexuals if they can't use the word! - Trans logic.

These fucks really think they can change reality just by changing what words people are allowed to use.

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They love acting oppressed and comparing themselves to oppressed groups but fail to realize that these tactics won't keep us down

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They also don't realise that they can't simultaneously cry 'help we're being oppressed' while actively oppressing any group that doesn't agree with them, especially marginalised ones.

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Unfortunately, as the oppressing group, they can use those exact same tactics used over and over by majority group oppressors to say that equal treatment for all is oppression for them.

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Thank the gods I'm an androphile.

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And of course the Q-slur is not censored. 🤡🌍

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Thank you. I'm old enough to remember when that Q-word was a slur. Gay-bashers would use that word.

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WHAT. We can't even openly talk about homosexuality now?

What the fuck. Even Google is trying to erase us out of existence. This is what happens when so-called "LGBTQ+" organizations claim to represent LGB people.

Homosexual is NOT a dirty word, even if the straight people who run "LGBTQ+" organizations think that it is!

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Remember that dictionary saying that "homosexual" is homophobic word?

And, I don't remember who, I think GLAAD said that "homosexuals is a slur and used as anti-LGBTQ+ phrase". Yeah, homosexuality is clearly makes TQ+ ideology look stupid, so they hate LGB.

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Yesterday I was trying to dispute about attack on lesbians and bisexual erasure on few channels, but was not able to post any posts, as they were automatically deleted. While on other channels, where I was not talking about sexuality - I was able to post.

I thought it is my account is marked, as it was throwaway new account. Looks the reason was much more sinister.

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I've experienced something similar for half a year now. I don't think it's because your account is marked, although it may seem like that sometimes. The language around this whole subject is simply heavily restricted. It's basically 1984, but instead of Big Brother watching us, it's Big Gender.

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Big Bussy

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Oh god.

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As I said before - homosexuality just by existence makes gender ideology invalid. That's why they are so homophobic!

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This wouldn't make me so angry if they didn't attribute changes like this to 'LGBTQ' organizations. The smearing of the word 'homosexual' as offensive is bad enough, but they can at least point the finger at the right people behind this. It's the TQ only who are advocating for changes like this. People look at this and go 'oh look at those crazy LGBTs at it again' when LGBs have literally no reason to advocate for this change. I mean come on why would ACTUAL homosexuals find the word 'homosexual' offensive?

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I think you all underestimate or just don't want to acknowledge how many LGB people are TRAs. Also, remember that YouTube is global... homosexual may be used as a slur in homophobic countries. Also, how many self-hating bi people find bisexual offensive? I'm sure self-hating homo people find homosexual offensive. Maybe conservative homosexuals hate the word.

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I don’t know that we underestimate how many LGB people are TRAs. That’s the reason why we’re participating here and have to be very careful around other LGB people we know because we have no idea where their head is at.

However, the LGB people I personally know who are into gender nonsense are like a million steps behind on what mainstream trans/gender activism is doing right now. They’re still all about recognizing sex because to pretend it doesn’t exist makes the most formative experiences of their lives nonsensical. They are blind to the sex erasure and they are also blindly following what these orgs are telling them about what’s offensive and why. I do think the majority of them are not unreachable (the actual homosexual and bisexual ones, particularly bisexual people who actually do, have, or would participate in same-sex relationships). They are up against a very thick propaganda wall and they want to believe in the benevolence of all this but many can be shown the light.

A lot of them are also only casually TRAs and are just virtue signaling because they’re been duped to believe transgenderism is an equivalent experience but from what they can see it has no immediate relevance to their lives so they see it as harmless while they focus on living their lives (this is more late 20s and above LGB people).

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I don’t know that we underestimate how many LGB people are TRAs. That’s the reason why we’re participating here and have to be very careful around other LGB people we know because we have no idea where their head is at.

Exactly. That's the whole reason we're here. Because other LGBT spaces have been overrun by TRAs and the LGBs who gobble up their bullshittery and become TRAs themselves.

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I'm not denying any of that, but what I am saying is that most of the more recent changes like this in the US (i.e not the countries where the word 'homosexual' is being thrown around as an insult), particularly the ones that have to do with language policing, are getting made because of the TQ. I consider TRAs to be TQ in the sense that they parrot the TQ narrative and contribute to LGB erasure and deplatforming, regardless of whether they're LGB or not. When I ask why would homosexuals find that word offensive, I mean the non-self hating ones.

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Homosexual means same sex attracted, queer means strange in an unpleasant way.

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It’s almost as if they forgot the word was invented by a homosexual man

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I don't know what to say. Anyone with any common sense knows that it's not a bad word. All I can conclude is that this is a deliberate attempt by trams activists to silence lesbian and gay voices. They won't allow us to state who we are which means we can't assert ourselves as homosexual people.

Fuck these guys. I hope that one day they get karma and this blows up in their faces.

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Since when was "homosexual" a derogatory term? It's the universal word for same sex attraction considering "gay" is for men and "lesbian" is for women.

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“Homosexual” became a dirty word at the same time using “woman” to describe an adult human female did

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Even if it was ever a derogatory word, we can just as easily reclaim the word.

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It's only derogatory to gay and lesbian transpeople, since they will never be same sex attracted (not that they ever were in the first place).

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What the hell?

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I'd tested a bunch of words and phrases on a privated video of mine before. The removal time is 20 seconds if it is forbidden on YT. "Homosexual" still works on that video, at least. So it's not quite top-tier restricted yet. But there is a lot they don't allow to be posted at all, profanity filter turned on or not.

Honestly, this "feature" has been annoying me for months. It's getting to the point where I might gave up on commenting about gender ideology related issues on YT altogether. Because that seems like the only time this latent filter kicks in. I don't really use swear words in comments, but terms and phrases on this subject are frequently restricted as if they were profanity or hate speech. Often times I write something long and forget to copy the text, I eventually find out it was removed after posting and no one saw it 😠

I then spend the next long while re-writing and testing the offending passage in the test video is determine which parts I should excise. What makes it harder is that YT remembers the passage and blocks it even when you have removed the only conceivable "offensive" word/phrase and even modified the text layout. It's some neural-net machine learning. Only Google is capable of controlling speech in this manner at this level. This is why moving away from the Google ecosystem is something I'm trying to do now.

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It's getting to the point where I might gave up on commenting about gender ideology related issues on YT altogether. Because that seems like the only time this latent filter kicks in.

It's very much a deliberate means of censoring the debate and preventing people from talking about this issue. Have you tried using acronyms or misspelling words? I should make up some new phrases and test those.

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Not yet. I suspect they'll be some difficulties with that method as well. Not to mention the commenter risks looking like a weirdo to anyone who doesn't know why they are doing it.

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I'm so done with trans people. They're after gay people's life. They'll steal our funding and turn our spaces against us, then try to erase us. If they had their way, they would force all gay men to convert to women and lesbians to men.

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I believe they're doing this because it contains the word "sex." Their plan is to erase sex and gaslight everybody that we've been attracted to "gender presentation or identity" all along. They literally won't allow the concept of homosexuality to exist. This is the logic that gave us SuperGays.