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Dudes in the comments pretending they get hit on by straight men lmao

(or anyone, really...)

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The best part is if that was actually something that happens to them they wouldn’t have gotten so upset about the super movement.

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Are there any actual lesbians left on that sub.

Also, the lack of self awareness on the part of the TW there is stunning.

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you mean brave and stunning.

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Well, they are trying to avoid being aware of themselves. That'd ruin the fantasy.

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I blame Ben Shapiro for this.

What has Ben Shapiro done to personally attack you, sir? The facts and logic that lesbians don’t like dick and consequently don’t want you is too much to handle?

On the real, I wonder if it ever dawns on any of the people in the comments that they’re constantly proving OP’s point.

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Is he that guy who told it like the way it is about the percentage of transgenders who commit suicide which happens to be at a significantly higher percentage than the other demographics who do?

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He is also the guy who got threatened on live tv by a transwoman an noone reacted to that.

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I don’t know if Shapiro did that. But trans people are exceptionally pissed at him right now because, recently, he’s argued several times that trans activism poses a threat to women’s rights. Not just in sports, but prisons, homeless shelters, locker rooms, hiring, etc. Shapiro’s also been pointing out that trans ideology is destroying the gay rights movement. A guys with over half a million daily listeners calling out their shit is a threat and they’ve been super mad.

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Just wanted to thank the mods for responding and deleting transphobic comments so quickly. Hopefully one day Terfs will learn that they don't belong in our wlw spaces.

Ahhh, yes, I see the "don't gatekeep me" crowd gets to decide who does or does not belong in wlw spaces...

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As usual the deleted comments are illuminating:

Serious question. Is the user mononoke1412 an actual idiot or just a dedicated LARPer? How can a single person have so much cognitive dissonance between their girldick standing, yet waxing poetic over how the medical industry favors male bodies over female bodies to “highly recommending” the book 1984 by George Orwell. What an absolute full-time airhead.

Edit: Honestly, with post histories like this, it really does come across like some highly dedicated troll because “she” calls herself a lesbian in a lot of places and hangs out in a lot of spaces that an outsider would expect to find lesbians and women generally (but that we have known to be gender-jacked and engages in a lot of feminist discourse appearing to come down hard on males, how society favors males and is built on them being the default human, but then uses all of that to uphold the idea of males as lesbians and kicking out women/lesbians from women’s/lesbian’s space who challenge the incursion and centering of males and male interests.

That has to be calculated right? It’s almost too perfect. To be talking about male vs female bodies and then in one space where convenient and pretend that they don’t exist when aggressively defending plbepenised male lesbians. Or is Gen Z just this thoroughly fucked? The TRA Millennial lesbians I know IRL at least premier their position on the distinction between gender and sex. I don’t even know if they know about the concept of a transbian. They are somewhere between in the dark and in denial about the sex erasure that is going on.

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Is the user mononoke1412 an actual idiot or just a dedicated LARPer?

Could easily be both! I like this other comment here being all "woe is me":

Here we go again, my daily dose of being reminded that I'm at the bottom of the lesbian pecking order.

Dude, you're a guy with a penis, you literally aren't on any sane lesbian's pecking order because of your pecker.

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Reddit hates women. Fine. They can have that whole sub to themselves, a bunch of men LARPing as women saying they are lesbians. Kinda funny actually if you look at it from the outside.

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I look forward to the day where they decide to have a real-life meetup and realize they're all neckbeards.

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Thanks! Removeddit never seems to work for me.

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Lol, one of the deleted comments there said "Theres a lot of deleted post huh. You sure did strike some nerves.". Holy shit, the manipulation perpetrated by those mods is absurd.

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please don't try to equate penises to men

No need, nature already did that.

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Thank god all those jannies showed up. Otherwise someone's feelings might have gotten hurt!

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"Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/actuallesbians." OF COURSE.

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iT iS ThE mOUtHfeEl THaT is tHE dIfFerEnCe

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I want to make a new account now but play along this time. I think this fantasy is some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard of... These dudes are next level!

I love the person who thought the meme WAS about transwomen lmao. Exactly.

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I could be "blackpussydaddy" yeah they would listen to that username 😂

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You could be StraightMale2021 and they'd listen, because they're cretins.

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Hopefully one day Terfs will learn that they don't belong in our wlw spaces

Don't you worry, we lesbians don't want to belong in your "wlw" spaces.

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The cognitive dissonance is stunning, especially in the comments. I’m surprise that post was even left up; doesn’t she know that lesbians have penises and sucking dick is the most supremely lesbian activity there is? The number of deleted comments just further proves the trans agenda – assimilate or be put in your place! How sad that lesbians can’t even joke about hating dick in their own communities anymore.