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No, they actively oppose homosexuals and try to force conversion therapy on us.

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American lgbtq ngos haven’t given a single fuck about LGB people since 2015.

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No, not remotely. It’s all T and gender ideology, even if it means promoting conversion therapy from inside the LGBTQ.

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Are there any organisations that represent interests of lesbians, gays and bisexuals? I mean: organisations that "oficially" oppose TRAs and gender ideology.

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Yes. LGB Alliance does, and they have different chapters in many countries (I know of UK, USA, India, and Canada, but there may be more). There is also LGB Fight Back in the USA.

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There's a bunch more LGB Alliances - it started in the UK in 2019 IIRC and spread very rapidly across the world.

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Thanks! :) That's a good news.

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In the US, LGB Fight Back just launched this Valentine's' Day and has already demonstrated with Parents of ROGD Kids outside of hospitals that transition children.

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It seems like most people in this thread agree these organizations are actively anti-LGB and homophobic, which I honestly agree with. I wonder sometimes if the point of these organizations isn't actually to foster homophobia, since so many of them seem dead set on being as obnoxious and authoritarian as possible in the name of the "LGBT community". A lot of times when I tell people I'm gay I can see them start tiptoeing around me a bit because they assume all gay people are part of this insane, authoritarian gender clique. I worry in a few years there will be a backlash to these LGBT organizations, and given how incessantly obnoxious and abrasive these orgs are, I wonder if that backlash was the plan from the start.

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Short answer: In the US, most do not - former gay organizations now work for TQ+/ gender ideologists

I just posted this on its own, but I wanted to make sure people in this thread saw it because it explains why HRC is selling out LGB via the Equality Act and similar state & local legislation, and also HRC's push to transition primarily gay kids.

This man, Alphonso David, is the same man who answered there were more than two sexes during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Equality Act.

HRC President to Unveil New Framework Centering Transgender Community

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That's a hard "No" due to the fact that this group is focusing soley on transgenders and they're also trying to guilt rape people into being in relationships with transgenders.

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In France, yes and no.

Yes : they share (accurate) LGB history, they fight against LGB discrimination, share news of what's going on in other countries for LGB people. They worked to get us the right to marry.

And no : they push the anglosphere trans agenda trying to trample women's rights, they share ideas that sexual orientation could be changed by promoting political lesbianism (if you don't know what that is : basically straight women deciding they'll only date women from then on because men disappointed them. And calling themselves lesbians, when they are not.), they advocate for transing kids...

I believe this is how it must have started for anglo-people too, us LG and Bs are unsuspecting. Organisations that fought for our rights and still defend us to this day are simultaneously trying to destroy us, that creates conflict in our minds.

I, for one, feel uncomfortable critisizing an organisation that actually does and did help people like me. And maybe I shouldn't feel this way, but I do. I don't trust them at all, seeing how things went down in NA and the UK, it's only a matter of time until our organisations turn completely TQ+ too. But right now that's not the case, they are, as we say here, sitting their ass between two chairs. This is why LGB people don't rebel until it's too late. They haven't completely abandoned us yet, and we feel it's impossible that they will. Unfortunately, what I've seen on the internet for the past five years proves it is possible.

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No. That’s why they’ve started lgb orgs.