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I personally just can't WAIT for some 20 year-old to start lecturing me about how proud transwoman Marsha P. Johnson threw the first brick at Stonewall and started the whole LGBTQIA+++ movement. /s

I marched in my first Gay Pride Parade in 1990, back when it was still grassroots and genuinely political, since we were in the middle of the AIDS Crisis. We had religious protesters lined up condemning us. Sodomy was illegal. LGB soldiers were being witch-hunted out of the military. Same-sex marriage was like science fiction.

So, basically, my generation snow-plowed ALL this shit out of the way, so some little purple-haired fuckwit can call me a horrible cis-male oppressor. Cry me a river, sweetheart.

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basically, my generation snow-plowed ALL this shit out of the way, so some little purple-haired fuckwit can call me a horrible cis-male oppressor.

This is probably the best summary of the actual LGBT issues :)

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It really is. They have absolutely no clue.

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That's a great visual. I wish I could draw, so I could draw that.

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So, basically, my generation snow-plowed ALL this shit out of the way, so some little purple-haired fuckwit can call me a horrible cis-male oppressor. Cry me a river, sweetheart.

<thumps mug on the bar> Hear, hear!

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So, basically, my generation snow-plowed ALL this shit out of the way, so some little purple-haired fuckwit can call me a horrible cis-male oppressor

Seriously! I told my friend that I would not hesitate to knock one of those TQIA+ motherfuckers OUT if one of them called me “queer”. These people have NO respect for older LGB people and no real idea about actual gay and bisexual history and activism.

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"pride month"

Oh boy, a month we're we celebrate fake sexualities and bow down to our transgender overlords!

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I’m absolutely ecstatic thinking about spending a month being told all my rights came from transwomen of color and hearing about others’ sex lives in far too much detail. I’m also stoked for being told to celebrate straight people larping as LGB and told I should hate cops, capitalism, and homosexuality to be a real lesbian.

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I'm actually really looking forward to Pride this year, it's my first year with a girlfriend and I'm hoping we can go to a Pride and volunteer together and just be out and proud lesbians. When I was struggling to accept my sexuality, I volunteered at Pride and seeing other women out and loving other women especially when they're a couple really helped me feel ok with being a lesbian. I want to be that support for young lesbians at Pride now too.

I'm done with letting the TQ+ take over and colonize every LGB space, Pride is an important part of our history and I want to start reclaiming that as a safe space for normal LGB people and our families to be in community with each other and normalize our same-sex attraction and take some space back from all the queer/kinkster stuff.

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Wasn't around 20 years ago, but I would assume the major change happened when it went from this

On June 11, 1999 President Clinton issued Proclamation No. 7203 (PDF) for Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

to this

On June 1, 2009, President Obama issued Proclamation No. 8387 (PDF) for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. In this proclamation the President pointed to the contributions made by LGBTQ Americans both in promoting equal rights to all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and in broader initiatives such as the response to the global HIV pandemic. The President ended the proclamation by calling upon the people of the United States to "turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists."

edit: formatting fail lol

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I always dread Pride Month. But I am dreading it even more this year, because I just learned a stupid "LGB alliance chapter" has opened up in the country I currently live in.

So I assume, given that this "alliance" is more than 3 whole people (The article announcing it didn't say how big it was... and given that everything is small here, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a few people) Pride Month will just have the streets filled with some kind of SJW war between TRAs doing their usual shit, and entitled LGB keyboard warriors believing they're oppressed by transgender teenagers and evil straight people in a country where there is no "systematic homophobia" at all.

It's not going to be some GRAND VICTORY AGAINST TEH TRANS MENACE because here, the government is basically making decisions against the popular opinion. Few people actively support trans. Most are just neutral, or "eh whatever people can identify as what they want I guess" or negative. So yelling about stuff that everyone already knows is not going to help, but judging from the "LGB alliance" track record, they're not even gonna do that.

Basically what's going to happen is, come Pride, both trans and homosexual/bisexual people will be having a screech fight in the streets, there will be dogshit propaganda from both sides everywhere like "TERFS MUST DIE AND ARE ABUSING KIDS BY NOT LETTING THEM TRANSITION" and "NONO THE TRANS ARE THE CHILD ABUSERS SEE, THEY WANT TO TRANS THE GNC KIDS WHO'LL GROW UP TO BE GAY KINKY ADULTS TEEHEE" and to cut a long story short, it will make all trans and same sex attracted people look bad and the public opinion will almost definitely end up more conservative/anti LGBT. Oh and the pride parade here is almost always extremely sexual. So I just want you to imagine a big BDSM/puppy play themed rainbow parade, but with nerdy keyboard activists screaming at eachother over surreal concepts like "gender identity" "terfs" "internalized homophobia".

And people like me will be driven further back into the "closet" because why would I openly admit to having anything in common with those people.

Pride is an embarrassment and each year pushes me a little further into becoming a full on raging anti-gay religious person... and I am an extreme atheist who thinks "God" is one of the biggest problems of society.

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Which country are you from, or where is this?

In the past there were leathersex, kink, and BDSM events but children, trans people, and asexuals were not there, and you always saw LGB men and women wearing leather at pride events but there were always many more drag queens and twinks.

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Oh and the pride parade here is almost always extremely sexual. So I just want you to imagine a big BDSM/puppy play themed rainbow parade, but with nerdy keyboard activists screaming at eachother over surreal concepts like "gender identity" "terfs" "internalized homophobia".

Are there really equal numbers of LGB people and TQ+ in your country? Usually trans rights activists far outnumber anyone who is actually for same-sex rights. I find that hard to believe, but I guess every region is different. In many countries, straight and LGB people alike have gotten beaten up in the streets for saying stuff like "there are two sexes" and "same sex attraction exists."

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I was in my early teens twenty years ago, but came out around that time and I helped start the first LGB group at my Florida high school. There was actually a pretty decent scene where I lived, and I used to love going to gay coffeehouses and then bars. It was hard but wonderful, and all of that activism and having a good support system really helped me feel secure and happy in my sexuality. And feminism was always a part of the LGB community too, especially with lesbians.

It feels like the community is completely different now. I think about going to Pride because we have a pretty substantial parade, but it makes me incredibly nervous to think about. It used to make me excited to get involved in the LGB community. Now it just puts my stomach in knots because I know it’s probably completely overrun with trans people and their handmaidens, and weird paraphiliac straight people who like to walk each other on dog leashes and shit. I really don’t have the energy to argue with people like that, but I know I can’t keep my big mouth shut either, so I think it’s better just not to go. I don’t know. I have a lot of conflicted feelings with the modern gay movement. I wish that the LGB Alliance was big here. I would go to and help out any event by them in a heartbeat.

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No. I do not go to LGB/LGBT pride events, and back when I would go to bars they would be mobbed with tourists which isn't a bad thing as the bar, staff, and city need to make money but the parades have been useless for decades.

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I've never been to Pride, but Atlanta Pride always seems normal (not "queer" like Portland Pride).

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Not really, I live under a rock so it has minimal impact on me.

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But honest question for people who were around Pride events 20 years ago -- what were they really like?

Hmm. They had seemed pretty benign and celebratory and playful and LGB where I am. It was just routine.

I don't tend to say much on social media about it during that month because I don't see my sexuality as an interesting thing to discuss ad nauseam, just like my shoe size isn't interesting either. Perhaps I will make a simple statement about being bisexual and nothing else. That will perturb all the right people in the right ways and they can't do a damned thing about it either. But as I was writing this I realized that if we just stay quiet while the co-opters make all the noise, that's not gonna help.

I'll have to think about this. Because the woke police (my fellow progressives who have been imbibing delusion juice—hence why I now shy away from the term until they clean themselves up) will be very reluctant to say anything against me during pride month that they might otherwise.

Perhaps we have an opportunity here rather than something to dread. I don't have that crystal ball, so you are on your own, but now that you've brought it up, I'm thinking about it.

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Can I somehow leave the planet and avoid this year's shitshow?

Yes. Delete FB, IG, and Twitter from your phone.

Did it and everything that used to annoy me no longer exists in my life. It's great.

edit: I can't stress this enough. It's fucking awesome. All of the nonsense that means nothing literally no longer exists in my life. I follow a handful of people online on other sites and I talk to my neighbors and a small handful of friends. The bullshit is gone and I do not miss it.

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What about all your neighbors "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, how do you delete them? Small incendiary devices?

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enjoy the walk with the dog and enjoy the chuckle that comes out whenever you spot such obvious hypocrisy and people patting themselves on the back for doing nothing.

edit: also fuck you for whatever you're doing on here. I check in a couple of times a week and have already noticed your obvious negative trolling. Get a life or another job dork.

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IIRC you're a heterosexual man who said you got a kick out of the posters on this sub.

I've fought for gay rights since the 1980s and took care of gay men dying of AIDS, when no one would even touch gay men with AIDS - and you?

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I've had loads of gay and lesbian friends throughout my life and treated them no differently than anyone else. I'm not sure what you're driving at but I promise you aren't going to find it here.

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Very much so. I live with a TRA transbian in student housing (I used to be very woke, he had a year in Finland, asked us to get a house with him, I peaked late in the next academic year, but couldn’t dessert him. He does not know I’m a TERF (thank fk Covid means I’ve spent most of the year at home) and wearing the mask is exhausting)). We went to pride a few years back, but now I’m terrified I’ll out myself in front of him or even at pride. One of my other housemates is woke af too.

I can’t not go to pride- he’ll smell a huge rat as I am bi, and it’s almost compulsory to go if your LGB(Tblahblahblah). Glad to be in final year XD

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Given how last year's Copenhagen Pride had a giant rainbow BLM fist statue in the center of pride square and an even bigger #WithTheT trans flag banner, it's only going to be worse this fall.

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But honest question for people who were around Pride events 20 years ago -- what were they really like?

In my Central European country - stones and, if you were lucky, eggs were falling onto us. If you turned into wrong corner you could be beaten. You were yelled at at every turn.

Things progressed much since then.