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Yeah, the LGB Alliance is a load of crap. Never have I once seen them doing anything. I am just seriously fed up of every LGBTQ+ organisation under the sun. All of them either do sweet FA or use their good faith support to push dangerous and creepy messages, whether that be pro-TQ+ or anti-TQ+. Never donate to them, never trust them.

I seriously wish this would all just go away, fast. All I want is for people to be allowed to uphold their sexual attraction without questioning, for words to have definitions based on a measurable reality, and for children to be safe. No LGB pressure, no TQ+ pressure, no surgeries (whether that be intersex or trans), no hormones, nothing.

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The other day the following article was posted in here:

I zeroed in on the following language:

The self-ID bill went far beyond self-identification and also covered gender autonomy. As a result, children born with various differences in sex development cannot receive adequate medical treatment until they are able to speak for themselves. Parents and doctors can therefore not make the best decisions anymore on behalf of the child. It is quite astounding to see Iceland, which in many respects is such a progressive country, actually denying infants healthcare that would help make their childhood more bearable, while at the same time allowing minors to use puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Furthermore, 15-year-olds can now legally change their gender without parental consent.

I asked what they were talking about here and is this cosmetic surgery being performed on children’s genitalia for cosmetic, non-medical reasons? I was unable to get an answer. One thing is clear though: this has nothing to do with being lesbian, gay, or bisexual and as such should not be part of any LGB platform. If people want to support or oppose that, they should not use LGB mechanisms to do so. That’s how we once again lose sight about what same sex rights are all about.

In any case, I am still concerned by this language and it is extremely hypocritical for an LGB organization to be talking this way. What do the intersex activists have to say about this? I want to do know who these people are. They should be made to answer for this and explain their position. We have to be critical of all those who purport to represent us to the public.

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This 100% covers cosmetic "sex changes" and nothing else. Because Iceland specifically proposed a bill protecting intersex children against that, and it did not even pass. The Self-Id and Nonbinary part passed, but the intersex part was dropped because "The bill would have better chances of succeeding without it."

The Icelandic government really backed out on bodily autonomy for a group of people because it might not allow trans people to benefit. The fact that these people think that intersex rights are a trans propaganda thing is INSANE. They hate us just as much.

And of course, once again, who is vetting these "LGB alliances?" Do they just pop up on their own? Is the "main" LGB alliance not concerned who might speak on their behalf? Until they publically denounce anti-intersex and pedophilic behavior I am going to assume they are silent supporters, especially if shit like this gets posted to LGB article sites..

Intersex activists are unfortunately few and far between. Most have been bullied into hiding by TRAs and many intersex platforms (forums, online support groups, etc) have been taken over and re-purposed into trans hangouts. I was in many of them. I even tried to start my own intersex Reddit and it was a mere week or two before I got people posting about gender identity and aggressively asking me why I didn't allow such things.

The biggest reason abuse of intersex people is allowed to go on is because it's a relatively small group. It's not like trans where this stuff is getting into laws because many people are identifying as trans these days. Having a disorder of sexual development is uncommon and due to poor education and misinformation about them, people can have them without knowing, not to mention social stigma. Trans people and others alike know they can get away with mistreating us because they know we hold no power to stop it.

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Honestly it sounds like there is overlap with the issues that lesbians face. It’s so hard to find the voices of actual homosexual females. We just get political lesbian/radfems, straight and bisexual women, and now transbians holding themselves out as us. I’m sorry and wish you had better representation. I agree we need to be vetting who is behind the LGB Alliances and what their agendas and relationships with one another are. But I also have no problem with there being multiple LGB groups as long as they are clear on what and who they represent.

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Which particular LGB Alliance? Do you have links? There seem to be competing ideologies but I've never seen the UK based group support anything like surgery on intersex children.

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Look at the link I posted in this thread about LGB Alliance Iceland.

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The Iceland "chapter" is the one that spoke up in defense for intersex medical abuse. However, many of the worldwide LGB Alliance twitter + facebook pages post pedophilic comments and creepy captions about kids.

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Idiots need to stop conflating intersex issues with transgender issues. I feel awful for intersex people during this current stupid social climate.

Also, fuck John Money.. All this shit is that assholes fault.

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do you have some links? I don't follow them but i Hadn't heard they said stuff like this.

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I will try to gather them and put them in this post (or maybe a new one) I will also collect screenshots and post them somewhere in case they get deleted; "archive" doesnt work for me (and screenshotting is faster anyway)

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I've been on the fence about the LGB Alliance since I liked the idea of a group that wasn't TRA's advocating for gay people. But jesus christ, fuck the LGB Alliance if this is what they stand for, or at least fuck this chapter since I'm not sure how connected the different groups are other than the name. Also if you are advocating for gay people why the fuck are you even weighing in on Intersex people's rights. Everyday I lose a little bit more faith in humanity, I'm surprised I have any left.

Also, does anyone know any good intersex organizations or charities? Be nice to know if there are any good places to donate to or support that actually advocates for intersex rights.

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Yeah, LGB Alliance is just another money-grab. I've never seen them do ANYTHING other than get in arguments on Twitter. I'm tired of seeing groups/individuals just say they support a cause, tweet about it, then beg for donations. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I don't see why they should be pushing for this sort of thing, as it's morally abhorrent and totally irrelevant to LGB activism.

I often see the argument that GNC kids grow up to be LGB and it kills me. There is research backing it, but it just seems too ridiculous to be true.