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A 16 year old got tired of being bullied for being straight and not wanting to date trans women so he made a tick tock inventing a new sexuality so he wouldn't be bullied anymore.

This then took off on the internet with a bunch of people joining in for shits and giggles. A bunch of them started taking it seriously when they found out what lesbians and gay men have been dealing with in regards to the sexual coercion and rapist rhetoric from trans people.

And the 16 year old got a bunch of death threats and his mom got death threats and his mom's business got review bombed which basically just proved his point about being bullied for being straight.

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Then trans activists and the liberal media claimed it was made up by Nazis as an attack on trans people. Oh, and trans people took away $7,000 SuperStraight had raised for a rape shelter (got their GoFundMe yanked).

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found out what lesbians and gay men have been dealing with in regards to the sexual coercion and rapist rhetoric from trans people

I seriously had no idea that this was happening until the super straight thing blew up. Disgusting.

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Super straight is a basically a heterosexual person meaning someone only attracted to the opposite sex, so a heterosexual male won't be attracted to trans women and a hetero female won't be attracted to trans men. It's to differentiate from the "modern" definition of sexualities - meaning they're attracted to the opposite SEX and not GENDER.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind them joining as their cause is literally the same as LGBDropTheT. It emerged as a reaction from TRAs hostility towards people who exclude them from dating pool. It's great to have straight people besides us. There's no "community" whatsoever. At this point, make it LGBS already. At least they're all sexualities and defending our sexual boundaries.

Everyone here is literally a super sexual person.

If you want to check the man who created this movement and his explanation , check this video:

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Everyone here is literally a super sexual person.

Oh stop it, you.

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ain't that the truth lol

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I'll try to give you a quick summary of the events as they unfolded.

A guy on TikTok got fed up with being told he had to be attracted to transwomen because he's straight so he made a video saying he's actually "super straight" and only attracted to natal women. He got death threats for it but also a lot of support and the new terminology spread quickly. A subreddit r/SuperStraight was made and became the hub of the movement gaining 30k members in it's short lifespan.

The movement was a blessing for many, whether gay or straight, who were frustrated with TRAs for hijacking language to cram themselves into our spaces. By adding a prefix of "super" we gained the words we needed to accurately describe our sexualities as trans exclusive. TRAs hijacked "straight", "lesbian" and "gay" after all. We thought: "fine, let them have it. We'll make our own space". That space was r/SuperStraight and it was a place of solidarity between hetero-, homo- and bisexuals.

In it's short life span r/SuperStraight brought light to the abuse LGB people faced at the hands of TQ+. It was a place of joking and memeing yes but it also archived news articles of transwomen commiting vile crimes, shady pro-trans legistrature that's been passed under our noses, the harassment anyone who disagreed faced, and the absolutely moronic logic of the entire trans ideology.

It was a light at the end of a dark tunnel for us. And it got snuffed out by the trans mafia. RIP r/SuperStraight. Too good for this world.

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Some of them did make their way here at least, we've now got s/SuperStraight and s/LGBS. s/SuperStraight is more active though.

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r/SS was largely SATIRE too. They had the SJW lingo down pat. Made their arguments based on trans ideology as if they accepted it as true (trans women are women so straight people are necessarily attracted to trans women; if they were not attracted to trans women they must not be straight, they must be a different orientation). Saying trans women are men was banned.

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    wait what

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    I genuinely don’t know what any of this is and haven’t been able to find anything on it that actually gives me any sort of clear, concise answer.

    Because all references to it have now been expunged from the internet and all that's left are the TRAs who are free to call it a hateful, neo-Nazi movement because hey, if they weren't Nazis, why were they banned, huh? Riddle me that, phobe. /s

    Anyway, since the Lefist Woquesters subscribe to what is perhaps best described as the Humpty Dumpty school of semantics:

    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all." [Emphasis added]

    where words meant nothing any more, SuperStraight was a glorious attempt by straight people (or what used to be known as 'straight people' before that term was coopted to include transgenders) to play these cretins at their own game.

    SuperStraight people acknowledge the primacy of biological sex when it comes to sexualities. A SuperStraight man is attracted to biological females. Transgender 'women' wouldn't feature in his dating pool. This is also the case for SuperLesbians. SuperStraight women and SuperGay men are attracted to biological males, and transgender 'men' are not part of their dating pool.

    And... that's it. Trans Inc. couldn't handle being told 'no' and so the whole enterprise was shut down, and now is being painted as hateful, neo-Nazi white supremacy nonsense.

    This really woke me up to how 'public opinion' can be manipulated to create the impression of a united front. It makes me wonder about what other critical voices on other issues are being silenced.

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    This really woke me up to how 'public opinion' can be manipulated to create the impression of a united front. It makes me wonder about what other critical voices on other issues are being silenced.

    When media and social media mass-disable comments or likes on a particular topic take it was a red flag.

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    good summaries here, it was basically a thing that took of on twitter and reddit, there was super straight, supergay and super lesbian, even super trans. But it was meant to point out how we are all being gaslight into beleiving it's transphobic to not want to sleep with trans people. On the redit sub it seemed alot of positivity for lgb and even T, and thats the direction they wanted the movement to go. It was alot of trolling the trolls by using woke language against the brigaders. There where some 4 chan sceenhots that came out AFTER the tic tok video that started the movement, and that led everyone to say it was all right wing nazi's, even though you could see it wasn't. There where lesbians telling their horror stories and alot of shocked heterosexuals. The trans don't like losing control of the narrative and multiple subs got taken down, even the lgb ones. It was not a serious attempt to join the alphabet though. They were just staying "by your rules we are valid" as the lgbt were screaming "you're not valid!!"

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    When the Supersubs were activeon peddit, the consensus was that we don't want to join the LGB alphabet soup. Most people understand that being homosexual or bisexual is still in the minority, and didn't want to ruin it.

    Also, the TQ+ are there, and we don't want anything to do with them lol.

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