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It’s funny. Nobody is spending time going through social media profiles to find random trans people to harass.

But trans people are going through social medial profiles to find people to harass about putting their pronouns in their bio.

Once again, they’re doing the shit they claim others are doing to them.

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So basically we need to act like them in order to dilute the hate they recieve from people? Did LGB ever ask for anything like that from straight allies?

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Did LGB ever ask for anything like that from straight allies?

No, we just asked to be treated like everyone else.

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We used to say "you don't like gay marriage? Don't get gay married."

Now they are basically saying "don't like pronoun musical chairs? Too bad put your pronouns everywhere to hide ours."

It's almost like us asking all straights to get gay married to hide gays from the view of society.

I guess that's pretty close to what they do now with coercive sex lol...

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My pronouns are "Whatever you perceive to be appropriate."

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But that's cheating!

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And for that, we've been sentenced to twenty years stuck with the tees, with ten years of backlash and blame when (not if) the TQ empire crumbles.

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Guize imma do something reeeal stupid and i need every1 else to do it with me at the same time so i don't look as dumb- k?

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I don't think I will either, thanks.

Funny. Stuff like this reminds me of having grown up around abusive people. You try to resist in the little ways, because resisting in the big ways will land you in physical harm, financial harm, or get you socially isolated and lambasted.

My workplace (like many) forces me to play pretend about biological sex and about how "transgender people are the most oppressed" and meanwhile, many LGB children are given chemically castrating drugs and pressured to say they are "transgender" simply because they have temporary gender dysphoria.

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The most laughable and infuriating aspect of this demand is that TRAs are so condescending about it:

-it is not hard at all.

-it takes less than 5 seconds.

-it is the least you could do.

Screw them!

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That's the thing that always gets me. Like, no, it's not that hard to do and it does take only a few seconds, but that's the bullshittiest reason to do something. "Well, someone told me to do something and it was easy to do so I didn't give it a second thought."

That's what a person without critical thinking skills would say.

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Since when does everyone have to share their gender online anyway?

I have gotten bothered about this a lot in the past. But I just run a fanart account. I only want to post my art, not politicize my account, and there is no need to know my gender for any of that.

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Did you see how Reddit is going to offer people the option to share their gender identity? LMAO

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This information will be improve content and community recommendations

So, they’re saying users who choose female will be recommended stereotypically female subs? Sounds kinda sexist.

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No, they will be recommended to AGPs to harass.

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Ugh, now people on Reddit will be complaining about the lack of pronouns in bio too.

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Just wait until we're asked to hand out business cards with pronouns

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That font is very hard to read. We need to cancel whoever made it for ableism (against people with visual problems and conditions like dyslexia) and racism/xenophobia (I am Russian)

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This makes me think of the reaction gen z gives me when the see written cursive. Meanwhile none of them can even print block letters lol...

At least it makes sense for a Russian to have a tough time with weird fonts.

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Согласна. Я дрожу и плачу.

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This is so ridiculous. It's like if I, as a lesbian, demanded that everyone put their sexuality in their bio.

I am very obviously a woman. Any social media account connected with my real identity shows my face, and no one who can see would ever call me anything other than she. I also have a writing account that doesn't show my face, but it's still under a woman's name. Not like it even matters online anyway. When I (late 20s) was growing up, we were not encouraged to share personal info online at all.

Also, if they think that people will harass them if they're the only ones doing it, why don't they just... I don't know, STOP?

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When only trans and non-binary people do this it makes it easy for them to be targeted and harassed online

What are you talking about? Trans and non-binary are the ones harassing and doxxing everyone else. And, no, they aren’t going after “transphobes,” they’re going after LGB people, women, and anyone who has a minor disagreement with them.

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How long before they try to force everyone to wear normalize pronoun buttons IRL?

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They already do that. In my industry it's no longer optional when signing up to a conference. It makes me sick.

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Holy shit I'm so sorry

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Put it on upside down and pretend not to realize it. Or maybe it "fell off" somewhere after a while. Or you put on another layer and it's covered now. Or it's on your jacket / bag / whatever that you took off.

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Maybe if they put any effort into looking like their preferred gender, then they wouldn't be misgendered in the first place.

Just food for thought.

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This is Blaire White's take on it. Make the effort. Or get used to being the outlier. They should like that anyway since they would be more unique and special that way.

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Telling LGB people how to be an LGBTQ+ ally-- that right there is offensive.

If they think that was to a non-LGB audience, they are implying that LGB people play the pronoun game.

They don't mean ally anyway. They mean "How to LARP along with Our Delusion" or "How to be included in our fetish."

Instead of pronouns, we could just put Mr. or Ms. in front of our names. (But what about Dr.??? "Herr Doktor, Frau Doktor"!) But then, there's no honorific that comes up "they"! I guess "they" pronouns would be "Misters John Smith"! "Mizzessess Jane Smith"?

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This reminds me of my idiot pansexual coworker from my TQ+ job.

We got in an argument about misgendering. Basically, it started because she didn't know the sex of one of our coworkers and didn't want to "misgender" them and I said I'm sure it'll be fine and that she could, you know...just..ask...and if she already accidentally misgendered them, I'm sure they wouldn't be offended. We can't hear/see each other anyways since we work from home. Then I said "I laugh it off when people accidentally call me sir" and that's when she went off on me LOL. She started lecturing me and said "That's not right" and "Its important that we put our pronouns in the bio bEcAuSe the iNtErNet sAiD so!!"

This coworker that she was trying to figure out the "gender" of has a unisex name similar to, say, Sam for example. Then moron pansexual coworker even thought "maybe this person is nonbinary" uh...why?

Kid you not.

Apart from that... She was a creepy stalker and and a TQ+ fool lol. I stopped talking to her for months since I left that job and she randomly texted me back months later to swear at me and call me names.

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my idiot pansexual coworker

I can't hear that word without thinking "step away from the cookware!"

she randomly texted me back months later to swear at me and call me names

This genderspecial shit is clearly just one symptom of a deeper mental illness.

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I can't hear that word without thinking "step away from the cookware!"

She introduced herself as "bisexual, well actually, I'm pansexual but people get confused so I call myself bisexual" then she further clarified "pansexual means I'm attracted to transgender and non-binary people too".

So I guess she loves cookware and hates binary numbers? (I guess because they tell her to: 01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101111 01100110 01100110, haha)

Glad that she... distinguished the difference there lol. Because bisexuals, or I guess SuperBisexuals™ aren't attracted to trans or "non-binary" people.

Though technically, she is a (trendy/'woke') bisexual with a fetish 'preference' to dating trans/non-binary people haha.

This genderspecial shit is clearly just one symptom of a deeper mental illness.

I have a friend who still works there and he told me she talks shit about me everyday and she was off her meds that day when she texted me lol. She thinks he's on her side. He's an old school gay guy who stops at LGBT(nothing further). I haven't dwelve into the Drop the T topic...My views are a bit more extreme than most tbh...I'm complete against transitioning and the ideology, whereas some people are OK with it as long as the T is dropped from LGB and that they(LGB) are left alone pretty much by the T.

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It's disturbing that so much of that woman's life is built around crazy gender ID claims and talking shit about other people who won't bow down to her insanity.

None of us can be ok with the T because they don't respect biology, reality, women or men's sex-based rights, or children's rights.

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Don't you love how all the quirky new fetishes get their own flag, but the only representation of gay people is the flag being invaded by the trans movement. How fitting.

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Show you’re an ally. I’m not an ally while you’re trying to take women’s rights away and harassing homosexuals. Stop that crap and I’ll reconsider.

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For transgender day, I went through all my Twitter followers (350 or so) and deleted every single one that had pronouns in their bio. That’s how I celebrated!

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I entertained such impure thoughts yesterday.

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I always just say my pronouns are I/me/my if I’m ever forced to give them

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The lack of personal freedom that these people are subconsciously fighting for is insane. Why on earth would anyone define every thing about themselves as their sexual preference, gender, "preferred gender" race, or anything else? It's insane and it is counterproductive and it is intentionally designed by power makers to make use of usefull idiots.

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These people always tell on themselves. You are seriously delusional if you think that people listing their pronouns on an online blog is any kind of activism. They have no idea what it is to really fight for your rights and build a community; they just infiltrate and assimilate into other communities, dominating the conversations and forcing everyone into their gender idolatry with the threat of silencing, banishment, and violence if you disagree or criticize.

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I played the pronoun game for a while, then peaked, and stopped playing. No one seems to have noticed. But I'm basically daring anyone to harass me about it because they also know I'm LGB. Bring it, cupcakes. Now you have to decide between seeming like you're picking on me, a minority, or trying to keep me "in line" somehow in the service of...what, the group I'm already a part of (the TQ+ version in their heads, anyway)? Most won't go there. And they won't go there because they are scared to death of being cancelled, which is a risk they are themselves enabling. I enjoy boxing people into their own self-inflicted double-binds. Serves them right.