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Already mentioned it elsewhere, but I was one of the many who got a perma-ban on Reddit moments after making a post about Aimee Challenor.

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Oh shit, really? Whelp, earned your stripes at least! Hope it wasn't your main.

Although even if it was, Reddit's going down the shitter anyway.

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Hope this kind of question is okay here: can reddit ban all of your accounts if you use an alt to post in "unsavory" subs aka anything that doesn't agree with the TQ hivemind?

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Yes, they can outright ban your ip if you've caused enough trouble which is why a lot of people use a VPN. The real scary part is that you have subreddits like AHS that stalk users and subs for months, even years, collecting information and reports to get people on whatever they deem offensive.

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If they are able to tie your accounts together, then yes, they can.

Last year sometime, I was shitposting and stirring up trouble in a sub with 2 different alts. Not the same thread, or even on the same day. They managed to associate the accounts, and temp-suspended both of them from the site at the same time.

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I was mostly a lurker in several subreddits that got banned. And I lurk subs that made me cringe too but I don't interact much really because I some people I know in real life might know my account, and also I'm just super paranoid of people going through my history and finding personal information. I'm mostly active in specific communities that are non political like games, languages, music, mental health, etc. I guess I could always make an alt account, but I can't be bothered since I'll probably get banned anyway.