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I come out somewhere between Gandhi and Mandela on the political compass, despite being a far right crypto-fascist Nazi white supremacist for opposing TRA misogyny and homophobia.

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I see, you are literally hitler

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According to this site you’re left libertarian. Your ideology is the opposite of what TRAs claim it is.

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Left wing populist I guess but most people use the wrong definitions for most political classifications so asking this question gives chaotic answers.

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It's all very subjective I feel like

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I’m neither left wing nor right wing. I’m neither liberal, nor moderate, nor conservative. And I oppose both communism and capitalism. But if I had to label myself, I would say that I am a nationalist, a libertarian and a proponent of tightly-knit communities.

I’m a nationalist because I want governments to listen to the people they govern instead of global elites. I consider the idea of a one-world government to be neocolonialism, because all cultures are different and have different ways of doing things, and with a one world government, one group of people will inevitably dominate and oppress other groups. Let countries like Ireland, South Korea, Botswana, Taiwan, Cuba, Poland, Nicaragua, Iran and Pakistan be independent and do what they want in their own countries. And FYI, I oppose racism and racial supremacy. If you don’t like a particular race, whatever, but don’t live in a country that belongs to that race you don’t like. For example, don’t live in Nigeria if you hate black people, don’t live in Hungary if you hate white people.

I am libertarian because I believe in a small government. I believe that it is the responsibility of the community and the individual to govern society. Do what you want, but think about the consequences of your actions and how these consequences affect people around you. Instead of waiting for the government to get involved, help out your neighbours when they’re in need. We do need a government to manage certain services, such as postal services, regulations, anti trust laws, health and safety, justice, the prison system and military, but we need to be less reliant on the government and more reliant on ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our friends. Stop treating the government like your parents. I believe in a free market, but a true free market needs regulation in order to prevent predatory corporations from forming monopolies and crushing the competition. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, Disney and many more should be broken up.

On current issues, I oppose the lockdowns. I know there is a pandemic, but governments are using the lockdowns to increase their powers over people and take away our rights. People are killing themselves because their lives are destroyed. People have not been able to go to funerals of loved ones and have not been able to say goodbye to dying loved ones. Small businesses are closed and will never open up again, while soulless corporations like Amazon and Walmart are bigger than ever. Obesity levels are on the rise, and obesity makes you more vulnerable to COVID. People should have the right to quarantine, but they should not be forced to quarantine. They should not be forced to do anything.

Just in case anyone was wondering, no, I do not support Donald Trump. In fact, I’m glad he’s gone. He’s done a lot of horrible things. He appointed warmongers, corporate lobbyists and his ambitious son-in-law to his cabinet. He murdered Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general who was invited to be in Iraq, because he wanted to stick it to Iran. He bullied other countries into boycotting Iran - yes, Iran is a horrible country to live in, but who appointed Trump's government to be the world police? He pushed the lockdowns in the first place, even going as far as to insult the Swedish and Brazilian governments for refusing to lockdown their populations. He put pressure on vaccine companies to rush the productions of their vaccines, when the proper thing to do is to let these companies take their time with these products because these vaccines are going into your body, so they should be safe. Those COVID vaccines are 90% safe, but they would be much safer if Trump didn’t interfere and force them to rush out their products. Trump never pardoned Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. Trump never stood up for his supporters when social media companies were banning their accounts (which contributed to Trump's well deserved downfall). Instead, what Trump has done was sow division and polarisation, not just in America, but in western civilisation in general. Trump never should have been elected in the first place. By the way, QAnon is not real, Trump is never getting re-elected, and Trump supporters need to accept that Tromp has lost.

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Thanks for writing this up so I didn't have to. I consider myself more-or-less a libertarian who leans a little right from center.

I would add (since OP brought up religion) that I am deeply religious in a Buddhist/Gnostic/Contemporary-Pagan kind of way. As I progress along this path (which I have followed for decades) and as I grow older I understand that this path makes as many demands as any other (e.g. Christianity) although they may be formulated differently. I'm fine with Christians and have some very good friends who are quite devout Christians. I have no illusions about any influence I can wield in changing other people (in other words I have no interest in proselytizing) but it does lead to opinions about contemporary culture that might seem harsh to some. To me it seems there are objective truths whether you like them or not, although I believe people need to learn them on their own time.

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I guess I speak coming from an officially catholic country, where the church still has influence and we still pay a lot of taxes to fund it. I just think church and state must be separated. I have an issue with theocratic states, that's all.

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I don’t have a problem with religion on its own. I don’t like it when religion is used to oppress people, especially oppress people like us. I also don’t like it when religion is used to start wars. But religion does set guidelines on how to live your life, gives you a purpose and give your rituals and a community. By the way, you don’t necessarily need religion to have rituals and a community, but those things are influenced by religion.

I was raised Catholic. I went to mass every week until I was 18. By the time I was in secondary school, I was one of the few pupils in my year who went to mass regularly, and I went to Catholic school. Then I went to a college, and went through an atheist phase for a number of years. Now in the last year, I’ve been praying every night. Last year I gave up something for lent for the first time since I was 18. I might even go to mass when the pandemic ends. So yeah, I guess I’m back to being a Catholic. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the Bible's stance on homosexuality. Some scholars claim that Leviticus only condemns homosexual sexual activity if you do it too much, or if it involves incest, rape or paedophilia, but I’m not sure whether these scholars are correct, or if they’re just adopting a liberal interpretation just to be inclusive. But most Catholics don’t seem to care if you’re gay as long as you’re not promiscuous (Nick Fuentes being an exception, but there is a lot of speculation that he’s secretly gay so it’s hard to know his true stance), and nobody is perfect. I don’t see homosexuality itself as a sin, and my understanding of it is that vices like sex, alcohol and junk food should only be consumed in moderation so that way you enjoy them without letting them control your life, so that way you can be free.

I also believe in freedom of religion. I used to be hostile towards it, especially towards Christianity and Islam. Now I don’t mind these religions. Yes, they’re both homophobic, but that doesn’t mean every Christian and every Muslim is a homophone. Islamic countries are generally more homophobic than Christian countries, but then you have countries like Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where gays can serve in their militaries, sexual orientation is covered by anti discrimination laws and civil unions are being debated. Turkey is for the most part in homophobic, but homosexuality has been legal there since 1858 and Istanbul gay friendly for an Eastern European/western Asian city. When it comes to homosexuality and religion, I think it comes down to culture and how the religion is interpreted than the religion itself. Although I must warn gay Muslims that Saudi Arabia is financially supporting extremist and homophobic elements within Islam, and Saudi Arabia is being backed by western countries like America, Canada, Israel and Britain.

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I was raised a weird and somewhat volatile mixture of Catholicism and Buddhism (the latter with a lot of new-age spin). Though I've cycled through periods of Catholicism as an adult, the Buddhism stuck, with an added dose of Gnosticism.

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Thanks for the detailed response. I understand where you're coming from and I agree with some of your points, especially regarding market regulation to avoid massive conglomerates controlling everything and suffocating smaller businesses. As for lockdown and COVID, I must admit I'm getting fed up with this whole thing. I am becoming quite skeptical. Protecting vulnerable people is important but goverment restrictions are getting out of hand.

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The government in Ireland said that the lockdown was only going to be for two weeks. Now a year in and we’ve been through three lockdowns. First was almost two months, second was six weeks and the current one we’ve been in since the start of the year. I’m all for protecting vulnerable people, but the lockdowns have made people depressed, obese and unemployed. A lot small businesses will never open again, while large corporations are getting bigger and richer. In Ireland were locked down, but our borders are still open, so that people with the virus can still come into our country and spread. In which case, what is the point of the lockdowns? I’m not sure what you think of Russel Brand, but he did a good video on this topic.

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I'm a black nationalist, first and foremost, and then a womanist (black feminism that prioritizes black women). There's no political party that aligns with my views since I don't trust white people nor men (including black men, men of color, gay/bi men). Lol I'm politically screwed.🥺

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I'm liberal. But I prefer more and more the right. The left scares me. If they were for that them, they would literally give citizenship to anyone coming and my country would turn into some arabic/african/muslim state in less than a generation. The right proimmigrant ideology is scary as fuck, especially for gays and women since all the culturs coming in are nothing but gay or women-friendly.

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I guess I have some 'left wing' opinions and some 'right wing' opinions. 2020 brought out my inner right winger though, it has to be said.

If I had to give myself a label I'd say 'classical liberal.' I know there's a lot of economic nonsense involved in the political compass and I have only the most cursory understanding of economics, so when people talk about 'the markets' I tend to get a little lost.

Like you though, I don't really discuss politics unless I can be fairly certain I'm in a 'safe space' and certainly don't discuss politics with people at work.

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"classical liberal" just means liberal which means right wing economics with a social left aesthetic to trick people into supporting corporate power.

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2020 brought out my inner right winger


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I know there's a lot of economic nonsense involved in the political compass

Only in theory. The establishment left and right agree on the vast majority of economic topics. Sure they'll be some bitching about abortion funding or some handout to undocumented immigrants, but when it comes time to writing a check to Raytheon everyone is on the same page.

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Left-wing Social Democrat, more or less.

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Left of center. Economically more left-wing than not. Was considered liberal until I was labeled a TERF for believing that sex is real.

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These threads usually turn into shitshows haha. edit: But this one looks good so far.

For me-- I am not really sure overall, probably left. For many specific policy issues, I'm pretty far left, e.g. on climate change. However, I always try to decide on the basis of empirical evidence, and try to be as open to considering new information as possible even if it contradicts my current beliefs. That's how I ended up on this sub, after all!

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That last bit goes for anyone sensible- which is surprising few people!

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Right? I would hope it goes without saying, but in my experience, it seldom does! So now I try to say it explicitly, lol.

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Mostly left wing. I need to take a test at some point so I can properly label my orientation

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I need to take a test at some point so I can properly label my orientation

Have you ever heard of the Lesbian Masterdoc?!?!? /s

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I am right-wing & anti-utopian.

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My position on the political arc changes depending on the situation and policy being discussed. My principles are my own personal principles, and my political standing is defined by those principles.

If you were to ask me about where I stand politically on the topic of safeguarding children, for example, I would probably be right of center because my principles demand that I act to prevent child abuse. A "pasttime" (crime) that has become very popular with leftist ideologies.

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On the political compass I come out as left, slightly libertarian. That makes me sound really woke! I dislike the left nowadays more than the right- I feel the far left are far more underhand, and more powerful. The far-right are dismissed as idiots (which they are imo- extreme ideologies are always badly flawed, be they left or right). I’m also a feminist, definitely not a liberal feminist, but not quite a radfem either (seriously, WHY are we labelled as liberal or radical with nothing between!). I also believe religion (or rather fundamentalist religion) is one of society’s great evils. I’m politically homeless and if there was a GE now would vote Indy or spoil my ballot. Or vote for a small party if they aligned with my beliefs.

Edit: reading through these answers is reassuring. I was under the impression we’re all somewhere left-of-center, mostly libertarian. Great to see some right-wingers here, and a diversity of views.

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Politically homeless. I've always considered myself left wing but I prefer to hang out with right wingers these days because they're less likely to be brainwashed homophobic sheep or batshit zealots who want to put me in a camp. I find them mildly sexist but we can agree to disagree.

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I find them mildly sexist but we can agree to disagree.

With right-wingers you really need to separate them into two camps. There's the actual bigots and then there's the people who are simply well-intentioned but old fashioned. The ones who legit just hate women and gays are a write off but the rest of them can be easily swayed. I've spent time in isolated work camps with people like this and you can build bridges with them. They might not outwardly state they've changed their minds but you just learn to accept that "/u/insta is one of the good gays, not like the rest of them" is a starting road to acceptance. And honestly most people really don't care that deeply about these issues once pressed, lots of right-wingers are painfully libertarian (even to their defect) .

At this point the right-wing culturally how so little power if some random 70-year old thinks that civil unions are okay but marriage is only for straights, people have to understand that this opinion is basically harmless at this point.

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I like to say I am either a traditional liberal, or practical conservative. A lot of my views are libertarian, id like a small government, but recognize the need for the government to regulate certain areas. Im Canadian, I'd like more power to be given to communities to govern themselves, I'd similarly like provincial government to have more power over themselves and much less at the federal level.

Politically, I believe both liberals and conservatives are important, and dialogue between the two is important, a healthy society would respect the opinions of both sides. Both of the extreme ends are crazy, and I despise the people who work to increase the division between left and right, mainly Trump, and whoever his replacement will be, and the mainstream media. I get tired of people choosing sides because the media says this or Trump says that. An example of this is the current gun control debate, or lockdown procedures, or the Equality act getting pushed through in the states. The media is mostly a mouth piece for gaslighting the general population and manipulating them into supporting a movement.

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Centre-left, but completely against identity politics.

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It's hard to say really, since I'm not from the states nor europe as most of you guys are... But from where I am from (latin america) we always joke that the US just has different flavors of right wing lol, cause you DONT know what it's like to have a true socialist country (it ain't pretty), or a right wing dictatorship (also NOT pretty). If I had to describe my political leanings, I would say fairly right wing, mostly cause life has taught me that you need to worry about yourself first, and then if you can about other people, and socialist policies makes this impossible, since only the party people get any of the benefits (Corruption is rampant here). I would rather have freedom than leftovers.