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Hey-- does anyone know what's going on with this 18-year-old transgender admin on Saidit? u/TheAmeliaMay I don't really know the context, but was curious if anyone else does. People annoyed that they keep removing comments:

Bonus material:

I ain't never taken puberty blockers — or even hormones — and I pass pretty well. There's been a few times when I've had to tell someone I'm transgender, because they couldn't figure it out. One time my doctor was out, so they had some other guy I've never met fill in, and he asked me if I was pregnant lmao.

edit: Also, this guy is suggesting that he got banned for "transphobic remarks" directed at the Saidit admin, but the admin said it's a made-up screenshot. u/AmericanMuskrat ctrl+F "Good thing we don't get banned for talking shit here"

Perhaps the person banned really was just an asshole, but I wish there were a little more transparency around banning-- this community did get kicked off of Reddit by power-tripping mods who tried to force everyone to believe transgender ideology.

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I've been watching the drama from afar for several months now.

There are a couple long-timers on SaidIt who have particular ideas about how the site should be run, and disagree with how Magnora runs it and certain decisions he's made. It was also very controversial to them to make Amelia an admin, because they're concerned about rampant censorship due to her personal views and beliefs, as well as being trans. Amelia made a couple small missteps at first, as new admins and mods tend to do, and corrected her behavior. Now, no one wants to let either Magnora or Amelia forget it, and nitpick every removal/action they take.

There are constant new posts, both by a whole slew of those LXXX-whatever accounts as well as those long-time users, that to me are more than a little shit-posty. Not shit-posty like "spam and nonsense", but more like "all you're doing is sowing discontent under the guise of discussion".

I don't think we have anything to worry about. Us mods have open communication with Magnora, and we've never been warned about anything.

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Gotcha, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm glad to hear you're not too worried. I do find it a little frustrating that he seems to insult/put down users frequently; as an admin on a site that proudly talks about a Pyramid of Debate with insults at the bottom, that seems pretty ironic. But that is a different issue than censorship on the basis of beliefs in gender identity.

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Looks like it, thanks. Any opinions on how this might affect us? I've been skimming threads for about a half hour and don't really have a clear sense of most of it, apart from the fact that having an admin who doesn't follow the site's own rules about the Pyramid of Debate is pretty BS.

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Thank you for noticing this. I'm not sure what to make of it given my lack of time and attention span but there does seem to be something to be aware of here, one way or another.

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Also, I started s/LGBmemes and made a post there, if you have any suggestions for the sub! Please let me know if you're having trouble seeing it or are unable to comment on the thread:

I am somewhat limited in terms of time commitment because of my work schedule, but I wanted to get something up there. I keep hearing people wish there was a place that they could take a break from all the TQ-related negativity, and I am hoping this sub might help serve that purpose.

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We're happy to add you to our "other subs of interest" page if you'd like! Just let us know a brief description for how to describe it.

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I subbed!

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As a hermit, I don't have anything going on. My mom and step-dad cooked an Easter dinner... I've only eaten some good ol' black people mac&cheese. I'm watching a movie on Lifetime about Mahalia Jackson, a prominent black gospel singer and civil rights activist. Robin Roberts (American lesbian news anchor) produced the movie.

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Oh, I forgot it was Easter.

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Same haha, but I don't really celebrate holidays unless I'm forced to.