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Librarian here. Our profession is roughly 80% female and 20% male. The consensus among female librarians about guybrarians is that they’re either the best people you’ll ever meet or the worst creep you’ve ever had to endure. (There really isn’t much middle ground.) Take a guess which camp the straight dude pretending to be a lesbian falls into with all his female coworkers.

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Which of the 20% falls into the naughty vs nice?

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I’d wager 45% great, 45% awful, 10% neutral.

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I worked in a library in college, spot on!! I think this overlaps to early education too. I was English non-teaching and the guys in my children's literature courses were super creepy.

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Can confirm. Have mostly had the former rather than the latter, thankfully, and no TQs.

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Are you also a librarian?

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Yeah. It's a profession I enjoy and it's not a male dominated area, so I don't have to deal with being the odd one out.

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Neat! It’s nice knowing there are other sane people in the field.

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LOL. When I worked in public libraries, I generally liked having male staff as it brought some desperately needed gender balance. They typically didn't go for the emotional drama, cliques and cattiness that typified a female dominated workplace.

That said, I do recall a fair share of 'weirdos'. I always blamed the generally low hiring standards and the wokism that librarianship seems to self-select for.

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That's why they redefined lesbian to be non-men attracted to non-men, to open it up to even more perverts who aren't even pretending to be women. Just whole ass straight dudes claiming to be lesbians.

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Give it three years and these creeps will be demanding that participating in women’s sports, using women’s changing rooms, and using women’s loos are their human rights. They won’t even have to pretend to be women.

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They're already doing that. They're trying to turn women's spaces into gender-neutral spaces while leaving male spaces alone for the most part.

Because the 2 genders are apparently man and non-man.

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Because the 2 genders are apparently man and non-man.

This is spot on...

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Oh for fucks sake

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The only people actually standing against that are weak-willed conservatives too.

Sure your average run-of-the-mil moderate lefty might be opposed to it but they ain't lifting a finger to protect women in sports. Conservatives are gonna get rolled on and men will be taking over women sports shortly.

I view it as extremely self-serving as because the more this nonsense happens, the more this idiocy is pushed into people's faces the harder it is going to be to deny it. Unfortunately it's just gonna take a whole bunch of women losing their careers and scholarships to be able to achieve that.

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but they already are... children's sports are already colonized...

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Like, obvious cringe aside that's so awkward and clunky to say out loud.

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TFW you try not to comment on someone's hilarious speech impediment, only to realize that the weird things he says are deliberate.

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If you wanted a cringey way to mash those two words together, a much easier-pronounced path would be “unt.”

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You dropped the C, mate

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They don't even deserve the epithet. They'd like it. No C for them.

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I assume it's pronounced like that movie, 'Mon Oncle', except it's 'Mon Auncle'.

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Watch out! He has painted his nails black! Now even the best gynecologist cannot tell his dick from a vagina!

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There's a very annoying "nonbinary amab" dude on Reddit who I instantly downvote no matter wtf he says. His face triggers me so badly... similar to how my hairy face triggers femmes who hates butches (hello L Chatters 😝). Gawd I wish I could drag the fuck out of him without being reported as a "bully". 😒

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Non-binaries basically started it all with that obligatory pronouns in the bio or get cancelled. Before that trans people just put their new names and no one thought twice what pronoun to use to let's say Jessica1234. But then non-binaries showed up and since they transition to no idea what they started to outright demand what pronouns you should use and that's the whole shit started with not assuming someone's gender or pronouns by just looking. I honestly think this is a source of this whole T clownery appropriating a legit psychiatric condition to be cool and quirky + coping with some untreated mental illnesses.

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untreated mental illnesses

Which, not surprisingly, are resistant to treatment. (NPD, and to a lesser degree, BPD.) Assuming the person even gets any, which they typically don't. And now that they can hide behind a socially-approved problem, they can use it as a red herring when asked to seek actual, relevant help.

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Non-binary is a way for straight people to fall themselves “LGBT” and take over gay people’s spaces.

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Eh, I've met some LGB ones too but the straight ones are worse.

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The straight ones are worse but most non-binary people I've met are either lesbian or bi.

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The non binary shit, I'm startting to hear it in Italy too. USA trends always arrives here. Always

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Canada is the worst for this. We are just a vassal state for American's export culture.

Progressive activists literally just copy + paste American arguments even if they don't apply.

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I've been seeing it more and more in my country in the last couple of years too.

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They are worse, they won't even commit.

A dude cutting his junk off, now I actually kinda respect that a little. A woman traitor? Not so much but feel sorry for her...

These assholes? Want the best of both worlds but none of the bullshit that goes with either.

"I don't get a period but I also don't want to be treated like a real man teehee but how dare you insult my masculinity."

Ok sweetie.

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I guess there's no longer a real stigma against us since he's willing to be this batshit crazy? Like, it's not mental illness. It took massive courage to come out before. Do we need a backlash against these people? They wont stop unless we did what black people did and just act completely outraged and go batshit crazy? I remember when transracial was genuinely a thing with white people in the 90's. They spoke with black ghetto lingo, wore their pants down to their knees but again, it wasnt really black people but the culture they were consuming which was highly racist. It only stopped with extreme humiliation and mockery. I assume this will keep going nonstop until we react to him. And on top of that, this man will "punish" gays and especially lesbians for not recognizing him as a part of our community. He will deem us evil and treat us accordingly. Our acceptance and civil rights rely on our branding as kind human beings who dont deserve homophobia but this guy will spread homophobia if lesbians dont seem him as their own. We have to learn to attack and humiliate these people.

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This makes me SO freakin’ thankful that our local guybrarian is just a normal young, gay man who’s super helpful and also a huge Harry Potter fan (yay!). This is California, so that’s significant!

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First, how can non-binaries even CLAIM to be lesbian or gay if they claim to be "sexless", oh my bad "genderless". You have to be a biological female person who is sexually attracted to biological female people to be a lesbian woman or a biological male person who is sexually attracted to biological male people to be a gay man.

Also, non-binary people can't claim to be bisexual either, once again, since they're "sexless/genderless" and also wouldn't that make them discriminatory against oneself because bisexuality runs on a BINARY of TWO SEX ATTRACTION. other words...They can either be lame and use their other made up words like "pansexual", "omnisexual", etc since they clearly can't be LGB by their own definition or they can admit that biology is real and they are actually just straight people trying to be cool.

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If you're non-binary why are you a lesbian

Leave us alone

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The post is also not related to identity.

As a trans man, I don't like apples.

Okay, what does being... whatever the fuck you are have to do with the price of fish?

I wish this little turd would drink less water and they just dry out like the turd he is.

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He dedicates two whole words in his title dedicated to his sexual/gender identity. That's an insane amount of narcissism. I can't imagine the mindset of someone who must always hamfist their identity into everything.

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This must be satire, right?

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It's not, unfortunately.

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I can't tell anymore. Like that video going around of the woman who is aggrieved about having been called a woman whilst in an abortion clinic, receiving an abortion...

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A man who looks like one , dressed like one wow so surprising /s

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Oh for fuck sakes...