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Women tend not to get into competitive gaming because of the huge amount of harassment they get from men. So when a woman actually gets to the top it's really impressive because of all the shit she had to fight through to do it.

These men didn't have to fight through anything.

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I strongly disagree. You can link thousands of articles that broadly state women get harassed in gaming. It will never override my personal experience within competitive video gaming. That and game journalism had credibility issues (conflict of interest, collusion, sensationalism) for over a decade, if not decades.

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And then even worse happened - one CiS team went bankrupt and had no money to hire players, but were obligated to play by contract, so they hired some low quality female streamers, plus accountant of that team played there, so they had very low quality female players there, and went into championship, and never won a game, most games they were trolled - boys were not just winning against them, but mocking them. That even more showed bad role models for girls who would maybe wanted to play - they saw that they will be mocked and that girls play bad. I was so angry.

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I didn't know that. That sucks. The league community in general is so toxic tho.

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It even was in news:

Boys/men just were mocking them on respawn, not ending game. And it was in the very first game of girls/women. I bet it was very hard hit to morale. In general they stopped even trying to win in next few games. Not like they had any chance - they were gold-platinum rankings/elo, playing against diamond and challenger (and it is not like there no challenger girls/women to take - I was in challenger at one point, team leads just had no money and took any teen girl/woman they were able to take, including just friends. So it was just "we need to do contract somehow, but lets make public appearance" and instead they made women look really bad in this game.

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That's awful... I just remember the whole Team Siren thing years ago. I don't know what the fuck was that about but it made me cringe and sad at the same time. I wonder if it was a similar situation.

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When I read descriptions like this I find it very confusing in that it implies that it's being done because they are women. This fountain camping happens in most blowout games ... Like 99%. Them being women is irrelevant in that situation. Watch LCS they do it to each other.

I personally have won a ranked game because the other team tried to fountain camp us as they won but we wiped them and ran up mid and killed their nexus.

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At first they banned only 5 supports, even ones that are not in meta and which women team never played before, and then in the end of game they killed them, then waited until they respawn, killed again, waited until respawn and killed again - instead of finishing the game. In Turkey (or was it Brazil?) one team was disqualified for similar disrespect shown few times, in CiS it happened only one time, so teams only got a warning.

Don't know how it is on the West, but here it is always assumed that women can only play support and that we should play only supports. Even in one team I once participated, they put me on a support role, which was annoying - I took challenger on midlane twice and master on marksman, while their midlaner was low diamond. We would have much more chances if I was midlaner and that guy on a support, but nah - women can only play supports.


Killing on spawn before finishing the game is happening pretty rare in LCS, it is more often happening in LEC, mostly by G2, and even more often in LCK, mostly by teams who have KD/A players or to ruin KD/A for such teams.

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Trans. Died in sleep at 24. Speculation of cause not allowed on Reddit. Hmm...

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Might as well recommend a few actual women who speedrun

Korv does speedruns of Megaman 1 and 2

Soph does Final Fantasy 8, 10, Dino Crisis 2, Serious Sam 2 and some Resident Evil by the looks of it

Highly recommend both of them!

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All of those pictures gave me the willies. Goddamn they are so creepy.

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Especially that last one. I used to be quite into the punk scene myself when I was younger, but this goth dude just looks like a creeper

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I had such issue in gaming, it was so hard to find any other women gaming. And ones who were starting - were discouraged to play good, and there were no good role models too, so many who could be strong competitors - just never even tried.

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This is games industry all over. They love to talk up how "diverse" they are. Mental illness is paraded as a badge of honour. They love to talk about "marginalised genders" and how well represented they are. No appreciation of irony though when you notice that the "45% marginalised gender representation" actually means men in dresses and girls who hate their boobs. Actual women are such an embarrassingly small percentage of the industry- no wonder they're happy to fill that quota with alphabet people.

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Women gotta start talking shit to men. I once heard a woman, during a PUBG Mobile match, on voice chat mocking an Indian dude... he got so pissed that he left ("rage quit"). Female gamers need to be vicious competitors. Psychological warfare is so important.

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Not surprised, I blame GDQ. Just remember this infamous picture.

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My stomach feels so queasy. Even if they identified as men, I'd still feel sick. They gave me the creeps.