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I’m all for criticising religion. I do it. Left wing people do it. Right wing people do it. You can criticise anything, really. But people have sincerely held religious beliefs that are important and meaningful to these people. When you go out of your way to insult a religious holiday, you are hurting people’s feelings. You don’t have to agree with the religion, but you don’t have to be an insensitive jerk either. This shit is what is preventing Poland from developing when it comes to gay rights. Now is the time for gay people in Poland to take a stand and condemn the behaviours of the likes of Stonewall Poland. Because if they don’t and they allow this shite to continue, Poland will end up passing a law similar to the law in Russia. Doesn’t matter if the EU won’t allow it, Poland will simply leave like Britain has done. And if Poland is able to pass this law while still remaining in the European Union, other countries in the EU will pass similar laws. Think the international community is going to care? Maybe western countries and the UN, but countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America won’t give a fuck and they will trade with Poland. Poland might even bury the hatchet with Russia - yes, Duda and his party hate Putin and Russia in general, but there are other right wing political parties in Poland, and they don’t mind Russia. So yeah, if you’re gay and living in Poland, now is the time to call out the bullshit and take charge of the gay rights movement. Find a new strategy.

EDIT: And no, Stonewall, I am not going to date trans people. Also, abortion is a sensitive issue in Poland, so it’s best not to make it a gay rights issue.

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You're so right about it. I'm pretty atheist and detest religions, but my mom is very devout catholic, her feeling really hurts when I speak ill about religion or just say I dont believe, so I will just avoid the argument. She has never imposed religion over me like the bigoted parents of my ex girlfriend who literally forced her to go to mass every fucking sunday. She deserves respect the same way she respect me. It has become a trend to disrespect christians who are pretty innocent and harmless comparing to the muslims oppressive fanatics progressive protect

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Notice that they never, ever criticize Jews or Muslims?

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That’s right. Mostly Christians and sometimes Buddhists. Only China is allowed to be islamophobic.

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Well said, I agree. There's engaging in a good-faith debate about the philosophical underpinnings of religion or morality or ethics or whatnot, then there's being a douchey edgelord. One of my least favourite subreddits was Atheism because (like so much of the omnishambles that is Reddit) it was full of fifteen year old autistic boys who had conniptions when someone told them to have a 'blessed day'.

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That Atheism subreddit is cancer. That subreddit gave rise to fedora jokes.

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I saw Faces of Atheism happen in real time. I used to think the whole “angry atheist who gets mad when people say bless you” was a fundamentalist strawman. I unfortunately was wrong.

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There are Christian fundamentalists. And there are atheist fundamentalists. I call them Bible Thumpers and Fedora Wearers respectively.

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Bible bashers- come on, it’s got to alliterate XD

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Your are 100% right. Unfortunately LGBT organizations in Poland are managed by to the far left, anarchists and radical feminists and they love provocations. In fact that's their usual behavior - do the shit like this, face backlash and later claim to be victims.

Another example from Pride Parade 2019:

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Are there any famous or semi-famous gay people in Poland who vocally oppose the far left?

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Maybe Tomasz Raczek, a film critic. He sounds reasonable.

BTW. The far left in Poland weaponize LGBT issues for politics and getting money and the right wing socialists (Law and Justice party) are not better.

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The Law and Justice party are said to be pro-American and anti-Russian. Now that pro-LGBTQIA+ Biden is in charge of America, what is the party’s stance on America and Russia now?

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It's a very good question 🤣 My guess is that Jaroslaw Kaczynski (the leader) is still digesting this issue, so everyone in the Law and Justice is in the "wait and see" mode.

In general if they have some "problems" they usually just wait, just like they did with the nationwide Women's Strike.

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Finally, a sane take on why virulent hatred will just make things worse. I was bullied for being Catholic in high school and it didn’t make me an uber enlightened atheist, it just made me go from not caring about them to actively hating them.

I did end up in a long term relationship with an atheist man (also I haven’t identified as any sort of Christian for like ten years) and I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first. I hate that I even was hesitant over that.

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Sorry you got bullied at school for this. Some people are assholes.

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My area was predominantly reform Jewish and it seemed they taught them some weird stuff about what Catholics believe. The school counselor was orthodox Jewish and he was pretty disgusted about the things people told me, we had a lot of good convos about religion and such that I appreciate, even though I left Christianity a while back.

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I bet they wouldn't mock muslims. It's easy to target christians, they won't kill you while screaming "Jesus is great"

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I have to hand it to Muslims, they don’t take crap from TRAs and woke liberals. That’s why they don’t get left alone. It’s a shame that only a minority of Muslims accept or tolerate gay people though.

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I'm pretty sure muslims are going to be more accepting to trans than to gay. There is nothing antitrans in their book. Anyway, they're crazy fascist,in the Uk a survey said half muslims think homosexuality should be banned. And the progressives are supporting them and their increase in the west with their politics.

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Yes, in fact I've heard some muslim countries encourage transition for males that are found to be gay. I have to do more research on the topic, but it's a thing.

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Iran is one of those countries.

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😂 This is so blasphemous... I love it. They should've talked about that very controversial masturbation scene in The Exorcist. And Jesus dildos.

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It's making me login to Facebook to see the post, can you screenshot?

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Oh good lord (no pun intended).

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Thanks for the screenshot.