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I took a look into non-binary tag on Tumblr and you're right. What these people love is attention and being special. They actually love that for a simple question like "are you a girl or a boy" theny can show how special and unique they are. They constantly talk how they need to be validated. Pathological need for attention.

Transsexualism was once a condition, which doesn't make your life fun and you'd rather be "normal" than have it. Meanwhile 14 year olds and attention-starved people decided to appropriate this condition. I feel bad for the legit trans people - I once saw on a transmed sub how one trans man said he actually hates the growing awareness of what trans people are. People know he's trans because of his masectomy scars and he no longer baths shirtless as he used to. He can no longer be stealth, all attention focused on him being TRANS not just a man, who transitioned as a therapy.

The biggest problem with the T. Them wanting to be TRANS, not just men or women. The biggest difference you can see. They love being just TRANS.

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That last point is it. There’s transsexuals (trying to alleviate an MH condition, not wanting to make people uncomfortable, just trying to get on with their lives- actually feel really sorry for them as they’re lumped in with the whole LGBTwordsalad cack). Then there’s transgender. And TRANS is their whole personality so treat them like their special. Get a kick out of making people uncomfortable. Probably don’t have the same MH issues as transsexual and definitely have narcissistic personality disorder.

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Your rant is valid.

There's overlap here with being able to purchase a 'Lordship' and give yourself that kind of title, which ultimately means all of these titles mean nothing.

There's also the whole "identify as" cult. I wonder if you can identify as a billionaire at the bank?

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My friend's boyfriend did that, and he is now a 'Lord' 🤦‍♀️🤣

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I hope your friend ceased to have this boyfriend after that.

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😄 “If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It.”

Once you understand that these fragile people expect nothing but positive affirmation... it makes sense.

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She posted about how she goes by Dr if they’re no gender neutral options. She is an undergrad.

Lmao. That's just ridiculous.

I think pretty much anyone, even most committed believers of transgender ideology, would recognize how ridiculous that demand is. Do people actually call her that?

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She uses it in any official communication, such as booking appointments. I imagine the uni use Mx.

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That's my title, and that whole situation is goddamn hilarious. Declaring yourself a doctor is one of the fastest ways to announce you have no idea what's going on. Maybe I'm just jaded, but so many people have heard I have a PhD in math and responded with "oh, I was also good at calculus in high school" that I interpret it as coming right out and saying "I'm an idiot and if you mess with me it'll fly right over my head." It is offensive, but it's hard to be offended by someone that stupid.

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I respect certain trans individuals, but I have 0 respect for "enbys".

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Same, also ‘queer’ people.

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I mean, if you subscribe to an ideology that is divorced from material reality and you are told that whatever you feel is legitimate and society is obliged to validate your beliefs, I guess this makes sense. We're reinforcing Cluster B personality disorders on a societal scale.