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I don't know, the 2 goth women I know still play around with the identity stuff. They both identify as lesbians, but are dating men. Regular straight men, not even men pretending to be women. I don't think goth and other identity stuff is mutually exclusive, sadly.

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It honestly baffles me why would a woman tell they're a lesbian when they're clearly not? I mean, I say I'm a lesbian because I'm exclusively attracted to women, that's it. It confuses the shit out of me to see people using labels as some sort of accessory and without actually caring about their meaning which is why words exist??!

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Because they feel like lesbians. I asked one of them what she meant and she talked about using a strap on with her boyfriend being a lesbian thing.

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Meanwhile, I'm an actual lesbian and don't want any strap on involved. Make it make sense. Like people are totally crazy nowadays, it's everything about "feelings" subjective non concrete things and nothing about objective reality and facts. Jesus

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That's crazy. I mean, if I were hetero/bisexual, I would want to fuck a man ass with a strapon, but that's just because of dominance game lol But I could never do it, because I'm not into menand even having a dick close to me is repulsive. Someone explain these idiots if you want to have sexual activity with men, ragardless of the way, you're not a lesbian; and lesbianism has nothing to do with strapons. USA lesbians should just drop the word for the homosexual one. It's the only one that has clear meaning

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That's the most hilarious thing I've read today 🤣

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Language has been destroyed. And in the Wild West (western civilisation), feelings don’t care about facts.

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I know some like that. They say that they're very gay (aka stereotypes based on social media) or claim they've never had attraction to any other man other than the one they're dating.

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Damn, that's a shame.

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I think we should bring back punk. I liked the music and mowhaks.

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Totally agreed. I had a mohican. Fun times!

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No. You have an extremely superficial understanding of the world. The more freedom we have that allows us to advance gay and lesbian rights, the more open minded and tolerant people become to what they call "degenracy", which is about expressing the trauma, brokeness and derangement of the heterosexual identity. Heterosexuals are a highly, highly regulated group of people and they viciously regulate each other. The more tolerant we become, the more heterosexuals will explore other parts of their identity and they'll end up similar to gays and lesbians and thats not a sustainable model.

The 1st stage is externalizing your trauma which would mean a giant flood of men identifying as women and women identifying as men, playing around with sex and gender roles and abandoning their heterosexuality and "gender" identity.

How can gays and lesbians be so superficial in their analysis on this? The more prosperous a society becomes, the more its linked with "decadence" and "exploring" yourself but they never really explore themselves. They think expressing their trauma is "authentic". If some innocent little girl was raped and beat up by hear father and 5 uncles and sold into sex slavery...and she was then brought back into normal society, she would suppress her "true" self..and her "true self" would be to smear feces all over herself and be pissed on by 20 different men as they call her names. <-- this is the stage straight transexuals are at. She would just "hide" what she thinks is her true sexuality but in fact, it's just her trauma which she turned into an identity. If you gave heterosexuals ultimate true freedom, they would all express their "authentic self"...and their "authentic self" is a gigantic shit show that has to first be expressed to be able to work through it. So no, it wont get any better. And there's no "peaking" anything. Heterosexualism trauamatizes heterosexuals as an ideology. Obviously heterosexuality is real but heterosexuals are a very complicated and sophisticated people with all kinds of problems. And human sexuality can infinitely be divided into infinite categories. OUR category is political and we want equality. THEIRS is narcissistic and personal exploration while they safely have all their heterosexual rights. SEE the difference? One is for gay marriage and is political..the other is fun degeneracy. And fun degeneracy is infinite and never goes away. You keep assuming heterosexuals are 1 dimensional people and think they cant unravel to the infinite pieces that are barely held together by societal pressure, duct tape and some string.

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Is this the new Unabomber manifesto?

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looks like someone forgot how gender is affected by culture, economics and threw out all of history and its influence on gender identity.

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I’ve read some of your comments, and I think that you are conflating different things. There is a difference between matriarchal supremacy and woman human rights. Lesbians need those rights in order to have a normal life.

It has been less than 100 years that women could have the full extent of being able to go to school of all levels, get work of all levels (per what you qualify for), own property, participate in life, marriage freedom (families don’t have life ownership over their children), physical anatomy rights, fair law and order where violent crimes (Murder/sexual assault) against both men and women are illegal.

How do you propose lesbians are able to be lesbians without these? Gay men already have most of these rights.

And it’s incredulous that you claim lesbians are the only ones who want rights and that it’s a homosexual thing. You are telling me, straight women don’t want to go to college, make money and own property? Because straight women sure as heck are making use of these opportunities now. And you give lesbian feminists too much credit. Straight women were major participators in civil changes.

I believe true lesbians would want to work for a better gay and lesbian community with gay men.

It’s rather senseless to say that lesbians want to control straight/bi women. This indicates that sexual orientation could be changed and that is truly ridiculous. If it were up to me, what I would want is a lively community, but made up of authentic lesbian/genuine bi women, as that is the point, to have people on the same page as you and not different.

You are also probably talking about things from a male point of view. It is in the male nature to dominate, but not always the female. Attempting to enact this type of control is time-wasting exercise. I would by far find true fulfilment benefitting my own life.

Liberation also brings benefits to gay men as the only way to be able to live a life that you choose is if society believes in some degree of individual freedom for every man and woman. It does not work if a society is massively policed.

On the other point, I would say, the reason for a weaker lesbian community tends to be because of the conflict of the different types.

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I rarely leave the house, so I'm not sure what's going on outside lol but I don't think I've seen any goths irl in years. I live in a very Christian area, but it's pretty moderate politically. I just searched YouTube and see a video by someone name Midnight Moonbow, uploaded 3 hours ago.

Yeah, no... I don't notice people like this where I live. She sounds like a Southerner, so I suppose they're already here somewhere.