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Love how they told us to make our own spaces, then lurked on the spaces and shut us down...

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They don’t want any dissent.

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They seem to cause more trouble for themselves by doing this. I know so many people who didn’t care at all until they started trying to force their views on everyone.

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Reminds of this Atlantic article, which first complained that "terfs" were on Reddit, and then complained that they started their own websites.

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FWIW the site owner has a thread on all where he says it was a billing error with the server host.

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That's the thing I don't fucking get. They bitch and moan about people like us on Reddit and when we finally have a place of our own, they still bitch and moan.

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I’m glad we’re back online, but this is why we can no longer afford to have our servers in countries like America, where Silicon Valley tech giants have the power to crush competitors.

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This place has really become important to me, and I really missed it in my life

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Which is why it needs to be preserved.

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Trans and liberals fascist are major danger to freedom of expression. The internet freedom is precious thing

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Anyone else feel absolutely fucking LOST without this space?!

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Enough to connect my Reddit account to this one yes haha

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I am so glad to have a space to breathe from gendercult.

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Yeah. Best to not take this place for granted anymore, if you have been doing so.

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So, what exactly happened with Saidit going down?

Also, I missed you guys. I was afraid of this being gone forever and never chatting with you guys again. It made me realize exactly how grateful I am for you all.

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ETA: Correction, a billing error, yay!

So, what exactly happened with Saidit going down?

Some sort of death threat, apparently:

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So fucking insane. Can someone explain to me how a whole website got banned over one death threat? Didn't JK Rowling get endless death threats and unsolicited dick pics for a while after she wrote her essay? I didn't see all of Twitter getting taken down over it. Or all the other women getting death and rape threats on Reddit and other social media platforms, don't ever see those getting taken down either.

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Didn't JK Rowling get endless death threats and unsolicited dick pics for a while after she wrote her essay?

If she was transwoman who was born male, then maybe authorities would consider those death threats as something important, but she is a woman, female one.

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Right, but we're talking about whatever host SaidIt is using and their personnel, and their policies, and how easily they can or cannot be manipulated.

And it seems clear we don't have the whole story, so we have no idea what allegedly happened aside from what was said on that thread.

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Oh for fucks sake.

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The usual. Post the content themselves that they claim means a sub / site needs to be taken down. Pure DARVO, with the planting of evidence.

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AHS always using brigading and mass spam of hateful comments to close small subs. And AHS were very disturbing in some cases, they were posting child porn and then reporting hosts/server-holders or FBI to shut sites down. Most disturbing part is - where they even had child porn in the first place?

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Because like normal people they have a stash of child porn just lying around on their computers ready to go in the event an internet community needs to be shut down.

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AHS is absolutely wild to me. We’re off Reddit and minding our business elsewhere. They ought to leave us alone and go back to sucking girl dick or working on their furry costume or whatever it is they do.

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Let's be real. Those basement dwellers rarely talk to another person in the real world and they are far too uncreative to make a furry costume. It's why they are on AHS, they are such empty shells of a human that their hobby is harrassing people on the internet and they lie to themselves thinking it's for a good cause.

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Yup, it's how they messed up the Discord(s) the Supers tried to create as well.

And that's a good question. Another good question: When are they going to prison?

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They probably got some off of P0rnhub and maybe the dark net, where I've heard hosts underage p0rn. I still think the legal teen shit is disturbing and paedophilic too. Edit: Read some disturbing stuff about the x-rated industry, and that's where I've heard about this stuff. Really disgusting.

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Yeah sorry, I don't believe for it for one second. I watched thousands of death threats get shrugged off everywhere else. After they get a pwoor vulnerable trans mod they need to protect? Suuuuuuuuuure.

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Yes, people need this space of sanity.

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Finally! I thought AHS was going to nuke us before the site was back lol

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I was sad, but suspected it would happened.

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Fuck I missed this place! So glad to be back among the sane.

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Our conversation on Reddit:


General Reddit conversation about SaidIt going down; was redirected to this thread for a while:


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FWIW, when saidit went down someone went from the redirect r/saidit to ruqqus and made a LGBdroptheT guild there:

Could be a backup site if Cthulhu forbid this happens again.

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Please note, us mods have no association with Ruqqus, and we are not running nor responsible for the activities of that guild.

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Yeah, and they are using "Against" which sends the wrong message. I'd ignore it. It'll cause confusion. Helpful but not sufficiently informed on the part of whoever did that.

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Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a TRA troll group to paint us a hate group. We aren’t “against” the T. We just don’t share any commonalities with them, don’t want to get drug down with their issues, and are not represented by them.

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I think they used "Against" because there is already "LGBDropTheT" which is hold by TRA to not let LGB people use it.

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Yeah but we still can't use that site or that name and I'm not in a mood to trust random people as mods.

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For sure. I wouldn’t trust a mod on a new platform if they weren’t one of our fearless leaders or a regular like you or u/VioletRemi.

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Yep. We aren't playing magical mystery musical mod chairs.

I have this username on several other sites now as well (including Reddit). Users who are known to me / regulars can PM me for info. (That being a bit vague, I'm going to make judgement calls, don't take it personally.)

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Just don't confuse it with the LGBDropTheT guild which is being squatted by a TW

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I wondered why the name was so different ! That's....disturbing....

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Well you know how obsessed with labels they are, which they think are like all-powerful reality-shaping talismans, i.e. if they squat on that name, we won't just use a different one to keep talking to one another.

A bit ironic considering how many words they make up on a daily basis.

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The comments on the posts(?) are all "you'll never be a woman" and worse so they didn't even achieve anything

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Darn it ! And a back up site would be useful (though having the redirect to r/saidit was better than a blank screen. That works : Unless and until r/saidit gets banned, and no one is safe on reddit.)

[–]barnarnasis this tv show my friend? 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

r/saiditnet not r/saidit but the confusion is understandable

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I wish I knew you all IRL, but knowing you all exist does make things better. This place is my island of sanity too, and while it saddens me that we feel so few sometimes, I think the discussions are better here as the community grows organically and by word of mouth.

I think this place has the right balance. We have a wide variety of experiences. We’re not all from the west. We have LGB people of all ages. We don’t agree on everything but we don’t need to because we’ve basically accepted that there is no inherent ideological belief system to being gay or bisexual.

I hope a contingency plan is in progress in case saidit goes down. Whoever it was that commented that the lack of downvotes is optimal, I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you mods for all that you’ve done in creating and maintaining this community.

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There is Ovarit as an option in case something does happen to Saidit in the future. Feel free to message me if you want an invite code. I have plenty to give out. It is female focused (not female only) and you don't have to be totally radical feminist to join. Just gender critical or leaning in that direction.

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Same. I've become so paranoid of daring to try to make new friends offline. Granted, I never had much of a social circle to begin with but ever since I became Gender Critical and seen how much people bend over backwards, especially other gays and lesbians, I've been so scared to even try to make new friends. Because of this, this site has been a godsend because it showed me that there are other LGB people who don't buy into Trans BS.

[–]Femaleisnthateful 11 insightful - 1 fun11 insightful - 0 fun12 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

Me too. I don't participate on Ovarit (not against them, just find their politics too rigid). I'm a member of a GC group on Facebook, but Facebook is a terrible platform for discussion and that group is likely to get banned soon, too.

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That's my concern with Ovarit. Radical feminists are censorious. When I was on Gendercritical (back when it was new!) there was endless mudslinging over who could say what to who, and with what tone and word choice.

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Yeah same, while a can sympathise with them and often find them insightful, I don't agree with everything they are about. There's also a lot of hype and us vs them stuff which stresses me out.

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this place is important but when i clicked on it and it referred me back to the reddit "said it" sub, jesus christ the people on this site are mentally ill and psychotic. someone wrote some jesus bible quote to "get us through the dark times of evil", im white but the most important thing they had up was explaining race theory and racial supremacy, the jews...they hate the catholics (i do too and probably more than them but it's not because theyre atheists, it's because apparently catholicism is too fucking liberal???)

i honestly thought most of this site was gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straight gender critical women bickering with one another but apparently we have batshit crazy psychotic neighbours.

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If you're looking for privately hosted backup, please join us here:

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The life this sub has been flashing before my eyes.

I'm sure they'll try it again since now they know it works. Need a contingency plan.

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We need an LGBovarit.

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I wonder if LGBA can host a forums or charities can't do such thing?

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Even if they could, it'd be a bad idea. Any digital media can and will be used by the T to try shut people down.

It's why a decentralized internet is required, but its inconvenient so it'll need a serious catalyst.

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So glad we're back!

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Missed you all <3

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I've been offline for a week or so, didn't know about the outage. I came back at the right time it seems lol

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I'd deleted the app and didn't know what had happened until I saw an AHS post about saidit... lol that sub is better than the OutoftheLoop sub when it comes to what's really going on. 😂 if I want to know where my frenemies are... I'll just check AHS.

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When I saw this site was momentarily gone, I had a mini heart attack. Reading all you guys' stuff has been my rock and I thought for sure this was it and I had nowhere to go see any sanity

[–]grixit 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children) has discussion groups. Might be a good idea to create one as a backup.

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I was worried. Do we know who/why it got kicked off?

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Apparently it was due to a billing error:

[–]PatsyStoneMaverique 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


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Same. Haven't been active here in awhile because busy personal life as of recent but this place is a safe haven for those of us Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals who don't buy into the trans cult and a haven for those of us to remember we're not alone in how we feel.

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If you run to Siberia, where do you run form there? The arctic circle? So ridiculous.

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Free speech is great to them until it offends them-- then it becomes hate speech