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I live in a rural red neck dominated county of PA so I'm not able to experience "pride month". From what I've seen of it, it looks like it's nothing more than one big "fetish month" due to the transgenders and drag queens.

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I don't care how ingrained in LGB culture kink might've been, it doesn't have to necessarily be the public face of LGB campaigning events nor does it have to be seen as perpetually acceptable in public.

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Great meme and post, thanks for sharing. Possibly worth making into its own post?

Especially this part:

Part of sex positivity is showing empathy for other parties by respecting boundaries and insuring consent is maintained. It always made me uncomfortable with the displays being so aggressive. It seemed to me like sex was being made into a weapon for politics. I didn’t like a part of my identity being weaponized.

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I didn't make it so I can't take any credit (aside from sharing it I guess).

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Just a normal month for me, where I embrace my nihilism and become increasingly ambivalent to the potential Chinese takeover of the world.

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Big oof— I have days like this too where I end up in deep rabbit holes of scary thinking. Been watching too much sci fi lately.

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I wonder if these sci-fi movies and shows are a glimpse into the future. Politicians and "philanthropists" are already talking about putting chips in people's brains. You’ll have no privacy, and you won’t own anything. They say we'll be happy about it, but I definitely won’t.

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Good luck to Australia and rip Taiwan.

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Yeah, Taiwan is fucked in that scenario. Did you know that Taiwan is the only country in all of Asia with gay marriage, but woke liberals and neoconservative activists don’t give a shit?

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Didn't know that :/ We're pretty far down their list of priorities.

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Went to Target and was immediately accosted by fugly pride attire, including children's clothing, and numerous brands with rainbows vomited on them. Went online to check for neat crochet patterns on a major website and was immediately accosted by one of the trans founders message with an "i don't even want to look or be cis" image next to his profile picture. Opened a streaming app and was immediately met with the bastardized Baker flag with black, brown, and trans stripes.

I cannot wait until these Gay™ ~aesthetic~ people are seen as what they actually are: gross narcissists that contribute nothing but more negative social views against people who happen to be homo/bi sexual who just want to exist in peace. Unfortunately, so long as these idiots keep gobbling merch, companies will continue to virtue signal until profits can't be made anymore. And boy, do these people love excess consumerism.

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I also saw the disgusting bastardized flag displays at Target. I really thought that edited Flag was just for Tumblr but no it’s out there now

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The man who administered my vaccine was wearing it as a pin.

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I got onto Facebook, and in the top left corner, they've got an obnoxious moving logo that changes the letters of Facebook to not only rainbow colours but the trans pastels and brown and black. Then there's some shit Silicon Valley style art with people with colourful hair twerking and shit.

That's what people think of us.

I hate this month so goddamn much.

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Yeah today's been one of those sorts of days where I want to just crawl back into bed and hide beneath the sheets... didn't know why, but June 1 might have something to do with it.

Like, being AGP and out "celebrating" without even being out as trans, then a few years later taking the same selfie but in the bathroom. That's not even two years worth of hair. What happened last year?

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now he looks like his mother

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It’s a shame, because he used to be good-looking, except for the t-shirt.

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Same shirt but with added tiddies! He looks terrible. Stop pouting, sir

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Bummer. He was cute before.

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I wish you all blessings and good tidings in this, our holiest month.

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Fuck Pride. Fuck the rainbows, the flags and the corporate virtue-signalling. Fuck the carnival of narcissism and personality disorder they laughingly call the Pride march. Fuck the intersectional, queer theory bullshit on which it is based. There is no "LGBT community", there is nothing to be proud OF, nothing is being celebrated except hyper-consumerism and brainless hedonism. Fuck it all. I won't be attending any Pride events, I won't be wearing any rainbow shit and I won't be supporting Pride in any way, shape or form, especially not financially. It's just another day out for straight people these days. I hate it.

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May the aliens overtake this planet. Amen.

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The aliens see what’s happening, so they stay away from us, because they don’t want us infecting their planets with our crap.

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I've been dreading it for almost a full year now.

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Lol, I was going to make a post about "pride month" but this is way better. Good plan, I think I might also hide under the stairs.

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I've said this before on this sub, but Pride means alot to me. It played a huge roll in my acceptance and coming out, I volunteered at my local Pride for three years before coming out fully. I would sneak off and work the drink booth and help set up or take down and then spend the evening wandering around the gay bars and waiting for the day I could be out and proud with a girlfriend. I know I'm not the only lesbian who has done that so I refuse to let this gender cult steal this from me and other closeted lesbians.

I was really looking forward to Pride with my girlfriend this year but we broke up (because of this trans cult!!!) So now I'm going to go solo and be an out and proud lesbian, the TQ+ cult does not represent homosexuals and I'm not gonna let them be the only voices at Pride, grooming more young lesbians into sexual submission or transition. I'm gonna go and show other gays and straight people that we are normal people and our attraction is natural not some deviant sexual kink akin to furries or crossdressing straight men w a fetish...

Fuck them, Pride is about normalizing same-sex attraction, not all this gender bullshit. TQ+ has taken alot from me, they don't get to take Pride too.